New erotic hypnosis mp3 for my worker slave bots! Win a free copy~

New erotic hypnosis mp3 for my worker slave bots! Win a free copy~

CONGRATS TO MINDFUCKEDBYHAYLEE!! You win the free copy of my latest mp3 bound and sired~ Send me an email and I will reply back with it~

Hello my good boys and girls! Here is how one of you could win a free copy of my latest mp3. This contest will end tomorrow at 7:00 pm EST, friday May 17th. Whoever posts a blog post from now until then, has a chance to win. You must follow the guidelines in the tutorial that I sent you. I will then put your names in a random scrambler, and whoevers name comes up wins!

If you would like to become a blogger on this site, and have a chance to win, click the page above ” how to become a blogger on this site”

new erotic hypnosis mp3 bound and sired for worker slavebots

I am thrilled to launch this first erotic hypnosis mp3 in a new category titled Worker Slavebots. I have so many devoted, loyal, hard working submissives, subjects, slaves, etc who are always looking for ways to spread the word of Haylee, and do slave tasks and assignments for me, and in my honor. Read the description, listen to the sample, and find yourself listening to this file as often as you can. All for Haylee!

Bound and Sired

30 mins, $30.00 This file will bind you to my will, create your new triggered transformation, and sire you to me personally. You will work for me, be drained of will, resistance, and control, and have no choice but to spread the word of Haylee, and bring others to me. A pawn in my enchanting world, with no escape, or desire to. You will finally feel free, and know that you are where you are meant to be, as the best version of you for me. (*brainwashing, ASMR, sensual loving seduction, bit of financial control, subliminals, reprogramming*) This file does not have an awakener, but a suggestion to awaken naturally over time after you do something that I suggest. So can be looped, or played on its own.
Listen to the samplePurchase from NiteflirtPurchase Directly from Mistress Haylee

Make sure to visit my erotic hypnosis store for all of my other mp3s and slave tasks and assignments.

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Hypnodomme, Goddess, Enchantress. ALWAYS in your mind. Completely irresistible. Giving in to me is natural. It feels so right. How are you going to please me today slave?


New erotic hypnosis mp3 for my worker slave bots! Win a free copy~ — 1 Comment

  1. Now that I’ve listened to this MP3, I have to say I regret not purchasing it sooner. Not only is it a wonderful trance, it does an excellent job of making one a better slave in the service of Goddess Haylee. I’ve always been a fan of brainwashing, and this file does not disappoint.

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