Converting the Sheriff

Converting the Sheriff

Please read “Robin Hood and Maid Marian”, “Captured!” and Tarot! first.

Hypnotic Haylee is Maid Marian, Servile Wayfarer is Little John, Claude is Robin Hood, Bob is Friar Tuck and Princess Indigo is Wilma Scarlett.

Maid Marian and her men have captured the Sheriff of Nottingham and have been torturing him by ducking him in a lake.

“Please, no more ducking” pleaded the Sheriff. “I’ll do anything you say.

“No that’s all right. I think you have learned your lesson, but if ever you should start behaving wrongly again, then you know what to expect!”

She looked at him intently with those wonderful big, beautiful green eyes of hers.

“You can trust me, I promise.” Replied the Sheriff.

Dusk was falling. The beautiful leader spoke again.

“You can stay at least one night with us, see how we live, and then maybe you would understand us a bit better. I would advise you again trying to run away or escape. There is a wolf pack which roams the forest at night. Hark, I think I can hear them now.”

She put a hand to her ear and there was the howl of wolves. The Sheriff, not used to such things shivered nervously.

“No I wouldn’t risk meeting those.” Said the Sheriff, and Marian knew he meant it.

Maid Marian turned to her most trusted follower, Robin Hood.

“OK Robin, who is doing what tonight?”

“Everything is organised. I am spit roasting a joint of venison from the deer we caught a few days ago. Friar Tuck and Little John are collecting wood. Wilma and Eric are making arrows, Bryan and Charlie are baking some bread to go with the meat and the rest are gamefully employed on this and that.”

She knew she could always rely on him, he would never let her down. She turned back to the Sheriff.

“Come, you had better get dry before you catch a cold. Here is a towel, here is a suit of clean clothes – Lincoln Green, like us. It is the only clothes we have. Do you want them?”

“Yes please” Agreed the Sheriff.

The Sheriff changed behind a tree. Somehow he felt different in the new clothes. It was almost by putting them on he was putting on a new character. He began to feel ashamed of his past deeds. He also started to admire his gorgeous host and her blissfully happy band of followers. He almost wished he could be one himself.

“Come, we had better get you warmed up beside the fire.” She suggested to him, and he obediently followed her to the fire, while Robin was turning the spit with the deer on it. She smiled, thinking how already he seemed willing to do what she said. Sheriff She sat down with the Sheriff in front of the warm fire. She put on her soft velvety voice again.

“I love looking at the flickering flames in the fire don’t you? So relaxing just sitting here looking at the fire. It is so peaceful and relaxing out here. The country air so pure and healthy. Take a few deep breathes for me and you will see what I mean. That’s right. In like this, hold it, then out all the way. Keep breathing deeply for me and you will soon see what I mean.”

She was delighted that he was staring into the fire and breathing in the way she was telling him to. Considering he was more used to bossing other people around, it was amazing how pliable he was becoming, but there again, he was in a completely different environment. She continued talking to him in her velvety voice.

“Focus your mind on the flames of the fire, notice the flickering and dancing of the flame as the yellows and reds swirl around. How fascinating they are. How you just want to look more and more at the flame while you listen to the sweet sound of my voice. Keep the flame in your mind as you go very gently and very deeply, into a profound state of relaxation. And as the flame flickers and dances, you may notice a halo around the flame – and if you find your mind wandering away from the flame of the fire, just bring it gently back again. All that matters is the flame of the fire and the sound of my voice, as you allow yourself to relax even more. And as you keep the flame of the fire there in your mind, I will count down from 10 to 1. Each number will make you 10 times more comfortable and relaxed than you are now. 10 – 9 – 8 – 7 – 6 – 5 – 4 – 3 – 2 – 1 deeply, deeply relaxed. Zero. You are now very deeply relaxed and each and every suggestion that I make will go deeply into your mind. You love listening to the sound of my voice. You love being with me. You love me. You love my eyes, my hair, everything about me. You will keep thinking of me. You will do exactly as I say. You realise how wrong you have been in the past and you just want to make up for it. You will stop taxing people unfairly and stealing from people. From now on you care deeply what people think and say about you. You want people to love you. You love being loved. You will be a changed man. You will be our friend and you will come and visit us regularly, when you will ask to have one of these little chat with me. You love chatting with me. It will be the highlight of your life. Now just relax a little more and let all the words that I have said sink deeply into to. Let my words repeat themselves again and again inside your head.

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Our Vibration

Our Vibration

This post is about dreams and intention and vibration. As I went to bed last night I was trying to *fix* my intention or my conscious thought on a specific place that is special to me.

Firstly a disclaimer. I have NOT read the lucid dreaming book yet. I have too much going on and my health and legal issues are causing me to research in other areas.

But I thought……….hmmmmmm……….I am “going” to this specific place and I am going to go there with high vibration…….loving, free, ascending, fearless……..and to see what happens.

It seems like I had lots of dreams…….the one I remember was being with a Mentor and running a “process” on an issue. Remember here please that the concept of “winning” is low vibration…… Sovereignty we are seeking “win” “win”.

So I am going to keep experimenting with this process of “holding” onto a high vibration in my dreams…….as well as in my waking hours.

What exactly is that by the way?  A high vibration?

To me is the human becoming and realizing that All is Self………there is nothing to fear if we are Eternal……..Death, flying monkeys, spooky camp fire stories, angry and jealous “Gods” and all the rest are just stories.

What is real? Where are the clues and subsequently where are the answers? What really happens when we (our bodies) die and are we prepared for that?

Everything down here in three dimensional reality is modeled after Sacred Geometry or the Flower of Life. You see the same patterns repeating themselves ad infinite-um in nature.

To break the code of the Matrix is when we realize what works and helps us to wholeness and what breaks that apart.

To be humble, and loving, and charitable and respectful clearly puts us into a *higher* vibration but even that is not quite enough. We also have to break the code of fear…..the stories……the divisiveness……the Cultural and parental programming……..many *programs* need to be deleted to allow our operating system to function optimally.

So to cleanse, to clear, and to delete if necessary, the old stuff and to bring in the new is the “work” of life.


Our Beautiful Goddess Haylee Lynn is constantly involved in improving and uplifting Her vibration.    

It is a joy to behold, to share in such things, and to be respectful to Her life and Her rights to this process.

So as I seek to raise my own vibration I realize it is not something She can command me to do. Life will not tolerate any such shortcuts in the alchemical process of *becoming*………but as I set my intentions last night and tried to hold my vibration as fearless, and loving and pure…… occurred to me that were many others present.

I am reminded of a recent conversation with a close friend where we were talking about the potential of the human race and what might be done if we ALL came together in HIGH vibration and sought out LOVING and EMPOWERING solutions.

I thought of my Goddess Haylee Lynn as I wrote that. I thought of a world were every single man or woman who came to Her to share with Her was in high vibration and respectful and loving and open and caring.

Now that is a dream worth having.

I Love You my Goddess, I will Love You forever, and even when this *body* fades away,        Claude        

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Disclaimer: Although this is a work of fiction, Haylee Lynn will do Tarot readings for clients, and can do them with anyone in the world who is connected with her via the World Wide Web. This story is produced without any input from her, and may, or may not, accurately represent a Tarot session.

Please read “Robin Hood and Maid Marian” and “Captured!” first.

Hypnotic Haylee is Maid Marian, Servile Wayfarer is Little John, Claude is Robin Hood, Bob is Friar Tuck and Princess Indigo is Wilma Scarlett.

Maid Marian was angry with herself. Not only should she have posted guards, she should have done a tarot reading to see what was going on in the world.

She determined that never again would she go so long without reading the tarot cards.

By herself she concentrated as she shuffled and then dealt the tarot cards. Puzzled at the result, she picked them up again, shuffled, and dealt again. Different cards, but the same messages, – the King, Money and Danger. But what could it all mean?


Different tarot cards, but they had the same message

She returned to her entourage and shared with them her mystery. It was left to the youngest, Eric, to put all the pieces of the jigsaw together.

“I bet this relates to our King, King Richard. He was captured returning from the crusades. Henry VI, Holy Roman Emperor, is holding him and demanding 150,000 marks (65,000 pounds of silver) be delivered to him. I bet that no-good Sheriff is planning to rob that money as it passes through Sherwood Forest.”

They all turned to him in amazement.

“How do you know all that?”

“Aha, I haven’t told you have I! I have accepted a part-time job at the court of the Sheriff, to get information.”

“Nice one Eric! Do you know any more.”

“Well I know the party with the money is passing through the main track through Sherwood Forest this afternoon.”

“Right, well we had better be on our guard. If we are careful we will be able to ambush the ambushers!”

And so it was that this time it was the Sheriff and his men who were taken by surprise by Robin Hood and his Merry Men as they waiting to mug the convoy taking the money to free the rightful King. They put up little resistance. The Sheriff’s men were allowed to get away. It was the Sheriff they wanted!

They brought him before Maid Marian. Her beautiful, bright, intelligent, green eyes blazed with fury. They seemed bigger than ever!

“Right you horrible piece of work. You have robbed from innocent people, tortured good decent citizens and generally behaved in a way which is unbecoming of your post of Sheriff. You are going to get your just desserts! You have falsely accused many of my sisters of witchcraft. You have tried them by ducking them in the pond and if they floated they were witches and burned at the stake. If they sunk, they were not witches. A kind of lose-lose situation. I think it is time you had a bit of your own medicine.”

So they led him away to the lake and tied him to a stake. To scare him even more they had Little John read him his last rites. They dipped the Sheriff in the icy-cold waters of the lake. They held him in for what seemed like me to be an eternity before pulling him out. Surprisingly he was still alive, sputtering and coughing. They let him catch his breath again, and then put him back in again. They carried on like this for what must have been an hour or so. At last they stopped, and untied him from the plank. He was a cold, shivering wreck of a person. All his arrogance had gone. He seemed genuinely sorry. He kneeled at her feet.

“Please, please I am truly sorry. I will not do anything bad again, I promise you. I will be a good Sheriff. Please I beg you. Let me go now, please.”

She shook her head.

“Sorry buster, I have only just started with you.”

What do you think should happen next? Please contribute your thoughts to “Tarot!”

Difficult People

Difficult People

This post is about difficult people and the way we deal with them. Yesterday on twitter someone was not being entirely respectful to our Loving Goddess Haylee Lynn.  

Why anyone would contact a professional “Dominatrix” with anything less than courtesy is beyond me! This is not a democracy folks!! 🙂

And then I run into similar difficulty myself when I can not even garner a simple response to a request to speak for two minutes.

Does anyone really NOT have 2 minutes?

So what do we do with difficult people.

We effectively ban them that’s what. Easier done if you are a Queen or a Goddess of course than if you are a Dad, but ban them you must.

In my case some cordial contact must be maintained……..but I can and will develop a force field and eventually not allow my feathers to be ruffled in the future. It is a skill, a talent, and like all skills it must be practiced.

This morning I got some practice. 🙂

But never mind………now I can get back to BLISSFUL people which is where I want to spend my time, energy, love and affection.


So if you are new to the DIVINE EMPIRE and would like to know how to get close to a true GODDESS then I would advise this.

If you want HER respect then be respectful.  

Sometimes the answers are really quite simple.

It is so easy to become enslaved to Hypnotic Haylee - all you have to do is ACT

Treat Her with respect or deal with the Empress       

Personally, I love the fact that my Goddess Haylee Lynn is loving and kind and caring. I had better be all of those things myself if I want such privileges to continue.

I Love You my Goddess! I am so happy we are not difficult with each other and as I drop to my knees for You it causes us both to smile.

As it should be, as it will ever be,

I am Your devoted and perfect slave forever,    Claude

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A Fresh New Snowfall

A Fresh New Snowfall

This post is about beginnings and endings and cycles and there is a fresh new snowfall this morning here in NJ and it is supposed to continue falling all throughout the day.

I am not sure exactly why I feel this way………but yesterday was groundhog day. Did you ever see this movie? This guys life keeps repeating itself until he finally “gets it”. It is not the external world that needs to change……it is him.

Yesterday our Divine Goddess Haylee Lynn unveiled Her spectacular new web site design.

Yesterday I had a small super bowl party and the company was very nice and for the first time in my life I did not care one tiny bit about what was transpiring on the television…….I cared about the people in the room and that was it.

New beginnings………no small thing.

I have made some dietary changes and so far so good…… caffeine and no sugar seems to be agreeable so far…….green tea with just a touch of organic honey *feels* better to my body.


I have made my first two moves in Sovereignty and this week and I am becoming more and more the authority in my own personal affairs……..I have a mediation session that is important this week and an appointment with a naturalist Doctor……a classically trained homeopath.

New beginnings and new perspective.


And this morning a beautiful blanket of a fresh new snowfall greets me as I rise.

Hypnodomme Hypnotic Haylee

The Beauty to Launch a Thousand New Beginnings.

New beginnings are important. Even a perennial flower does not spring out of the Earth the same way each year. We must change and grow or we will wither away.

Thank You again my Queen for being such an inspiration to me. I love and respect so many things about You and one of them is surely the way You are always so richly engaged in the creative aspect of Your personal and professional development.


Despite Your youth I feel in many ways You are almost like a mentor to me…….and as I grow and learn and yearn for more vibrant health and wellness in all the areas of my life…….and yearn as well for a deeper connection with You all of the time…….it helps to remind me of all that matters most.


A fresh new snowfall is a beautiful thing. It is also a reminder. 🙂

I love You my Goddess Haylee Lynn, I am Your devoted and perfect slave for all of the fresh new snowfalls yet to come.     Claude

Postcard From England

Postcard From England

Postcard From England

I’m sending You this little note from England to congratulate You on Your wonderful new website. You clearly have been working very hard. The result certainly reflects the lustrous dark gothic spell You cast over Your many devoted subjects, slaves and servants.

I know from working on websites myself its takes a lot of frustrating effort, moving things around and getting them just how You want them. I hope this revamp brings lots of new admirers to fall under Your ever growing hypnotic powers.

I’m sat somewhere in the North of England on a Sunday afternoon in the corner of a cafe, having finished another ritualistic hot chocolate that seem to accompany these little postcards. A special moment of indulgence, devoted to thinking about You as I sit and watch the world go by.

I’ve been living this coffee shop life for some years now, it’s got into my blood. I find it more enjoyable than writing at home. I enjoy these special Haylee coffee shop moments most of all. Over the past few weeks I’ve been swirling rounds ideas for the conclusion of the first Goodnight Moon story and laying down the threads of the next one.

Doing creative things is best when it takes you to unexpected places. I love the osmosis of getting to know You more and seeing You interact with Your subjects. Having these things feedback into whatever I’m working on, and watching the little imaginative seedlings take root and begin to poke their way through the soil.

I’m sure You have lots of idea’s of Your own bubbling under the surface for the future. I want to wish You the best of luck for the rest of 2014. Personally, professionally and creatively I hope You have a fantastic year.

lots of love from Your devoted princess <3 x

The 3 parts of Her perfect slave

The 3 parts of Her perfect slave

This post is about my new Quest again……… I seek to be a better version of myself for myself and of course for my Divine Goddess Haylee Lynn. 

Yesterday my son and I went to his little friends house and I am close friends with his parents as well. So the father and I decided to take a sauna as they have one set up in the basement.

As it turns out they are also changing their diets and trying to tie everything together. We have different mentors and different approaches but it boils down to addressing the 3 parts of ourselves in the end.


And as been so starkly pointed out to me in the last month or so……..without all 3 in balance and strength you are very much challenged in the other parts.

So one of the things I adore dreaming about is GODDESS WORSHIP or Goddess attendance.  

I dream of my Incomparable Goddess Haylee smiling at me in genuine satisfaction after I had attended to Her needs and commands…….and it could be most anything from housework, to lawn mowing, to cooking for Her or grooming Her, or a writing assignment……..or a simple massage.

And then feeling Her Bliss enter my body as it aches desperately for Her to do it again…………command me………..tell me how to please You again my Goddess……..please. 🙂

But for that dream to come true someday I need my 3 parts.

I need my BODY to be healthy and strong and my filters to be clear and my organs to all be functioning at an optimum level. I need my strength and endurance back so I can please my Goddess this way, so I can enjoy Her Bliss fully, so I can raise my son properly and in joy.

My MIND should be sharp and focused and always be engaged in study and growth and things that can be beneficial to myself, my son and my Goddess.

My SOUL is of course the ETERNAL part. This is the place I wish to build my bridge to higher vibration and not so much as to teach but more as to *SHARE* that with my Goddess, my son, and my fellow man/woman kind.

i fell under HER spell - by watching HER videos!

To place 3 special Gifts at Her feet.

If feels nice when I can afford to buy Her something from Her Amazon List and I hope as certain things clear from my budget I will do this more often.

But even better would be to place my 3 parts in wholeness and health and balance at Her lovely feet and then say to Her……..

Command me to Your pleasure my Queen……please…….because I am strong and balanced and healthy and happy and in high vibration……..but when I come to You my Divine and Incomparable Goddess Haylee Lynn…..all the parts of me always elevate somehow…….I feel stronger, happier, smarter and filled to the brim with Your Goddess Bliss.

Thank You my Queen. Thank You for being my inspiration and helping to make my goals so clear and desirable.

I am Your devoted and perfect personal slave,   Claude                

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