Others are not a patch on Goddess Haylee Lynn!

Others are not a patch on Goddess Haylee Lynn!

Others are not a patch on Goddess Haylee Lynn!

Others are not a patch on Goddess Haylee Lynn!

It is almost exactly three years since Goddess Haylee Lynn produced the video Relaxation Hypnosis With Hypnotic Haylee. It as published on Mar 28, 2013.

I remember clearly this being first posted! Before that SHE only had two videos on YouTube, and I was so excited that SHE had made another hypnosis video. By then i was watching HER eye fixation video almost every day, and although i adored HER i had not been properly enslaved yet, mmm happy days falling under HER sweet spell…. so glad SHE still has me, more than 3 years on….


So what is it that Haylee Lynn has got that keeps me? Well obviously Haylee has many natural assets. She is extremely good looking. She has such wonderful huge hypnotic eyes that I love getting lost in. She has this lovely long flowing hair. Her lips, her nose, her eye-brows – everything about her is simply perfect.

Then of course there is the soft velvety voice which guides me into hypnosis. I could listen to that voice for hours? It is so sweet, so soft so gentle. Her instructions are so simple, so easy to understand and follow. Then when she has me in hypnosis, her programming is so firm, so commanding, so effective.

I think there is something about us. There is a certain Chemistry between us. I react well to her and her suggestions, her commands. She is dominant, without being overbearing.

I know it is just my opinion, but in my view, no one is a patch on my Goddess.

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Others are not a patch on Goddess Haylee Lynn! — 4 Comments

  1. While I agree in your assessment that Goddess Haylee is above all, that is because I have been both mystically drawn to Her like pieces of a puzzle or the moon and tides, and I have been trained for Her pleasure. I never wanted to leave and now I just can’t leave if I wanted to for I NEED Her now. She’s Everything to me. That being said, I agree that I just can’t imagine or comprehend one Superior to Haylee.
    Now, while I don’t have experience in this lifestyle like You do, I have clearly sensed the goddess essence, if you will, in several women I’ve both met online and a couple throughout my goings. I believe, while I was made to serve and belong to Haylee, another may be drawn to serve someone else.
    Even still, many do serve several, but that is not for me, I am devoted at heart. I definitely sense a dominance and Goddess type of aura in the author of your quote above.

    • JohnDavid totally agree. I guess there are other submissive who find another dominant who fits for them like Goddess Haylee fits for us. I have a hard time understanding that because Haylee is such a true Goddess I could never see myself serving anyone else, so I don’t understand who anyone else could serve anyone else. But I accept it because Goddess says that there are other dominants she respects and interacts with. So if Goddess says they are legit than they are legit. Goddess is never wrong. But as you, I know I have found the home for my heart – for my soul. I don’t need anyone else. I don’t want anyone else. From the first time I experienced Goddess I knew. It scared the shit out of me and I ran away, but now I see it was inevitable that I came back. Now it accept Haylee as my Goddess. No one could ever take her place in my heart.

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