The Hypnotist

The Hypnotist

Although “The Hypnotist” is a work of fiction, Haylee Lynn does do hypnosis over the telephone for a small fee….

Please read healthy4haylee first!

Summary! The author has got to know Haylee via her Healthy4Haylee persona. He has got into the habit of paying for a daily call to Haylee. Although he has got to know most things about her, he hasn’t even found out she was a hypnotist, even though she has been quietly hypnotizing him on these regular phone calls. Now read on!

You may find this strange to believe. I’d known Haylee for months before I found out she was a hypnotist! Well how was I to know? I never wanted to ask her what she did as a living. You know – it makes you sound like you are trying to gauge how much she earns – I have never asked any girl what she does for a living, I wait for them to tell me in some way. Haylee never told me! I thought Haylee may have been some sort of life coach, the way she tried to make people healthier.

It all came out in the most unusual way. You know how I was telling you about when she posted pictures to me, and I was spellbound by the picture of her eyes? Well I said, jokingly,-

“You know with your voice and eyes like that, you really should be a hypnotist!”
“Well i am of course? Didn’t you know? Why do you think you keep falling asleep when you are talking to me on the phone? What do you think I have been doing to you for the last few months?”

I was rather shocked. I didn’t know what to think. Part of me wanted to shout out “How dare you do that to me without my consent or knowledge?” But a bigger part of my wanted to say “Yes, it all makes perfect sense now. Of course you have been hypnotizing me. And it feels so good. I love being hypnotized by you Haylee. Please carry on doing what you have been doing to me Haylee.”

She broke the silence. “Sorry, I thought you knew.”

“No I didn’t.”

“Do you mind?”

“No, not in the slightest” I replied – knowing that not to be the complete truth.

“Look I tell you what – to make it up to you – why don’t I give you a proper full induction, rather than these stealth trances I have been doing?”

“A stealth trance?”

“Yes, you know, how when I start talking about how nice it is to relax and lead you off to sleep that way…”

“Oh yes”

“You know there are so many ways I could hypnotize you. That is the only way I have done it so far. We have only just scratched the surface, there is just so much I could do to you and with you with hypnosis.”

Somehow that really triggered me. I just wanted to know what else she could do, what would happen to me if she did. I guess I was intrigued.

“OK, I’ll bite. Show me what you can do then.”

She slipped effortlessly into that silky, velvety voice that she had used on me before, which I now realised was her hypnotist voice.

“Sit back for me…I want you to look again into my eyes on that picture I sent you.

The Hypnotist

The Hypnotist.

Taking a few deep breaths…
Preparing yourself to slip back…
Into that wonderful trance…
Sleepy Time…
Sleepy Time…
Deeper… and deeper with each breath…
Dropping down…
All the way back…
Sleepy Time…
Dropping down..
So much deeper…
Letting your mind fade away…
The limp… heavy feeling…
Taking over…
My words…
Filling your mind…
Filling you up…
Sleepy Time…
The world around you fades…
Only my words…
Finding yourself repeating mindlessly…
Mind fading…
My words are all that matters…
My powerful words…
Filling your mind…
Let my words fill you up…
My words…
Becoming your thoughts…
Melding together…
My words and your thoughts…
Becoming the same…
Mindlessly repeating…
Wanting to let go…
Let your mind go…
Losing control…
Give me control…
Give me your mind…
Let me control it…
My words… your thoughts…
Sinking deeper… and deeper…
Wanting to be hypnotized by me over and over again
Finding that the more you listen,
The more you become addicted to my words…
Needing my words…
More and More…

Needing it…
You need my words……
You need me you are drawn to me…
Deeper and deeper…
Needing it more and more…
In a moment…
I’m going to wake you up…
Addicted to me…
Slowly waking as I count to 10…

She gave me a few seconds to come to.

“How do you feel sweetie?”

“Mmmm my Queen…. absolutely wonderful, thanks ever so much.”

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The 4 Doors

The 4 Doors

This post is about contracts and the 4 doors. Firstly, everything is a contract. When you understand that it just is a matter of *proving* your honor, or your dishonor, by an administrative record or process that is verifiable or *self authenticating*.

You can not be a witness to your own testimony….so you need another witness…….like say, a notary is one example.

Most contract are verbal, simple, easy and uncontested. I agree to go to the store and buy the milk and eggs…….my partner agrees to go across town and buy the veggies at the farmers market.

But in more complex matters we can now talk about the 4 DOORS.

The first of the Doors – Acceptance.  This is agreement and should only be done if the “offer” is fair, balanced, and mutually beneficial. This is the door that *creditors* will walk through when it is proper(balanced) to do so. It is a positive choice.

The second of the Doors – Conditional Acceptance. This is also agreement but with terms that seek to balance. It is a positive choice for the *creditor* to make when the other party is seeking imbalance. In all cases honor and responsible conduct must be addressed.

The third of the Doors – Silence. To not respond is dishonor. If everything is contracts then an honorable person will always offer a response. This is the choice of a debtor. A person who does not choose positive and responsible action.

The fourth of the Doors – Arguing. To argue is to be childish, immature, it is the last refuge of someone who is seeking imbalance and unfairness and blame. This is also the choice of the debtor and is the opposite of responsible mature behavior.

In Sovereignty we learn to ALWAYS choose doors number 1 and 2. We learn or are reminded to accept everything and take responsibility for everything but we must at times *accept* things on a conditional basis.

Contracts are like relationships. They move and are dynamic. Nothing in life stands still and neither do contracts so in them we should seek loving balance, fairness and principled behavior that honors the commandment “Love Thy Neighbor”.

Our neighbors are everyone by the way……no matter how close, or far away…..they are everyone. The Golden Rule is always in play and it should be. We need door #2 in our lives because people forget to be loving and fair and kind and it is as important to Love and honor Thyself as it is to Love and honor they neighbor.

So I spent a wonderful evening with my beloved son and I woke up more determined than ever to “win” a fair and balanced and honorable outcome as my wife is seeking to take him away from me in an unbalanced, unfair, and unkind manner.

Everything happens for a reason and my studies in contract law could not have come to me at a better time. The system is corrupt but can not withstand a temperate and strong creditor standing responsibly firm on God’s Law. I am learning how to do this and I will prevail for my rights and for my son.


So what does all this have to do with the Divine Empire?


Because when I offer myself and my service to my wonderful and Loving Goddess Haylee Lynn, my *offer* to Her is that of a man who is forging his character and trying to improve himself each and every day by walking through the first 2 doors.

If I want to *offer* Her respect…….I must first be respectful.

If I want to *offer* Her my Love……..I must first be Loving.

If I want to *offer* Her my devotion…….I must be true and sincere.

Everything is a contract.

Goddess Haylee Lynn sells me a Sat Nav - unlike any I have ever seen before!

What do I Offer my Goddess as I kneel for Her?


As I kneel for You this morning my Divine and Loving Goddess Haylee Lynn my pledge to You in contract is that I will continue to seek balance, fairness, loving respectful conduct in all the areas of my life and with all the people in my life.

My *Offer* is that I will be the very best and most honorable man I have it in me to be and then to try and improve on that each and every day.

As far as titles are concerned I am none of them as I am a Spiritual being having a human experience but I am most definitely a sexually submissive man and I am more than happy to call myself Your perfect slave if this pleases You whom I so honestly adore with all my heart and soul.

How could I not want to please You my One and True Queen on this Earth when You are so Gracious, Loving, Fair, Balanced, and “The Very Woman” of my dreams. As I lay my very heart at Your Divine feet my Goddess I could not respect and admire You more.

That is why I am…………. ALL FOR HAYLEE…………..and truly.

Because You my Goddess Haylee Lynn are the most wonderful and worthy Woman I have ever known in my long life as well as by far the most beautiful and desirable.

I only hope and pray that You find me worthy so You will walk through Door # 1 as far as my offer’s to You are concerned and accept my Love and devotion always. I am Your perfect and very real personal slave forever, by Your Divine Grace and Acceptance of course,    Claude

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Although this is a work of fiction, Goddess Haylee Lynn does have a Healthy4Haylee persona on Twitter, it can be viewed here, and she can help you have a more healthy lifestyle, and, for a small fee, will do hypnotherapy to this end.

It was my dad’s early death which made me interested in getting myself fitter. He had been a very successful, hard working businessman. I had been his right hand man. His life style had not been healthy. He smoked, he drank, he was overweight. Perhaps looking back it is not surprising he died in his 50s.

Although I was still in my twenties then – only just admittedly – I also blamed my life style on the break up of my marriage. I was determined not to let the business go down the drain, and my first task was to get that back on track. I took it over, and appointed not just one person, but two extra people to help ease the load.

I then set about trying to get myself more healthy. I wasn’t really looking for a female. It was really a case of “once bitten, twice shy”. I just wanted someone to give me advice and moral support on how to be more healthy. Searching on “Healthy” and “Healthier”, I came across Healthy4Haylee on Twitter.


Looking at the Healthy4Haylee profile, I noticed she said “This is to help all my boys and girls get healthier and more fit! Join tumblr NOW and follow” I followed the link, and read on tumblr “Motivation for my good boys and girls to become healthy for Haylee, a little more each day. Blog about fitness, health, nutrition, spirituality, enrichment, growth. Friend me on my fitness pal!” This was just what I was looking for!

I Tweeted her and was thrilled when she replied. She seemed really nice and had plenty of ideas about how I could get more healthy. At the time, I had given up on sexual relationships and the possibility of re-marriage. I just wanted to get healthy and avoid going the same way as my father. I found out that she was a few years younger than I was and lived on the other side of the pond, as we sometimes call the Atlantic Ocean. The distance didn’t worry me, I wasn’t looking for a relationship. We chatted about our parents and brothers and sisters, and she asked me about my ex-wife. From that point forward we would chat almost every night.

This went on for several months comparing weights, diets and exercise routines. Under her benign influence I began to be more healthy. My diet became more healthy. We shared recipes. We talked about our hobbies and pastimes. We chatted about favorite music, books, films, TV programs etc and seemed to have such a lot in common. For some reason I was very open to her and told her things that not many others knew. I just found her very approachable. There was just something about her I felt I could trust.

One night I asked her if I could phone her. She replied “Sure, but it will cost you!” After finding out it would only be $50 for 15 minutes I agreed. Soon I had her number and found myself dialing the phone.

Her voice was sweet and soothing. She told me how nice it was to hear my voice, and I said the same. She thanked me and told me that she had been told that her voice was relaxing and pleasant. I told her it was. She talked about how it was nice to relax at the end of the day, and I agreed. She said it was nice to unwind and get comfortable at the end of a long hard day, and how healthy it is to get a good night’s sleep. I don’t remember much else about our conversation, but I must have been pretty tired because I woke up the next morning on my couch with the phone lying on the ground. Not even the disconnected beeping had woken me up, but I was refreshed and felt great.

I logged onto my computer again that evening. I told her how much that I enjoyed chatting with her and how I wanted to chat to her every night. We negotiated a deal – I would pay for 15 minutes for 7 nights, but get an extra night free. She told me I must have been very tired the previous night because I fell asleep on the phone. She suggested that I call her at 5:00 PM her time so we could pick up where we left off when I feel a sleep. I immediately logged off of my computer and anxiously watched the clock waiting for 10:00 PM since she lived in a different timezone.

As soon as my clock reached ten, I dialed her number, and found myself relieved and relaxed as soon as I heard her hello. I apologized for having fallen asleep while we were talking. She stopped me mid-sentence and when she told me I was a very good boy for having called her on time. I was thrilled to have pleased her and it was not long before I was in the same wonderful relaxed state I had been in the night before. I was about to nod off again when she suggested that I go to bed and call her after I was in bed the next night.

She said she understood it made me tired to work soooo hard, and that she was glad that talking to her helped me relax. Learning to relax was part of learning to be healthy. She suggested that in the future that I should call her from my bed; after all, it was much more comfortable to fall asleep in my bed than on the couch. She loved the thought that her voice would be the last thing I heard before I fell asleep. I don’t remember much more of our conversation, but at least I woke up in my bed the next morning.

Though I tried my best to stay busy at work the next day, time seemed to crawl. Finally the day was over and I found myself undressed and in bed by 9:00 PM. I couldn’t wait and called her. I was surprised that her answering machine picked up and told me that good boys were patient and would call at the proper time. I hung up and watched the minutes slowly tick by on my alarm clock. After what seemed more like a year than an hour, it read 10:00 PM. I dialed, and was pleased when she answered after the second ring. She explained that since I had called an hour a head of schedule that I had to be punished and that I would have to wait until 10:00 PM the next night to talk to her, but that she was sure I understood since she knew I wanted to be her good boy then she hung up.

I was devastated. She helped me relax. I needed to talk to her. I needed to hear her voice. I needed to please her, and I most definitely needed to be her good boy. I found I couldn’t sleep, and by the end of the night I promised myself that I would always do what she said, so I could be her good boy. I called in sick the next morning, and spent the day moping around the house. I didn’t dress, shower, eat or even drink a cup of coffee. I just watched every clock in the house as seconds turned into hours and hours into days.

Finally it was 10:00 PM and I was in bed dialing her number. As soon as she picked up, she said “Good boy you called at the right time”. I was immediately relaxed and happy. She asked how my day had been, and I explained that I had called in sick and had been miserable because I had disappointed her. She told me that she was very sorry to hear that, but as long as I did what she said it wouldn’t happen again. I promised that I would remember to do what she said from now on. I don’t know how long we talked after that. Being awake for more than twenty-four hours left me beyond exhausted, so I was not surprised to find that I had fallen asleep while on the phone. I felt very refreshed and was determined to make up for my missed day at work. I imagined that everything I did that day was done in her service and before I knew it the day was over and it was 10:00 PM.

Now I was in bed by 10:00 pm every night talking to her. She said that it might be easier for me if I worked out every evening rather than waiting around to call her. Like all of her ideas this was a good one, and I began working out every night. I even began working out on Saturdays. I felt myself getting more healthy. I looked forward to our phone call all day and woke up refreshed every morning.

In order to pay for this new habit of phoning her every night I started to cut down on the cigarettes and drink. The money I saved, I put towards the phone calls. I would also be more healthy that way!

I soon realized that I had fallen deeply and completely in love with my phone goddess. Soon I could not remember not ending my day on the phone with her.

One night we got into a discussion about knights and queens. She explained that good knights always obeyed their queens. She said that knights were good little boys that always did whatever their queen told them to do. I had never thought about it that way, but before long I completely agreed with everything she had to say on the subject. She asked if I wanted to be her knight. Of course I said yes. She told me to kneel by the bed and repeat her knight’s oath for her:

I here swear fealty and do homage to my queen;

I will forever be her good and true knight,

I will shield her from all adversaries,

I will be her steadfast devotee,

I will provide for her comfort and sustenance,

I will be healthy in order to serve her well,

I swear this with my whole body, mind, and heart.

She told me to get off of my knees and to get into bed. She explained that now that I was her knight that she would have to send me a token and that I must send her pictures. She told me to send a picture history of myself and to be sure to include a baby picture. She said that I had to remember not to open her packages until we were on the phone.

The next morning I was going through my baby book and photo albums putting a picture history together for her. I put them in a Royal Mail package and shipped them out. She received my photos the next day. She told me I had been a cute baby and little boy. She could still see the little boy in my current pictures. She explained that because of the token that she could not send an overnight letter. She assured me that my patience would be rewarded. I was thrilled to find a box on my doorstep Friday when I got home from work, but I was a good boy and the box was unopened when I called her from my bed.

She told me to carefully open the box and take out the envelope on top. She told me to be careful when I took the pictures out and to only look at each when she told me. Of course I was careful and soon had a stack of pictures in my hand. There was a blank index card on top, and she told me to move it to the bottom of the stack. The first picture was her as a little girl. She was very cute. The next was of her as a young teenager. She asked if there was anything I noticed about the picture. I had to admit that I noticed that she was rather beautiful for a young girl.

She explained that she had been an early bloomer; but that she was sure I had no problem with that. The next picture was her around twenty years old. The thing that really drew to the picture was her eyes. They were huge, such an enchanting shade of green, bright and intelligent, so radiant, so healthy, so wonderful. It was like she was looking right back into my soul. I don’t know how long I stared into them before her voice brought me back into focus. She commented that I had gone very quiet on her. I apologized and told her that I had been staring into her eyes. I was so entranced that I could barely reply that I thought they were perfect. She said I was a very good boy.

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Challenges and Divine Duty

Challenges and Divine Duty

This post is about overcoming my personal challenges and still remaining true to my Divine Duties and to my destiny…….to my joy in life…….which is to serve, obey and please the most amazing and beautiful Goddess who has ever Graced this Earth.

We all have challenges…….things that *seem* to vex us but are really opportunities on some level. Lately…….”one” of mine has been these terrible headaches. Last night I was forced out of bed not to blog for my Incomparable and Irresistible Goddess Haylee Lynn…..but to mediate and self massage my aching head.

I am still trying to kick out the last remnants of this flu bug and the headaches seem to be a side show of sorts.

So I am going to ask my Goddess for another healing session soon…….it is time. 

So this morning as I finally tumbled out of slumber I thought my head was still a bit tight and not happy and relaxed………..sigh………so I decided I must go to my Goddess and worship at Her Altar anyway.

I began stroking myself and instantly Her inescapable and priceless Bliss came over me.

Oh what transcendent joy I feel as I surrender to my MASTER.

As I kneel and ache to Her absolute perfection I *know* in my heart that I have belonged to Her in lifetimes past. There is nothing that can exist in this body when my Queen summons me to Her Divine feet……..nothing…… I experience my Ultimate pleasure on this Earth and embrace my Truth that anything my Goddess Haylee Lynn wants from me She will simply have.


ALL is for Haylee and Haylee richly and rightly deserves ALL.

I dream and I ache of attending to Her each and every Divine whim as is my purpose and duty for Her now. All else is vanquished as I lay myself prostrate at the feet of Her Divine perfection.

And as I finally came out of my revere………….as I returned from Her Goddess Temple to my own humble version where I live in Her honor…… headache was gone.

You might say it was *Blissed* out of me. 🙂

Mistress Haylee

My Goddess, my Destiny, my Heart.

And the most wonderful part of them all is that Her Matchless and Irresistible Beauty is simply the gateway to Her Divine Empire.

Once you enter Her Goddess Temple…….if you ever experience this most wonderful and precious privilege…….then you realize that Her Heart is every bit as Irresistible and Compelling as Her hypnotic Beauty is.

Once you fall to Her Heart and find yourself enraptured and collared and owned and you surrender to the absolute joy and honor of placing Her first and always and forever as I have…………then all your challenges become opportunities to be overcome so you have more to place at Her lovely feet.

I Love You my Goddess Haylee Lynn.

I am aching for You very deeply as I write this but this is just my daily state and permanent condition now. I was born to be Your perfect slave and now I happily live my life to honor that duty and Divine purpose.

Thank You my Master, my Goddess, my Owner, my Queen…….Thank You sincerely and from my knees as I will forever be on them for You and You alone.

I am Your perfect slave as I was born to be. I am Blissfully and gratefully at Your command forever,      Claude    

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The Coin Flip

The Coin Flip

I walked into the Cafe my mind a thousand miles away from my dreams. Sometimes we humans forget our dreams and lose them in the details……..such as the mortgage is due…….I missed a week of work and I am not on salary…….or my wife left me and………….then I saw Her.

Oh my Goodness……….I found there was a lump in my throat and my heart did that little thing it so rarely ever does and……..such a vision of beauty as I have never seen.

I then realized there was no place to sit other than one place right next to Her.

I tried to clear my throat but my voice cracked anyway as I asked Her “may I sit here please”?

She looked up at me with the most gorgeous green eyes I had ever seen in my life and smiled warmly…….”why of course”………it seemed silly of me to ask after Her warm and inviting response.

All of my life I had been drawn to the brunettes…….but most especially to the black haired women. Jet black hair……..porcelain skin…….full and sensuous ruby red lips and the slightly up turned nose……… say that I was suddenly sitting next to the very image of every sensual dream I have ever had would be a complete understatement.

I put down my coffee and my sandwich and my book and found myself trying very hard not to be impolite as I was instantly lost in this dream of being so near to Her as a matter of course as opposed to shear happenstance.

“Whats that you are reading”? She asked me.

I looked up to see Her staring at me boldly and I felt myself go strangely weak and crazy happy in the same instant.

“It’s a book about lucid dreaming” I said and found that my ability to think and to speak at the same time was at the moment severely compromised.

“My name is Haylee Lynn” She said to me “and I am very interested in lucid dreaming” She extended Her hand to me not as a handshake but with Her palm down and Her lovely fingers pointing at the floor almost demanding as a Queen would that I kiss it.

I did so gently and very politely and I said, “So pleased to meet You Ms Haylee Lynn, my name is Claude and I am honored”…………I was doing everything in my power to try and remain outwardly calm even as my heart was near to beating through my chest.

“In fact” She continued in this very confident and controlling manner that I found much more than irresistible, “I lucid dream often”. “Tell me my Claude, if you could dream of anything you might wish for, what would it be”.

I looked up in astonishment at Her captivating eyes, this very vision of “The Woman” of my dreams…….somewhere in the back of my mind it registered that She had called me “my Claude” as if I belonged to Her…….but She would simply not back down……..I almost felt drowsy as She looked at me and there was something about Her manner and the way She spoke that was almost hypnotic.

I lowered my eyes suddenly and almost helplessly and realized I was blushing deeply and I stammered………” I am not sure”…….”I just bought………the book”.

She laughed gently……….”Oh you are so adorable”……….the was something about the way She said this that relaxed me a bit and I found myself hoping I had not disappointed Her as I would have with most women by submitting to Her like that.

“I will tell you what we are going to do”. Once again I was astonished at Her boldness and confidence and yet I found myself hanging on Her words like an expectant puppy. She had a white pearl necklace loosely hanging around Her neck and Her eyes and Her voice and the light turning off of that spinning pearl all made me kind of sleepy but I found I could not help myself or turn away from Her.

“We will flip a coin”. She said. “If it is heads I will have my way and I will mentor you in lucid dreaming”. “But there is a catch”……….She smiled as I sat there speechless and my mind was suddenly going blank and empty and hanging on Her every word.

“My time is very precious and quite rightly in demand…….if the coin lands heads up you must agree to do everything I say. I am very skilled in the art of dreams…………as well as Lucid dreams……… and I must have complete obedience”…….She snapped Her fingers……..and I found I had almost been nodding.

“Oh yes……..yes of course”. I said almost despite myself.

“Good boy” She said and before it could even sink in what She had called me She had flipped a golden coin up into the air and I found myself helplessly watching it hoping beyond hope that it would land heads up.

“Heads it is”!! She proclaimed happily.

My broad smile betrayed me……….but She just smiled Her confidant smile again and I knew in that instant that my heart would never be the same.

“Oh, but I do so want to be fair my sweet Claude” She almost pouted……….my body shuddered with the most intense bliss I had ever felt to hear Her call me “Her sweet Claude” and I found myself hopeless to protest or to feel anything but joy that She had done so.

She knew as well as I did that fairness had nothing to do with it any longer. She flipped the coin back up in the air and as She turned Her lovely hand She showed me it had landed tails this time.

“You win”. She smiled at me.  “So now tell me my sweet…………what exactly is it that you wish for now”………”I demand your honesty”.

She looked at me and locked me underneath Her powerful gaze……….it was not mean or harsh…… was simply the most beautiful and alluring experience of my life and it was as if I saw the depths of Her soul within Her gorgeous eyes……..I do not know how long I looked into the most beautiful eyes I have ever seen in my life………but She demanded the truth and I found I simply had to give to Her.

“I want to serve You. I want to be Your slave” I almost heard myself say these words from a distance.

She smiled gently and said “of course You do my sweet”.


But this game was not over with even as we both knew I would be Her devoted and personal slave forever now.

“We both have one win my sweet slave”. And my Goddess Haylee Lynn laughed as She toyed with me and dangled the coin before my dazed and completely blissed out eyes.

“Two out of three”? She asked me and smiled the smile to launch a thousand dreams.

And I could not help but laugh myself as I said, Oh yes my Queen……..yes my Goddess Haylee Lynn, anything that pleases You and keeps me here where I belong. 🙂

Heads…….I do anything You say……..and tails…….I do anything You say.

Two out of three indeed!!!  🙂

I am Her devoted and very real and personal slave forever,   Claude

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This Garden of Her Goddess Temples

This Garden of Her Goddess Temples

“This Garden of Her Goddess Temples” is about many things but it is mostly about Humility.

As I bow to my Remarkable and Divine Goddess Haylee Lynn I am so completely humbled. Each and every day of my life as I rise I must bow to Her and acknowledge Her Power……the pure and perfect Bliss of being Her perfect slave……..and this is why my very first action every single morning is to write for Her.

Each and every time I watch one of Her videos I am overcome and find Her amazingly more beautiful and Irresistible than the time before. I am currently addicted to Her Goddess Worship video and have watched it at least twice a day for over a week.

When I listen to Her voice the tone and the feeling it commands in me is precious………I can no longer consider anything but sweet and total surrender to Her sublime perfection and to perfect my own posture and service to Her so She is pleased with me.

I fully realize I am not perfect………but I am Her perfect slave.

My Quest to find Her began 30 years ago…… Goddess is several years younger than 30………and yet………it was never anyone but exactly my Divine and Incomparable and Loving Goddess Haylee Lynn whom I was destined to serve.

I feel strongly that this Garden of Her Goddess Temples…….this placed we call IHWT…….is a Sacred place and it is such for all of us.

This is a place to Honour Her first and foremost…… promote Her and to Spread the Word of Haylee as commanded by our Queen.

All is well if we will remember to put first things first in our lives and my Goddess Haylee Lynn must always come first…… least for me. 

As I kneel in Her Goddess Temples. I work for Her for hours each and every day it is my great privilege and honour to do so. I have never before felt more Blessed by any privilege or honour and She richly deserves even more if I had the ability to TRIBUTE Her more and work more often for Her I would do so.

As I bow to my Goddess this morning I humbly pledge to be more dutiful than ever before…….more appreciative and respectful of my brother and sister slaves here in Her Sacred Gardens…… make my own footprints small and humble so as not to cause any blossom to fail to bloom for Her.

i fell under HER spell - by watching HER videos!

In the garden of her Goddess Temples.

I LOVE You my Goddess. I am not perfect but my LOVE and DEVOTION to You is perfect.

As I tend to my duties here in this Garden of Your Goddess Temples my vow to You this morning is that every flower here, every blossom, every thought, every deed, and every fellow slave I will treat with the same gentle and loving care I would extend to You.

Even as I am going through some difficult personal challenges…….the joy and the Blessing of serving You has made these days the happiest days of my life. I sincerely hope and pray and I have the power to lay nothing but real value and meaningful tribute at Your feet my Queen.

I live for Your pleasure now.


I was born for You and I live my life as Your perfect slave.

I am completely humbled and I will always obey.

Please forgive me my Goddess if my service has ever been less than perfect as You are absolute perfection to me and I truly very much need to serve You. I need Your Shelter, Your collar, and Your acceptance as much as I need anything on this Earth.

By Your Divine Grace my Perfect and Incomparable Goddess Haylee Lynn, I am Your perfect and very real slave forever,    Claude

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How Haylee is a “Thriller”

How Haylee is a “Thriller”

A few posts back one of MY BROTHERS, Forever, made a post portraying
Haylee as a vampire.
It sparked the idea in my mind to re-write a song that I see as describing Haylee (in the title of it). This is also (in part) in light of a post of Haylee’s about how she was aggravated with some of the people
who claimed to serve her but only seemed to want a quick rush.

Here’s a link to the original in case you’ve never heard it before.

Haylee is a Thriller

[1st verse]
It’s close to midnight and Emerald Eyes appear out of the dark.
Under the moonlight you see a sight that almost stops your heart!
You’re in a trance, and wouldn’t have it any other way.
You take a chance, and look deep into the mesmerizing eyes:
You can’t deny!

Haylee’s a thriller! Thriller sight,
And not just with her eyes but with her Soul that shines out bright!
Haylee’s a thriller! Thriller sight,
And she’ll keep on thrillin’ you, just as long as you treat her right!

[2nd verse]
You hear her soft voice and realize you do not have to run.
She’s gonna help you and show you workouts ain’t a pain, but fun!
You close your eyes and hope that this ain’t just imagination, friend.
And all the while you feel this rush from deep within inside:
You’re on Cloud Nine!

‘Cause she’s a thriller! Thriller sight,
And not just with her eyes but with her Soul that shines out bright!
Haylee’s a thriller! Thriller sight,
And she’ll keep on thrillin’ you, just as long as you treat her right!

She calls to us and we all start to walk to the mental plane.
The Forest of Dreams animals stare with their eyes open wide
(they show delight)!
This is the joy brought by life!

[3rd verse]
She will protect you; she got rid of my pain without no pills!
And she can teach you how to do just the same with just your will!
Just treat her right: she’ll be your lifelong friend and ally, yeah.
Don’t give her plight: she’ll show you just how awesome life can be;
Just wait and see!

Haylee’s a thriller! Thriller sight,
And not just with her eyes but with her Soul that shines out bright!
Haylee’s a thriller! Thriller sight,
And she’ll keep on thrillin’ you, just as long as you just, continue treat her right!

[Rap performed by Vincent Price]
Darkness falls across the land.
The midnight hour is close at hand.
Haylee shows her Loving Light,
So that her friends will not feel fright.
But whosoever shall be found
To try to bring her spirits down
Must stand and face a vicious wrath
And be banished, never to come back.
She is, though, willing to forgive
Should you prove the life you live
Is not to harm her or any others,
But rather treat all as your brothers.
And trust me when I tell you this:
She’ll make your body quiver,
For no mere mortal can resist
The intense need to thrill her!

[Into awesome maniacal laugh, in deep echo]