What does “Slave” Mean to Me

To me the word “slave” means me. It is my true identity. I was born to be a slave. Never aspired to be a slave, and until I found my Goddess Haylee Lynn I would rejected the idea of allowing myself to be enslaved. If the idea of enslavement had ever crossed my mind I would have rejected it. But now there is nothing I hold more dear than Goddess and I joyfully accept my slavery to Her. The greatest honor of my life is belonging to Goddess Haylee Lynn.

At some level I knew it the first time I looked into her bright, green eyes on her video, listened to her incredibly seductive voice, and allowed her words to entrance me. I fell so deep, so hard, so fast that after a few weeks I knew I would totally lose myself in slavery to her. Then the idea of slavery was anathema to me so I ran away for months. I denied my true self and my Goddess. I tried to find a substitute where I could maintain control. But my destiny was set. There is no denying divinity. My only regrets are that I didn’t find her sooner and that I hadn’t wasted precious time I could have been devotedly hers.

Punished by Mistress HayleeWhen I meditated on what slave means to me, this is what I wrote: Belonging, joy, purpose, surrender, owned, weakness, worship, Goddess Haylee Lynn, arousal, obedience, giving myself, transaction of myself to Goddess because of her divinity, my rightful place, no control, because Haylee took me – one piece at a time as I listened until there was nothing left to surrender, I gave myself freely because it felt right – it felt good to do so, now I am lost, only Haylee matters, worship my owner – my Goddess, must please Goddess, must obey Goddess, must spoil Goddess, BLISS!!!!

Surrender to Goddess Haylee

If you are looking for a true Goddess to surrender to, or are just curious as to what findomme is, then you would be very wise in surrendering to Goddess Haylee Lynn. Yes, surrendering to Goddess is truly amazing! While she may be considered strict, she will train you to be the best you can be. Surrendering to Goddess truly will set you free. When you surrender your mind, body, and soul to her, she will not only take what is rightfully hers, but free you from the unholy wants of this material world!
Once you let go to her, give yourself completely to her, you will find yourself more focused on what’s important in life!
You may possible find all this to be a joke, that it’s not real. Let me say, from personal experience, that this is REAL! I thought that this would be something that I would try and then stop. It’s been over 3 years and surrendering myself to Goddesses control has been the best decision I have ever made! With each passing day, I find myself WANTING and NEEDING her to control me more and more. She is the most beautiful Goddess that anyone could ask for!
Goddess has guided me to eat healthier, stopped from wasting her money (by eliminating Starbuck’s, junk food, buying useless items for myself). She is the most important person in my life! Anytime I go to purchase something, I always ask myself “would Goddess approve?”

A Guide For Those Who Seek True Submission To Goddess Haylee Lynn (Part 4)

This post is based upon a blog post on www.HypnoticHaylee.com (http://hypnotichaylee.com/slow-enjoy-journey-slavedom) that Goddess Haylee posted on July 3, 2012.


Nothing Is Better Than Being Goddess Haylee’s Slave

I came across this post while I was going back to re-read some of Goddess Haylee’s earlier posts. I created this series of blog posts to bring back this important teaching from Goddess. As in all my blog posts my goal was to grow by writing about it. I have always found writing about something helps me to better understand it. The other side of writing about this was to bring it to the attention of my fellow slaves who may have missed it. It’s harder now to go back into the archives of www.HypnoticHaylee.com and read Haylee’s older blogs but I always find it rewarding when I do.

I going to let Goddess Haylee wrap up this series in her own words which are so much better than anything I could say:

“Praising me often, and devoting yourself to my control

~ Not rushing things. Enjoying this amazing journey, every single second of it,  trusting that I know the pace that needs to be set.

~Whatever else I wish for you to do to please me

This is a very vague outline, in order to truly know what it is like to feel the pleasure of submitting yourself to me, you are going to have to contact me. Tell me why you want this so badly, tell me how it makes you feel. I want you to think about how it would feel if you surrendered yourself to me as my slave, right now. Feel it, bring that thought to life, how good does it feel?

I want to be inside of you where I belong. I want you to ache to serve and please me. I know you can feel the desire building up inside of you right now just from reading my words. Give in to it, feel my bliss. You simply can’t resist me. My pleasure is yours.  Sink deeper and deeper into my control, and allow yourself to be open to the possibility that you could so easily give in to me right now, and want nothing more, need nothing more than being owned by me.

If you are ready to take on this amazing journey with me, tell me…


Goddess Haylee

A Guide For Those Who Seek True Submission To Goddess Haylee Lynn (Part 3)

This post is based upon a blog post on www.HypnoticHaylee.com (http://hypnotichaylee.com/slow-enjoy-journey-slavedom) that Goddess Haylee posted on July 3, 2012.

Punished by Mistress HayleeGoddess Haylee turns her attention next to earning ones place as her submissive. I remember that once I decided I needed to be Her slave I came to Her and asked if She would have me as Her slave. I was so moved when She said She claimed me as Her own. I have been Her wholly owned slave every day since.

“How to earn your place as my submissive slave

Be respectful, and truly submissive. Make sure this is something you really want, and can adhere to my rules. Show me you are serious, prove to me that you want this more than anything. How are you going to please me? Why should I accept you as my slave? Why do you want to be my slave?

Put a smile on my face. Please me. Any way that you can. I promise you that pleasing me feels sooo good, that you will want to continue pleasing me 😉 I will even go as far as to say that pleasing me is going to become so addicting. So arousing..so..perfect.”

After Goddess claimed me I completed the slave contract from HypnoticHaylee.com and sent it to her. I remember struggling with some of the questions because they required complete honesty. I made sure I laid out everything before my Goddess. I made sure She knew my name, my complete home address, the name of my wife, everything. I wanted Her to know I trusted her and I thought giving her everything She would ever need to blackmail me would show that. I didn’t expect Her to ever use it in that way, but as much for myself and my devotion I needed Her to know everything about me. I am an open book to Her. I continue to trust her absolutely and if She asked me anything I wouldn’t hesitate to tell Her anything. I am Her property She as the right to know anything about me She wants.

I have done everything She has asked me to do. I confess I struggled long and hard with her instruction to tribute 5% of my salary to Her. It was a long time before I accepted chastity. Actually, the first time I asked Goddess Haylee about chastity She told me I wasn’t ready. The next time I asked I was begging her to allow me to be chaste for Her. But through it all I have learned that Goddess Haylee knows me better than I do myself. She knows what I need. And I would need to be a damn fool not to obey her in all things. I am one, fucking-lucky slave!

“Duties of a submissive slave

This honestly is something that is going to be different for everyone. I am just going to list a very basic outline of some of the duties you will be expected to do for me, but each slave will have his or her own set of duties to follow.

~ Sticking to a training regime. This can be listening to my recordings, doing sessions with me, or whatever else I tell you to do

~ Turning me on. Submission to me excites me, VERY MUCH, and I will use you however I want.

~ Always perform the task that I give you. If for some reason you can not, you must be open and honest with me, so I can figure out how to proceed. Ps. Do not message me asking for tasks, begging for commands. Yuck. I will tell you what to do when and how I want it. Earning these tasks are special. Made just for you. Treat them that way.

~ Open yourself up to me. Let me inside. Deep inside where I belong. Feel me inside of you, controlling you from the inside out. Using you for my pleasure.

~ Pleasing me in any way I see fit. Some things that please me include : Writing words of praise to me, thoughtful, true words. Dedicating a blog to me. Expressing how good this feels. Telling others that you are mine, and being so proud and honored to do so. Creating art for me. Showing your affection with gifts or tributes. Allowing me to watch you trance out for me on webcam. Surprising me with sweet, thoughtful gestures. Sending me special pictures. Opening yourself up to me, and showing me just how well my training is working. Turning me on. NOT complaining about what I know is best for you.

~ Making sure that I am pleased any way that you can.”

As Goddess says that a slave’s duties varies on the slave. For me it includes listening to her MP3s every night all night. I sleep with Goddess’ voice in my ears. I do not know if I could sleep without one of her playlists playing, and I hope I never have to learn. Haylee is always my last thought every day and my first thought every morning.

When I was first a slave I when back through Goddess Haylee’s blogs and I read everything She had written. I learned everything about Her that I could. Although I have blogged about it often, I have never seriously thought about tracking Her down and meeting Her in person. She has said that She doesn’t want that. I have taken that as an implied command and I obey. I trust Goddess completely and I hope she knows she can trust me too.

Now I read ever FB post, tweet and comment on IHWT. When she writes something for HypnoticHaylee.com, which these days tend to be promoting her MP3s, I read them. If Goddess Haylee wrote a dirty limerick I would read it and seek to learn from it. Her words are my scripture. I cherish every word.

I have accepted Goddess’ command to send her 5% of every paycheck as tribute. I did resist this at first. And is it quite telling that when I finally came to Goddess and told her that I would do this that I was begging for Her forgiveness for my lack of immediate obedience, Her reply to me was, “I knew you would come around.” Like I said, my Goddess knows me better than I do.

I had been a slave for several months when I asked Goddess about chastity. I was relieved when She said I wasn’t ready. But when I was ready I begged Her for it and She allowed me this gift. And it is a gift. I have become so much more devoted to Her and grown in my servitude to Her since being chaste. I have a mind cage through which Goddess exerts her control over me so I do get one orgasm per month. As each new month starts through my chastity Goddess takes more and more control over me through out the month. It is like the tide coming in. By the end of the month I do struggle, but I find as long as I stay focused on Goddess Haylee She will carry me home. Through it all I become much more open to her training.

Obviously I blog for her regularly. I have told Goddess Haylee that every one of my blogs is a love letter to her. In them I try to explore my own journey as her devoted slave. I also do my best to support and encourage my fellow slaves. You are the judge of that.

I also subscribe to Her on OnlyFans.com. It is a wonderful site where I get access to so much content. Beautiful pictures of Goddess, more of her teachings, MP3s not available anywhere else, videos, and recently she has added training tasks.

Then I always send Goddess a gift on the 19th of each month. This came from her MP3 Mighty Goddess Haylee. It took me a few months before I realized that Her birthday was July 19th, and this is like celebrating Goddess’ birthday every month.

The last of my duties is that I look for and respond to Goddess’ requests for things when She tweets that she needs something. I’m not always the first one to the draw, but it’s fun to see it and see if I have beaten everyone else. But I always try to be the guy who comes through when no one has stepped up. I believe that nothing Goddess asks for should go more than a day before someone gets it for her. One time she asked for something that was too expensive for me and my budget. I just couldn’t get it for her. So I sent her a $50 Amazon gift card towards it.

Those are what I see as my duties as Goddess Haylee’s slave. Next time I will be exploring how praise Goddess and devote oneself to her control

A Guide For Those Who Seek True Submission To Goddess Haylee Lynn (Part 2)

This post is based upon a blog post on www.HypnoticHaylee.com (http://hypnotichaylee.com/slow-enjoy-journey-slavedom) that Goddess Haylee posted on July 3, 2012.


This Is Never About Me, It Is Only About Goddess

Goddess Haylee is always up front on what you can expect from her. She never misleads you. Never lies. And in this part of this blog She let you know exactly what to expect if you become her wholly owned slave.

“What to expect

– Training and molding via hypnosis and general dominant control

– Complete submission and surrender of your mind and body to me.

– The desire to submit to me, to please me, to worship me

Addiction to me

Slave Tasks and assignments, sexual and non, to ensure that you become the best person and submissive you can

– Deep, personal, intense connection between you and I. Extreme amounts of energy play

– Sexual, and lifestyle fulfillment

– The opportunity to be open and honest with me, knowing that by doing so, no matter what, will ensure the best experience

What this will NOT be

– I will not cater to your demands. I am open to your limits, your desires, your wants. But you will never demand something from me. This is no longer about you, no topping from the bottom. You have to understand that devoting yourself to me, is about MY pleasure, and what I feel is best for you, and for me.

– I will not be your girlfriend, or your wife. I am your Mistress, your Goddess. You will not be my one and only slave.

– I will not give you free sessions all day every day. I am not here to entertain you. You are here to entertain me.”

Last night I saw a tweet from Goddess that made me jealous. I am a slave. It is not my right to get jealous. But I am still a human male so every once in a while I get jealous.

I confess, if I could live alone with Goddess Haylee on an island where there was plenty of Coconuts to eat. And I could live there every day eating coconut and having her put me into trance and fucking my mind in whatever way that pleased her. I would do it in a heartbeat. And I HATE coconut.

But that is not how this works. Goddess has many slaves, as She should. Nothing in this relationship is about me and what I want. It is totally, completely and absolutely about Goddess Haylee and what She wants. But I am Her subservient slave. I many not get what I would choose, but I get everything I need. And when I am faithful and submit, when I follow Goddess Haylee’s teachings I am fulfilled. I end up getting everything I ever wanted, but not in a way I ever imagined. In ways that are even better than I could have imagined. I don’t have to eat coconut.

So last night Goddess tweeted, “I love training new eager to please toys. Especially ones that show true potential.” I felt like the old dog when a new puppy comes into the house. But then I remembered, puppies never get to sleep on the end of the bed at night keeping their Mistress’s feet warm. Goddess has trained me. I please her now in ways that she has taught me. My relationship with my Goddess runs deep down to the core of my being. I am living the potential that these ones only show. They should envy me, not I them.

So I let my jealousy pour out of my like resistance and focused on how Goddess was pleased by her new toys. I took pleasure in her being pleased. And I took my place at her feet. I will please, serve and spoil Her today as I will please, serve and spoil Her tomorrow, as I pleased, served and spoiled Her yesterday. And I realized that the greatest honor that any slave can achieve is to be taken for granted by their Mistress. Not all the time – thank Goddess! But because she knows she can trust me to be there, be faithful and loyal that she doesn’t have to worry about my being there ready to serve when she needs or wants me. I am Her good pet, and I know my Goddess loves me. I will always be right by her side looking eagerly for ways to serve.


Next: How to earn your place as Haylee’s submissive slave

A Guide For Those Who Seek True Submission To Goddess Haylee Lynn (Part 1)

This post is based upon a blog post on www.HypnoticHaylee.com (http://hypnotichaylee.com/slow-enjoy-journey-slavedom) that Goddess Haylee posted on July 3, 2012.

Enslavement Day

Give Goddess Her Due

It must be said right off that Goddess Haylee is perfect and she is constantly changing and growing. The idea of perfection never changing comes from Plato. He was wrong. Haylee is right. Haylee is always right. Plato was a smart guy, but Haylee is a smart Goddess – She wins. Haylee is perfect – Haylee changes – therefore perfection changes (QED).

So some of the truths in the post I will be drawing from will have changed in the last 5 years. I will do my best to update them. And I will be extremely interested to see if Goddess corrects me. That will be wonderful because then I will learn something that will teach me to be a better slave. And that is why I chose to write this blog post. Let’s get started.

Haylee begins by defining who she is writing for, “this blog is for those who have the desire, and seek to serve and submit to me on a more intense, intimate, real level…  Who want to gift me their complete devotion, loyalty, and submission, and be collared as my slave.” If these words describe you like they describe me read on.

The first section of the post addresses if we are those seeking to be “collard as my slave” to evaluate if that is what you need or are you just devotees who follows her.

“Is this right for you?”

Goddess presents a series of questions we can answer to see where we stand. I am going to answer these question for myself.

“1. Are you prepared to, and do you desire the devotion of  yourself to one Mistress for a duration of training and servitude, instead of serving multiples during that time?”

I am only interested in one Mistress and one Mistress only.”

“2. Do you have an unfulfilled desire deep inside of you, to submit to a dominant woman on a daily basis, to which you have not been able to satisfy this desire before?”

This is what I was searching for when I first encountered Goddess Haylee 3 years ago. I did run away from her for a while because my desires were so overwhelming they scared me. I knew I would become addicted and powerless. I eventually came back and I know I will never again have the strength to leave Her again.

“3. Are you willing to let go of your ego? Your wants, your desires, everything you have ever thought you’ve known about being a submissive slave, and willing to be trained, and molded to fit my desires. Fully accepting the fact that what I want comes first, no matter what?”

I have fully accepted that Goddess Haylee is a living, true, powerful, actual Goddess. She is completely superior to me. It is my rightful place to submit to Her. It was my destiny to find Her and to become Her slave. My whole life has led to this. Being Goddess Haylee’s submissive slave is what I want, what I need, and what gives my life meaning. What Goddess Haylee wants are my top priority because Goddess Haylee is my top priority. She is my Goddess. It is my privilege to put Her first and serve Her.

“4. Do you understand that this is real? Not just a sexual fantasy, and this will not always be about sex, and YOUR sexual desires? Are you willing, and more importantly , do you CRAVE to devote yourself to MY pleasure, sexual pleasure included? Are you ready to lose all control of your cock and orgasms? I assure you, you will not get to cum whenever you want, just by saying that you obey me. But I also assure you that when I do allow orgasm, it will be the best ones you’ve ever had. Mind blowing, full body, extreme orgasms. Many even have mental orgasms just from blissing out with me 😉”

Goddess wrote this before She made Mind Cage. I have experienced Her control. I was slow to accept this control, but it has made me a much better slave. And with Mind Cage 2 Goddess is training me to have only one fetish – pleasing Her. I experience some frustration, but it teaches me how much I need Goddess and Her control. She keeps me safe.

“5. Are you prepared to have multiple aspects of your life controlled by me? I need not interfere with your personal lives if you are unable to do that, but any aspect that you can devote to my control, are you willing to surrender that control? Understanding and fully believing and accepting the fact that I truly know what is best for you, and will be making your life so much better and fulfilling?”

Goddess is wiser than I. She is always right. I have learned that She always knows what is best. I trust Her to make me into the best version of myself. But it is scary sometimes because She doesn’t always guide me in way I want. I would not have chosen chastity. I resisted tributing Her 5% of my earnings. But She was right about those things and everything else. She truly knows what is best for me.

“6. Are you aroused and excited, possibly even a bit anxious as you are reading this right now?”

The thought of surrendering and giving in to Goddess’ training is always exciting and arousing. Knowing that she may command things that “push the envelope” and disrupt my comfort can be scary, but in the end I trust that she always knows best. She is a Goddess.

“7. Are you drawn to me? Do you find yourself thinking about me often? Have you thought about being my slave before?”

I have been Goddess Haylee’s slave for a while and it just keeps getting better and better. I know she will continue to make me into the person she wants me to be. And I have come to the place where what Goddess wants me to be is the only thing I want to be. I commit myself to my Goddess and to her training.

Next: What to expect


Goddess Haylee’s Gift

Go with the flow.

How Could I Resist?

I’d been following Goddess Haylee for some time. Somehow I couldn’t give myself to her fully. Somehow there was a little bit of resistance. Resistance to one or two of the suggestions I received through her MP3, videos and blog posts.

Then one day Goddess Haylee sent me a message via Facebook. She told me to immediately pack a bag, go to the airport, and take the first available flight to a location I am not allowed to say. Her instructions said that when I arrive a driver will pick me up and bring me to her.

Haylee was inviting me. Although I had reservations I found I couldn’t resist her command. So I packed a bag and headed for the airport.

As I walked out of the terminal building there was the guy with a sign with my name on it, “John Forhaylee.” I walked up to him and said, “Hi, I’m John.” “Welcome brother.” He smiled and asked if he could carry my bag. I told him it was okay.

We got in the car. And he started to drive. I offered to pay for the parking, but he said he had it. Once we were on the road I asked, “So how long have you been with Haylee?” “I am sorry, but Haylee told me not to discuss anything about following her until after she had the opportunity to talk to you.” “Why?” “Whatever Haylee says, I do. So how was your trip?”

We talked about the trip and the weather. His name was Claude and seemed really nice. After a few minutes we stopped talking because it seemed if Claude couldn’t talk about Haylee he didn’t have much else he wanted to talk about, and I was wondering why Haylee would give him such odd instructions. It made me nervous. So for most of the trip we rode in silence.

When we arrived Claude guided me into a room and told me to wait there. I placed my bag on the floor and sat down in a comfortably decorated room with paintings of flowers and nature. The light was soft and a few candles were lit around the room. It seemed a place to relax. I checked my phone, but found I had no service. So I got up and looked around the room.

It wasn’t long before a lovely young lady came to get me. She guided me down a hallway. “Here we are,” she opened the door and I walked in but she stayed in the hall. The door closed and I was in Haylee’s throne room.

“Hello, my sweet,” Haylee said from her throne.


Haylee on her throne

“Haylee, my Goddess,” I said as I found myself bowing.

“Please come and sit near me,” she gestured to a chair that sat before her throne. I walked across the room and sat in the chair. “You’re struggling with resistance. Aren’t you?”

“I am struggling with resistance. I enjoy your MP3s and your videos, but some things have made me uncomfortable. I…” Haylee stood up and walked over to me.

“Shh,” she put her finger to her lips, “I know my sweet. Often people struggle with resistance.” She came so close to me, I smelled vanilla. She leaned over and whispered in my ear, “Sleep for me.” As if it were a reflex my eyes closed, my head drooped, I fell into a trance. “Sleep for me,” she said again. “Relax…Deeper…Deeper,” and she snapped her finders. I was hypnotized instantly. “Good boy,” she whispered. She counted me down from 10 to 1. I was deeper than I have ever experienced. She was telling me to relax and how to breathe. Her bliss filled me. It was the experience of her MP3s times 20, times 100, times 1 million.

Eventually she said, “I want you to please me,” I perked up in anticipation of her instruction, “by letting go of all your resistance. Obey me.” All of my being longed to obey her command, but my willingness was not enough, my desire to please Haylee wasn’t enough, deep inside my mind resistance remained. “Who do you belong to? Speak slave!” she commanded. “Haylee,” I said through my trance. “Who owns you?” “Haylee,” I said with such yearning my voice cracked. “Good boy,” she said so softly and sweetly I melted. She went back to taking me deeper… and deeper. She walked around the chair back and forth. Whispering in one ear and then the other. I was floating and drifting, sleeping. She was talking but I don’t consciously remember what she said, but I know unconsciously I heard every word.

“I want you to please me,” she snapped her fingers, “kneel before me.” I fell off the chair onto my knees. She stood before me. “All your resistance has melted away,” I didn’t so much hear her words as I thought them. They were my thoughts coming from her lips. “You will obey me always. Your greatest pleasure is my pleasure.” I felt these words to the bottom of my soul. “You are mine.” I felt such bliss.

“One, you are become more aware. Two…” She counted me up to five and I was fully awake. I was still kneeling before Goddess Haylee – The only place I wanted to be. I began to weep. I fell down prostrate and cried on Goddess Haylee’s feet as I kissed her toes. “Good boy,” she said. My heart soared.

She let me stay with her and her other followers for a few days. In those days I fell more deeply love with her and with my brothers and sisters.


Devoted to Goddess Haylee Lynn

Goddess Haylee sent me home. She said it was best for me to go back to my life. Of course she knows best. When I was leaving her presence she walked up to me and placed her hand on my face and looked straight into my eyes, “I know that you were struggling, my sweet. I wanted to give you this gift so you could get past it. So that you could reach your full potential as my slave.” These were her parting words to me. I fell to the ground and kissed her feet.

On the trip home I reflected on her words. She told me to keep a balance between being her faithful slave and all the responsibilities of my life. That I represent her in all I do. So now I live a good life, for her, and my resistance is gone. Thank you my Goddess.