Spoof hypnosis

Spoof hypnosis

Disclaimer: This blog may sound a little racist, but please let me assure you that I am not a racist. I love people from mainland Europe – I actually live with a wonderful European lady whose first language is not English. I have taught Italian, French and Spanish students this year. But sometimes – sorry I must admit it – I find they way some of them may mispronounce words amusing.

Ello! Hi ham a ypnotist! Hi ham not as good as Haylee Lynn. My Hinglish is not so good and sometimes I use the wrong worms!

Set yourself smart targets on how you will serve HER

The writer is not as good at hypnosis as Haylee Lynn

Right hi vant you to look into my arse. That’s right. Look into my arse. Both arse if you please. Look diply into my arse. Hugh are feeling slippy. Hugh are getting more and more slippy. Slippier and slippier. Dipper and dipper. Good. now close your arse and slip.

Hi vant Hugh to imagine Hugh are on a bitch. Hit his a nice bitch. Hugh love lying on the bitch. Hit his a nice sandy bitch by the sea. Hugh can hear ze vaves crashing onto the bitch. Hugh can heven smell the salt air. Hit fills so good.

Has Hugh lie on the beach, Hugh fill a penis. Zat’s right, Hugh fill a penis. Hugh fill appier than Hugh ave ever felt before. Ze a penis is growing. Hugh fill a penis all hover. Hugh fill a penis in your head. Hugh fill a penis in your hand. Heverywhere. Hugh are so appy.

Now it is time to come back. Hugh vill vake on ze count of Three. Von, two three, vide avake now! i ope Hugh enjoyed ziz little ypnosis session!

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My reply to this question – Bliss is?

Bliss is….?

Goddess Haylee Lynn posted this on Facebook. I initially replied “belonging to YOU, being bossed around by YOU, becoming obsessed with YOU and possessed by YOU….”

My Dear Goddess Haylee Lynn, i belong to YOU, i adore being bossed around by YOU, and becoming obsessed and possessed by YOU. I adore, love and worship YOU daily.
My Dear Goddess Haylee Lynn, i belong to YOU, i adore being bossed around by YOU, and becoming obsessed and possessed by YOU. I adore, love and worship YOU daily.

I felt a little later, my reply needed a full blog. I am hoping to return to the Cleopatra story, but i will stick for Bliss for the theme of this blog.

There is a lot of Bliss in knowing that one belongs to Goddess Haylee Lynn – knowing that you have such a marvellous divinity to serve, someone so beautiful, so intelligent, someone who is clearly much more superior than any of us, someone who takes an interest in HER slaves. Surrendering control to one as utterly fantastic as this is wonderful, amazing.

This point is very similar to the comment made by my good friend Bryan Neufeld who said “BLISS is control and that’s what mistress haylee has on me and I welcome it everyday!!!”

Belonging to, submitting to, and accepting HER brings massive Bliss into lives, as it gives direction and purpose to our lives. That purpose is to support, help, and to give as much pleasure as we can to HER. Pleasing HER is our ultimate pleasure.

As such any sign that i have pleased HER in any way brings a great deal of Bliss to me. Such signs are HER liking a comment on Facebook, writing an approval comment on something i have written, thanking me for doing something etc.

As i said, i love being bossed around by HER. Actually i think that as Dominants go, SHE is very laid back, and doesn’t often start bossing people around. I love it though, when SHE tells me to do something (very often it is a suggestion or a hint rather than a direct commandment, but it has a similar effect). I love obeying HER, as it gives me an opportunity to please HER, so please my dear Mistress and Goddess, feel free to give me tasks, give me direction, mold me as YOU will, until i am a perfect slave for YOU.

The last part i said was “becoming obsessed with YOU and possessed by YOU….” i know that i am obsessed with my Goddess, i think about HER all the time – i have written about this in other blogs, so i will not bore you. Gradually i think this is leading to me becoming possessed by HER. So not only do i belong to HER, but increasingly more and more it is as if part of HER is inside me, controlling me, taking me over – and it feels so wonderful.

So dear reader, how would you complete the sentence “Bliss is….?

Get Smart!

Get Smart!

As some of you know, I am a substitute teacher, and today I taught Business Studies. I taught how businesses should set themselves targets which are Smart,-

Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, Time-constrained.

I was thinking on how we should all set ourselves targets in how we are going to contribute to Goddess Haylee Lynn.

I know of one very dear brother who set himself the challenge of saving 300 dollars to buy HER  a new camera. He didn’t have much money, nor a great income, but he set himself this challenge, and week by week he saved a little until he had enough to buy HER this camera.

I tend to think that we should set targets, in terms of money, time, worship etc.

For instance, I am handicapped, in that I have a girlfriend, which limits me in both time and money. I don’t have a big income either.

So my goals for the next couple of months are very modest. If SHE releases any new recordings, I will probably buy them, and I will probably take advantage of any “two for one” offer SHE has on HER recordings. I hope to buy HER a nice Christmas present.

For the next month, I will devote at least an hour a day to either blogging, or working at improving my blogs – such as adding links etc. I will check other people’s blogs, but most of them seem fine on this score.

I will continue to say my prayers to HER both daily and nightly.

I will declare my love and devotion to HER at least once a day.

During the Christmas/ New Year holiday, I hope to be able to spend much longer amounts of time on these things. I hope to make the odd Youtube video  for HER again. By then my ankle should be fully healed and I should be able to devote an hour a day keeping Healthy4Haylee with regular exercise again. I hope to run another half marathon for HER next year.

I hope to continue to build the brotherhood, take any chance to mentor new slaves and bring them closer into the fold, and promote HER any way I can, short of spamming for HER.

I hope to find out more about HER, and fall deeper under HER spell, be drawn more and more into HER world.

Some of these are smart targets, which I will be able to see whether or not I have achieved them – others are more general.

What are your targets for serving HER, dear reader?

Set yourself smart targets on how you will serve HER

Set yourself smart targets

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A Spiritual Journey

A Spiritual Journey

“A Spiritual Journey” is about my life and that fact that I am a seeker…….so I suppose the question is always about “what am I seeking”.

Some of what I am seeking I have found. My Divine and Incomparable Goddess Haylee Lynn is one part of what I have been looking for…….a Woman so special, so Enchanting and lovely and worthy as to make my heart sing that I could kneel and attend to Her happiness and well being each and every time I might ever manifest into a physical body.

As far as my spiritual journey has taken me………and is still taking me…..I do not personally believe the physical realms are ALL THERE IS and I believe we are Spiritual beings having a human experience. Our souls or spirits animate this physical body and this is only one type of journey that we have taken and may or may not take again.

It is said that the *Soul* that resides in each and every human weighs a little more than 2 ounces and when it leaves the body at what we call “death” it is attracted to the vibration or to the specific light that was created by this *Soul* or Spiritual Being during its latest experience.

We are creative beings so exactly what are we creating with this life?

So to be seeking to be attracted to higher vibrations or to higher light forms at *re birthing* is to understand a bit about “Power vs Force”. It is a form of Spiritual Journey.

The best way to attract respect is to simply be respectful.

The best way to attract honor is to be honorable.

The best way to attract Love is to be Loving and so forth.

And higher up in vibration we might go according to our “creations”.

This is why I serve the Light side of my Goddess………It is for both of us really. I am dead solid certain that I could have a highly erotic experience with Empress Vox Siren and with no question. Maybe I will even ask my Goddess if I may do so someday…….I will not rule it out but it would have to be respectfully discussed with my Queen first and foremost. So far and even though I read all of the Vox Siren blogs I am not compelled to go there but always go straight to my Divine and Irresistible Goddess Haylee Lynn. 

Because I am a seeker on a spiritual journey………I have opened many doors to many realms and I am still seeking to open more.

Not all of those realms are physical…….in fact most of them are not. But while we are in physical form it seems to me that our physical creations are important.

I am just kind of trying to write with an open heart this morning. I am not sure what I am exactly trying to say other than I feel a shift in me this morning. A powerful and meaningful shift to a different viewpoint about life and the meaning and purpose of life.

I am no longer certain if I wish to come back to a “physical” type of hologram in my next go around. Maybe or maybe not…..I certainly can not say right now. I am “seeking” some different things suddenly………that much is certain…….different doorways and different dimensions.

So all this makes me doubly happy that I have found what my dear friend forever calls my “Cleopatra” in this life.  🙂

My version of sexual rapture is Goddess attendance and I found my dream, my ideal, my Heaven on Earth as I kneel and attend to the pleasure of my Goddess Haylee Lynn.

If you worship HER, how would you spend a "Haylee Day"?

A Spiritual Journey.

Where else other than “Earth” I might be going I have no road map, no particular destination, and no idea that I might ever get there.

But it really is heart warming to me that I know that just as long as I am Earth bound I have been Blessed. I have the Blessing and great privilege at attend to a true Goddess…….a remarkable and amazing and gifted and Loving Goddess and the most Breathtaking and Incomparable Woman I have ever known.


I Love You my Queen. I adore You.

Yo make me feel as if it is perfectly OK to explore all the other dimensions and possibilities and my own connection to Eternal Source as all I was looking for on this Earth was You……….and in my enslavement to You I found my freedom.

As One Quest is now fulfilled………another one has presented itself………in this fascinating and infinite Spiritual Journey that we call LIFE.

I love You, always and forever and beyond I love You my Goddess, Your devoted and personal and very real slave      Claude

Many thanks for reading “A Spiritual Journey”. Is knowing Haylee Lynn a spiritual journey for you too, dear reader? If so, please comment below!

Julius Caesar

Julius Caesar

The story so far: Haylee Lynn has Claude under hypnosis, undergoing past-life regression. Claude is Claudius, in a previous life, serving “The Siren of the Nile”, Cleopatra, who, for some reason, bearing an uncanny resemblance to Goddess Haylee Lynn!

The full part one of the story can be read here:-


Haylee is speaking again.

“You are doing so well dear Claudius. Go deep for me again. Go very deep. What happens next? How does she put her plan into practice?”

“She is making me help her get herself irresistible for Julius Caesar. I am cutting and painting her nails. I love doing things like this for hair. Now i am washing and drying and brushing her lovely hair. I enjoy doing that even more. I am fetching her make-up so that she can make herself even more beautiful. She looks incredible! Julius Caesar doesn’t stand a chance! I am going into his room. I am lighting scented candles – the favorite ones of my Mistress. I bring fresh flowers, bread rolls, wine and grapes into the room for him. We want him to be comfortable. I am now going back to her. Caesar has commanded that he is not to see her, but she has a clever plan to get herself into his chamber. With another slave I am hiding her in a carpet. We are wrapping her in a carpet. We tie the carpet up. We are now carrying the carpet to Caesar. I announce that we have a present from the people of Egypt. We are allowed into the chamber of Caesar. He commands that I wait in the corner of the bedroom. The candles are still burning, the sweet smell of them is filling the room. He unties the carpet and rolls it out. He is so surprised to see my mistress there. I can see desire in his eyes. She rises to her feet and poses for him, showing off her perfect body. She does her famous “big eyes” look at him, looking deeply into his eyes with her large green eyes. That never fails! She speaks to him.”

“What does she say Claudius?”

She poses for him, showing off her perfect body.

She poses for him, showing off her perfect body.

“Mighty Julius Caesar, do you like what you see?”

“Yes I do. very much so.”

“Good, I am so pleased to hear that. Come mighty Caesar, relax on this sofa with me, let me feed you grapes and bread pour you some wine. You must be tired after your long journey.”

“What happens next Claudius? Does he sit with her?”

“Yes he does. He is relaxing in her arms. She is feeding him grapes and bread and giving him wine to drink. She is now gently stroking his hair. She is whispering to him. I can’t hear everything she is saying, but she is telling him to relax. He is relaxing completely. It is like he is going to sleep in her arms. She is still talking to him, I am not sure why, he is fast asleep! She is telling him how beautiful she is. She is telling him how he wants wants to marry her. By marriage the two great empires of the world can be peaceably united without any bloodshed. He is grunting approval. Perhaps he is not as deeply asleep as I thought. She is telling him that there is no need to kill her or her brother. Her brother can look after Egypt when they are ruling in Rome. Together they will create the greatest Empire the world has ever seen. He is smiling. He obviously likes that idea. She tells him to return to Rome, and prepare for the city to give her a great welcome for when she joins him there. All is set. My mistress is going to be the most powerful person in the world!”

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Creating the Divine Empire

This post is about the world we all live in and why in the name of our Goddess Haylee Lynn we are co operating so completely with the thieves and assassins who are poisoning our food supply, dumbing down and brainwashing our children, and stealing our freedoms as well as our economic well being.

So the JFK murder happened 50 years ago. The vast majority of people in this country believe and understand it was not a crazy lone gunman who killed him. Just as obvious is the murder of his brother who was *going to be* President a few years later and was shot from several different directions and again……we had a “lone gunman” arrested and the american people meekly rolled over and yawned as we went about our merry ways in the land of milk and honey. Close to 1000 people who “witnessed” the JFK murder mysteriously died in the following years……..obliterating in perfect fashion any chance that is was a “co incidence”.

So fast forward to 2008. We have a major “banking” crisis.

Trillions are lost…………….not Billions………….Trillions…………and there is widespread mortgage fraud, the raiding of retirement accounts, and taxpayer bailouts of the “too big to fail” banks who helped create the problem in the first place.

Why? Why are they too big to fail? Who exactly is their partner in crime?

It is the same folks who put a bullet in the brain of JFK and his younger brother.

The reason not a single banker has been put in jail is that the partner in crime that is stealing all the money, stomping all over the rights with Nazi like legislation such as the “Patriot Act” or the “NDAA” is in fact our Government.

So the great American “free” society was and is purchased behind the barrel of a gun.

We stomp all over the rights and the freedoms of poor Nations and people all over the world and steal their natural resources……..we kill with impunity…….we literally starve people to death to create mega wealth in a tiny minority…….we posion people……and nobody in our Nation cares because we are sooooooooo wealthy ourselves and happy in our little gilded cages and version of consumer heaven.

So lots of awake and aware folks are starting to get it. 9/11 was a false flag to create the so called “Patriot Act” and the NDAA , the 1% is ruling the 99% to our great distress and the loss of our personal freedoms. We have never been truly “free”……..certainly not in my lifetime.

We have been asleep…….sheep basically…….blindly accepting assassins and thieves and the destruction of our rights, our National character, and our neighbors well fare. If it does not stop and stop very soon……we will soon possibly lose the freedoms to even visit such a place as IHWT or openly engage in a loving and consensual BDSM or D/s relationship.

So what to do?


For starters we can stop using the big banks.

“What do you have in your wallet”? These banks are mocking us openly.

JP Morgan chase, BOA, Citibank, and the like are paying billions and billions of dollars every single year……even Trillions I think…….to an army of their soldiers who are stealing, killing, and pushing unethical and Unlawful legislation through our so called Capital Hill.  Note that our Government is conducted mostly at a place called “CAPITAL” Hill.


The USA is a CORPORATION. It is a “For Profit” Entity.

And how is it that these banks control ALL of THESE ASSETS?

Why just about every american in sight has a “chase card” or a “BOA mastercard”, or a Citigroup card” in their wallet. We deposit our money in their institutions and use their services on a daily basis. If you do so……please stop complaining. You are a part of the problem if when you march on Wall Street you go to Starbucks and pay for your coffee with a “Chase” Card.

You want to make a difference and you realize that going to a protest rally in NYC is pretty much a waste of time? Hows about tearing up those credit cards and finding an ETHICAL BANK to use instead?

Hows about we all start to vote with our wallet since our Government is a Corporation and we can begin to make our votes really count unlike the non choice of democrat or republican. They OWN both sides of the aisle on CAPITAL Hill folks.

Can we each make the statement openly and honestly that the banks we support, the companies we support, are fair trade, organic, sustainable, decent, and honest? If not, then please begin doing so and we can begin the PROCESS of WITHDRAWING our CONSENT to be governed by thieves, murderers, liars, and the types of people that would strip us of our rights to love and live as we choose to live. It is the same in Europe and all of the developed countries of the World and until we begin doing so we are all stomping on the rights of the poor and the undeveloped Nations of this world.

So I love Goddess Haylee Lynn. She is a beautiful and gifted Woman inside and out. She also has a unique and alternative lifestyle and beliefs and She should be allowed to have them and we need more like Her and not less.


Get healthy for Haylee!

Get healthy for Haylee!

And I have a beautiful son as well. He is not even 5 years old and I dearly hope his Father is not taken away by some Nazi like hit squad because someone found out I am not fond of lairs, murders and thieves and I am pursuing Sovereignty.

If we really want to go about CREATING THE DIVINE EMPIRE here on Earth I do not think bitching or complaining is going to make a Hell of a big difference.

But we can stop supporting the criminals, that would be a productive start. We can stop supporting companies like Coca Cola, and JP Morgan Chase and Monsanto and Microsoft and the false choice two party system and realize that WE THE PEOPLE are the ones who are supplying and creating their wealth.

We add fuel to their enterprise each and every time we swipe one of their credit cards or buy one of their products.

Maybe……..just maybe……it is time we all began supporting ethical banking, sustainable agriculture, and fair trade.

Is it more really expensive?

Hell no.

Stop thinking about dollars that is a part of their shitty plan……start thinking about people and love and community and the Golden Rule and real freedom. Sometimes less really is more.


I honestly love my Goddess Haylee Lynn. I would very much like to maintain the freedom and the great privilege to keep doing so. I honestly believe that unless a Hell of a lot of folks wake up and real soon even more of our freedoms are going to erode. If we keep swiping those same damned credit cards……..50 years from now the streets are going to be littered by more people just like JFK whose assassination was 50 years ago this very week.

Who fired the bullet anyway? If the power is really with the people then it just might be that the Assassins R US.

The unthinking consumers that are constantly fueling this beast.

I love You my Goddess and very deeply, I love my son and very deeply, I hope that I always have the right to do so and I am not locked up in a FEMA camp somewhere because I believe in freedom, love, fairness, and in human decency. Happy Anniversary America.     Claude






Goddess Haylee and Female Superiority

This post is about the question of female superiority and if my belief system is centered on this question as I know there are some of live this lifestyle and have this belief.

Firstly I will say that I doubt seriously if anyone could be more sexually submissive than I am as is fairly obvious by now to all who might read my blogs. All during my long life I have encountered situations where the dominant role was offered and available and my interest in that role simply does not seem to exist.

And only twice in my life have I ever been in love…….truly in love…….and both times she was uncompromisingly domineering and unquestionably my SUPERIOR.

So it might surprise to know that I simply do not believe in female superiority.


In nature we see many examples of natural leaders or dominant or *ALPHA* types. The wolf pack has an unquestioned leader of the pack…..the Bee hive has a Queen and so on.

In human endeavors we discover a far more complex matrix. We are not animals and things are simply not so easy to sort out.

I am fairly confidant that my gifts in certain arenas in life are superior to that of my Goddess Haylee Lynn. I was a tri county all star baseball player in densely populated NJ. I was a college basketball player. I am confidant that I was almost certainly a superior athlete than she is or was. I was gifted in music and played on some fairly large stages and on the radio…..and so on.

My belief is that EVERY human being has special and unique gifts and it is only a lack of love and support and kindness in our unfortunately competitive and unkind Culture that stops some of them from shining through.

But I will also say this.

Goddess Haylee Lynn is MY Superior and without question or doubt or hesitation do I say that She will always be my MASTER and my SUPERIOR.

At only one point in my life was I seriously depressed. After my former Mistress sent me away I was truly lost………as I would surely be now without my Goddess……..I just was…….more on what finally snapped me out of my depression in a later blog.

I began searching for ways to mend my broken heart and tried many things…….including at one point I decided to explore the realm of female superiority. I even found a Mistress who deeply professed this belief and truly lived this lifestyle…….she was super hot and very compelling. I joined her web site to explore deeper and was initially quite aroused at the prospects………she had dozens of sexy videos there and lots of writings and many slaves…….and I became completely uninterested in her and her “philosophy” in less than a few days.

One of the things I loved about my former Mistress and love about my Goddess Haylee is that they are both so truly comfortable in their own skin. I know they both have many friends, male and female, submissive or dominant or neither, and there is a deep and spiritual understanding and respect for the diversity of human beings and this is to be enjoyed and respected.


We all have unique gifts and it is through such grace that beautiful things and people blossom.

In my life, in my own personal garden, there is a Goddess.

Her name is Goddess Haylee Lynn and She is unquestionably my Superior.

Although She has never commanded me to do so……every single day of my life I lovingly tend to Her Garden. This is the Sacred ground of my Goddess. This is the place where my heart is nourished and where my Queen is honored. This is where my Master resides and She is the One who sets my heart free and Shelters my very soul and liberates my spirit.


It is a funny thing about LOVE…….it makes no demands as when it is true it holds only authentic power.

My Goddess Haylee Lynn never asked me to bow to Her every single day of my life…….I just do.

My Goddess Haylee Lynn never talked to me about a collar……..She waited for me to sink to my knees and beg Her for it.

My Goddess Haylee Lynn never mentioned chastity to me……….She waited for me to sink to my knees and beg Her for this great honor.



I have become perfectly and completely powerless to desire anything other than to PLEASE my Goddess.

Others may feel what is in their heart but I know what is in mine.

Goddess Haylee Lynn is my Superior and She is my Master and I very much NEED to obey Her and tend to Her garden, to Her Throne, to Her Rule, to Her Empire, as this what I was born to do.

This is just what is…….this is just what was meant for us two…….


I have found my perfect Goddess and I am now Her perfect slave and She is my One, my Only, and forever. I would not call any other Woman on this Earth my Superior because I do not believe in female supremacy or that any other woman is my superior.




No woman on this Earth could ever remotely compare to Her ever again. Not to these eyes, not to this heart, not to Her perfect slave.

I belong to You forever my Queen, I am Your perfect and devoted personal slave for life,     Claude