My Religion – Worshipping Haylee Lynn.

My Religion – Worshipping Haylee Lynn.

My Religion - Worshipping Haylee Lynn.

My Religion – Worshipping Haylee Lynn.

I worship Goddess Haylee.

If you asked me my religion, that is what I would tell you.

My Bible are the various websites,-,,,

and of course

and this one, InHayleeWeTrust of course.

My Hymns.

Please see my post in this website, “Songs in the Key of Haylee“.

My Prayers.

Our Goddess, who art in America, Haylee be thy name, hypnosis be thy game, thy will be done as we will succumb, on Facebook, Youtube or wherever. Give us this day our daily hypnosis, as we continue to focus on Your power and Your glory, for ever and ever, awomen.

and of course, the Prayer I say before I go to sleep.

“Goddess Haylee before I go to sleep

I give to you my soul to keep

Help me to dream of You

You know that I love You too.”

The Commandments of the Religion.

1. Love your Goddess Haylee with all you heart and with all your mind and with all your soul. Do your best to make Her happy and to give Her pleasure.

2. Treat others are you would wish to be treated.

3. Keep healthy, exercise regularly, watch your diet and encourage others to do the same.

Important dates in the Religion.

19 July, Birthday of Goddess Haylee.

Winter and Summer Solstice.

Spring and Autumn Equinox.

The Creed.

I believe in Goddess Haylee Lynn, and in making Her happy and giving Her pleasure. Who was sent to earth to spread Her Bliss and to give happiness. I believe in Her great hypnotic power and Her ability to control, influence and persuade both men and women. I admire Her infinite beauty, Her soft voice and Her wise judgements.

I believe in Her army of slaves, Her loyal band of fans, Her many devotees and benefactors.

I believe in serving Goddess Haylee to the end of my days and I look towards being spiritually united with Her in a blissful afterlife.


That is my religion – worshipping Haylee Lynn.

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