The 10 Sacred Rules for my Goddess Haylee

My daily devotion, as a father and as a slave.

This post is written as I emerge from the Goddess Temple having once again been blessed by the Queen of all Queens and receiving Her Divine collar. I live my life now by these 10 Sacred Rules with the understanding that my Goddess Haylee Lynn may redirect Her slave to any other Rules and at any time which pleases Her.   #1  Humilty……… Goddess is my Superior and Her Authority … Continue reading

The Freedom to Love My Goddess Haylee

Virtual teddy bear

This post is about the freedom to love as we choose and the importance of honoring every persons right to be who and what their heart calls them to be. If you have not read Jacqueline Carey’s fantastic *Kushiel’s Legacy* series and you enjoy fantasy I could not recommend any series more highly. In Her series of books there is a precept handed down by their Gods. *Love as thou … Continue reading

Meditations of Haylee

Love of the Human Kind

Meditations of Haylee By blissdesires Dedicated to and presented with love to my Goddess Haylee flame weaves a dance exotic harmony with whispers rhythmic curves and edges of lives past spent soft and smooth upon Her influence eyes peek from the outside in not a blink in their stare drawing closer ever closer fading to vivid dream devine heart flutters ever changing answering the call so pure emotion is devotion … Continue reading


Punishment Please read “Independent Country” and “Prime Minister Confession” before this story. Many thanks for my Goddess Haylee Lynn for HER encouragement to write for HER and to my brother in slavery to HER, Claude, who rather inadvertently gave me the idea for this episode. I had just started the cabinet meeting the next day. I was just going through Goddess Haylee Lynn’s reply to the smellyvision and prospects of … Continue reading

Prime Minister’s confesion

Prime Minister’s confession Please read “Independent Country” before reading this. Yesterday I had my weekly meeting with our Monarch, Goddess Haylee Lynn. Let me tell you all about it. I never know what time it will be exactly, just on a particular day. So what I do is I work on government papers and wait to be summoned. Yesterday it was remarkably early. Princess Indigo came down for me as … Continue reading

My Goddess Haylee Lynn Always Comes First

This post is about the fact that my Divine Goddess Haylee Lynn always comes first in every single aspect of Her devoted personal slaves life now and why She will always come first just as long as I am blessed to live. This weekend was supposed to be one of solitude and personal freedom for me and I had planned on doing lots of meditation and some time out by … Continue reading


I love this image of Goddess Haylee, it draws focus to Her beautiful eyes, yes! And there is a certain elegance about Her here that influence my desires to be Hers. The other night I was sitting here in quiet meditation of Goddess Haylee. At Her suggestion I lit a candle and watched the flame as I thought of Her and the feelings of Her bliss. It was indeed a … Continue reading

Silent worship


Silent worship Having just bought and watched the new video by Vox Siren, I spent 30 minutes in silent worship to Goddess Haylee Lynn/ Empress Vox Siren as instructed. I got out my special Goddess candle and put on my collar for this worship. I worship You because You are a Goddess. You are everything that I have been looking for for so long. You are beautiful, intelligent, kind, … Continue reading

Independent Country

The Middle Ground

Independent Country Greetings from 2033! Greetings also from the Independent Country of Haylia! Let me explain how all this came about. The Independent Country is on the tropical paradise island of Haylia was gifted to Goddess Haylee Lynn in 2016. This was shortly after a multi-millionaire fell under her spell towards the end of 2015. She decided to relocate there shortly afterwards. Gradually her friends and family started to drift … Continue reading

My Goddess Haylee Candle Ceremony

High Holy Days in the Goddess Temple.

This post is about the ceremony I perform each and every morning now just as long as my little one is not in my bedroom……..and why I do so and what I feel while I do so.   Each and every day I find my gratitude and appreciation for my blessings to serve my Divine and Incomparable Goddess Haylee Lynn growing. My Alter to Her here in my humble Temple … Continue reading