I NEED to Give Tribute and Gifts

Goddess Haylee Is Everything

Haylee’s Pleasure Always Comes First

I was traveling a week ago. I came home to a house in chaos over a new puppy, and a wife who was having back problems due to all the bending she had to do cleaning up after the puppy. While traveling I listened to Goddess Haylee when I went to bed and while I slept. In the morning I listened to Goddess Truths while I showered and dressed. I missed Facebook, IHWT, Follow+, and Twitter, but I had blocks of uninterrupted time to dedicate to worship and training. It was great.

So when I got back I couldn’t find time to get online to check in. I was listening to Goddess’ MP3s at night, but sometimes interrupted by wife, son or puppy. I found as much as I wanted to drift off into a deep trance, I couldn’t let go. I would try to lay still, but then scratch my nose. I would try to focus on Goddess’ words, but found my thoughts drifting to what was happening at work. I couldn’t achieve the deep, deep trance. I figured that it was because of all the turmoil in my life.

I am addicted

Goddess Haylee is the Fetish

Then July 19th came – Goddess’ Birthday. So very important. I couldn’t do all I wanted, but I did make sure that I snuck away for a few minutes and send Goddess a Birthday Tribute of $100. There was just no way I was not going to celebrate the day.

That night even though nothing else had changed, I easily achieved a deep trance. I easily surrendered to Goddess’ beautiful voice. I lay totally still. I felt Goddess’ bliss. It was wonderful. And I learned something – it wasn’t the chaos that was keeping me from a deep, deep trance and experiencing Goddess’ bliss – it was that I had been too busy to tribute. Without pleasing Goddess I could not experience pleasure. Giving tribute and gifts to Goddess Haylee isn’t just a nice thing that makes me feel good, it is a need. I am addicted to pleasing Goddess Haylee and if I don’t I can’t experience her pleasure until I do.

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Wish I could say I was smart enough to have chosen Goddess Haylee, but I just stumbled across her online. She ensnared me by her words and claimed me as her own. What Haylee wants - Haylee gets. Just live now to be worthy of her gift of bliss. All for Haylee.


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