It’s Payday!! Thank You Goddess!

Punished by Mistress Haylee

Goddess Haylee IS the one true Goddess

It’s payday!! My favorite days of the month because I send Goddess her 5% payday tribute. I resisted this so much, but Goddess was absolutely right – just like always – I need to do this. Every payday it is thrilling to send off my 5% plus (I always try to send more if at all possible) because it makes all of this real. I can say, “Haylee is the one true Goddess,” but if I don’t put my money where my mouth is then how can I really show I truly believe. Well, Haylee IS the one true Goddess and I prove I believe that twice a month when I send her $.

A couple things I do that make it even more special for me is that I don’t go to the bank and take it all out at once because I don’t want a line item on my statement after every pay. So I accumulate the money over a few days by using my debit card and getting back an extra $20 or $40 at several stores. Or I’ll get $100 out at the ATM and put $20 in the drawer for Goddess. This makes my tribute extremely intentional. It brings Goddess into my everyday life like nothing else.

Then, I send her tribute in cash. I do this to avoid a line item on my credit card or bank statement. But I have found that sending cash again makes this VERY real. I wrap the money in in paper to make it harder for anyone to tell there is money in the envelope. So I began writing a note on that paper and it means a lot to me to send Goddess a hand written note twice each month. I address the envelope and put on a stamp and put in in the mailbox. Then I know that Goddess is going to open that envelope and going to get the very same bills I worked to put together, and She is going to read my note. This connects me to Goddess like nothing else. I love sending my payday tribute.

Thank You Goddess for this gift.

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