Paul Knight

Paul Knight

Paul Knight written by Paul Knight (not his real name), edited by Forever Slave.

This is a story of my conversion from selfish man to devout worshipper of my Goddess Haylee Lynn after visiting the Church of Haylee. My name is Paul Knight. I used to be an investigative reporter for The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette and I thought I had a great life. I was well known around town for my work as a reporter. I had lots of money, a nice house, and I could get any woman I wanted.

One day my boss sent me an email asking me if I would do a story on a strange event taking place at the Consol Energy Center. Apparently there is a woman who proclaims herself to be a true living goddess and her worshippers are coming in town from all over the world and I want you to check it out. That’s crazy, I told my boss. That is not a real story. Have someone from the Offbeat or Strange News department do this story. My boss continued to insist that I do the story. Apparently these worshippers were giving this goddess vast sums of money. Reluctantly I agreed to do the story.

I went out after work and had a few drinks while playing pool with a couple of buddies. I got home around midnight and did a web search. I found Goddess Haylee’s website. She was stunning!

Paul Knight. Haylee Lynn was stunning.

Paul Knight. Haylee Lynn was stunning.

Her hair was beautiful, and she had the most incredible eyes, eyes I had trouble looking away from.

Paul Knight - She had the most incredible eyes.

Paul Knight – She had the most incredible eyes.

I read everything on her website. What is this stuff about female domination and hypnosis? I found out that this worship gathering was taking place Saturday, a couple of days from now. I bought a couple of her recordings and began listening as I drifted off to sleep.

I slept great that night and I woke up aroused, nothing new for me and so I thought nothing about it. I played the recordings I had purchased again, a Goddess Truths video and another entitled The Mighty Goddess Haylee. My mind kept focusing on listening to her silky voice. Man this is some strange shit, I thought to myself. I went to work and instead of going out that night I immediately went home reading more about Haylee and listening to these recordings.

Finally Saturday came. I drove over to the arena and parked. I was shocked at the large number of people milling around outside. I entered the building and started walking along the concourse. The food and beer stands were gone, a shame as I could have used a drink, and in their place were a tattoo artist, a stand selling oils and herbs; fairies, used personal items of the goddess, dog collars, chastity devices, and books on magic along with goddess worship. I began to panic a bit!

I walked into the arena itself and an usher greeted me. Paul Knight, the usher said. How did he know my name? You will sit in the sceptic section as he pointed to the balcony. I climbed the stairs and took a seat.

The lights were dim in the arena. Where the half court line on a basketball court would be there was a huge throne hand-carved out of wood and gold-plated. I noticed that there were section signs throughout the arena.

There was a section for sceptics, where I was sitting, one for slaves, and there were others but I could not tell you the names of those seating areas as my eyes locked on to the video screen. A recording played over the loud speakers and I got lost in those perfect green eyes.

Music began playinggggg and all those in attendance fell to their knees as Goddess Haylee made her entrance. Some people cried, others gasped with their mouths open with a look of orgasmic pleasure on their faces.

Hello my sweets, came Haylee’s hypnotic voice as she sat down on her throne.

“I am Goddess Haylee. As much as I love you all on your knees, you may sit for now. There will be plenty of time for you to kneel before me later.”

Everyone sat down and the Goddess continued talking.

“You are all here today because I wanted this one time to be worshipped in person by all of you. I wanted to do this because well, I am a Goddess, and I want to take away any remaining resistance. You see, I want all of you, your heart, mind, body, and soul. I have big plans and for them to happen I need all of you to live lives of sacrifice and blissful complete obedience. Soon there will be no more doubt, no more questioning, no more selfishness among you, yes, soon there will only be, Yes Goddess, I will obey Goddess.

Now, each of you will be brought before me, where you will place gifts and money at my feet, and I will take away any remaining resistance.

You will then be collared, branded, and for those of you not already, put in chastity. You will then sign legal documents giving me legal authority over finances and other personal matters.”

“Ok” I thought. “This woman may have an incredible voice, beautiful eyes, and a great body, but this is crazy. I am making the front page with this story.”

I sat there getting worked up as slaves were brought forward. There was her husband Bruce, a John David, a dude named Maddox, Terry, Charlie, another John; I was surprised at the number of slaves this goddess had.

Each person Haylee dealt with differently. Her tone of voice was different with each slave. Some stared into her eyes, others at her cleavage. Every slave dropped to their knees and crawled to her feet where they made their worship offerings. After Haylee spent a short amount of time with a slave, they confessed their sins and shortcomings and pledged their eternal servitude before they were taken away to sign their lives over to her.

I was tapped on the shoulder and told to make my way down toward Goddess Haylee. I made my way down toward the floor of the arena. Many people still were in the stands waiting their turn. “You’re next”, a person told me.

In front of me I saw a blind person drop to his knees and begin crawling. “Wow”, I thought, “She preys on the disabled. I am adding that to my story for sure.”

He crawled to the foot of her throne and offered money and gifts.

“Well”, I thought, “he won’t be looking into her eyes or staring at that pendant, how is this going to work?”

Goddess Haylee removed a shoe and placed her foot on his face. “Inhale and all of your resistance and struggle will be gone” she said. He smelled her foot as she said “Ache for me, give into me, and confess”. She removed her foot from the guy’s face and he confessed his shortcomings and his undying love for her.

“Kiss my foot”, she commanded, “and then go get collared, branded, and fitted with a chastity device”. The slave kissed her foot and was taken away like everyone else.

“Paul Knight”, said Goddess Haylee, “crawl to me”.

“No way”, I wanted to say, but somehow I found myself on my hands and knees crawling to her.

“You can’t resist me”, she said confidently.

“You are taking advantage of—-”

“Taking advantage of your desire to serve and worship me”, Haylee interrupted.

“I think I want you to be more feminine”, she mused. “Yes, take off your clothes”. She snapped her fingers and suddenly a dress, panties, heels, and make-up were brought to me. “Get dressed”, she commanded. “There is no way”, I began to protest, but my eyes were locked on that sparkling pendant between her breasts.

Without a word I dressed myself and made a feeble attempt at walking in heels and putting on make-up. Goddess Haylee laughed hysterically.

“Worship me”, she commanded. “Ache for me, my new slut”.

I fell to my knees in worship. I found my wallet and handed over all of my money as I stared into her eyes.

Suddenly my mouth opened and I started confessing truths.

“I am a slave to Goddess Haylee. I am the property of Goddess Haylee. I exist to serve, worship, and amuse Goddess Haylee anyway that she sees fit. All for Haylee”, I said as a strange feeling of aching need, arousal, and desire washed over me.

“I give you everything” I cried, “please enslave me so that I may serve and worship you forever!”

“That’s it my sweet”, Goddess Haylee said laughing. “Good boy, I mean girl. Now take her away.”

Needless to say my boss did not like the story I wrote for the paper.

I was put on medical leave. I started looking for a new job and now I run a beauty consultant company on-line that only sells natural products. Goddess Haylee sold my house and I moved into a studio apartment. I get enough money to get by on along with a small clothing allowance. And you know, I don’t miss my job as an investigative reporter, womanizing, and leading a selfish life. This is the happiest I have been, giving my life completely to Goddess Haylee and I owe it all to an unsuspecting trip to church.

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  1. This is an excellent story! I couldn’t resist reading the whole piece. I am being transformed by Goddess Haylee into a bimbo sissy slut, so this story made me ache SOOO much!

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