Penny’s Continuing Story

Penny’s Continuing Story

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This blog uses many of the words and phrases from this wonderful video of Haylee Lynn.

So it is now 10 years since I left school. I would have loved to stay on and got some decent qualifications, but I needed the money and had to get a job. I had to look after my mother too, whose health was not good. Eventually she died. I was just coming back from the funeral, staring at the ground as I walked. Suddenly I heard a familiar voice.

“Penny is it really you?” I looked up. There was a familiar face, and another lady in black.

Haylee? Or my goodness! How lovely to see you after all these years!”

“How are you Penny? – it is good to see you too!”

“Not great actually – I have just come from my mum’s funeral. Have you been to a funeral too?”

She smiled.

“No silly, I often dress in black! look would you like to go for a coffee?”

“Yes that would be great!”

“Great! There is a Star Bucks just around a corner!”

“Oh, um”

She perhaps sensed that I hadn’t much money.

“Or better still, why not come round to my place, it is only just down the road?”

So I soon found myself sharing a coffee. She took a real interest in me and soon I was pouring out my rather sad and depressing life story. She listened sympathetically.


Haylee just listened to me telling her my rather sad and depressing life story

Then she asked me if I had any questions for her.

Of course my first question was “And what do you do for a living now?”

“I am a hypnotist Penny.”

“Really how fascinating! Could you hypnotize me?”

“Of course Penny! Sure! I simply love hypnotizing people. It is my hobby, my passion. I am just so lucky that my work is also my hobby. I am also so lucky that Mother Nature gave me some assets which help me with my hypnosis. For instance most people love my eyes, so when I say ‘look deep into my eyes,’ most people are only too happy to look deep into my eyes. Most people love my voice, they find it soft and gentle and soothing. So when I say ‘listen closely to my voice, listen to my voice and nothing else’ most people are only too happy to listen to my voice and give it their full attention. I am so lucky, because once I have them looking deep into  my eyes and listening carefully to my voice, I am half way there to taking them deeply under.”

Every time she said the word deep or deeply, for some reason I noticed she emphasised it, but who cares, I was enjoying looking into those eyes and listening to her voice. She continued with that wonderful voice of hers.

“You see Penny hypnosis is just a matter following instructions. Once I have people following instructions like ‘look deep into my eyes’ and ‘listen to the sound of my voice’ it is easy to get them to follow other instructions. So when I ask them to breathe deeply like this, hold it, and then breathe out again, they normally obey. Breathe deeply, hold it and then breathe out again.”

She repeated, demonstrating what she meant. I found myself copying her.

“That is great, I can see you understand what I mean. This is going so great, I think we are going to get on so well again, just like we did at school. Now where was I? Oh yes Penny. First I get my subjects to look deep into my eyes. Then I get them to listen to my voice. Then I get them breathing like you are doing now. Keep breathing like that please, and then you will understand what I mean. Now, the next thing I do is to get them to relax. I tell them how when they breathe out they are breathing out all the tension and stresses of their lives, and how when they breathe in they are breathing in sleepiness and peacefulness. Soon they are relaxing well for me. As they gaze deep into my eyes.”

She suddenly stopped and corrected herself.

“As you gaze deep into my eyes Penny.”

I hardly noticed that she had stopped talking about this imaginary subject and had started directing her comment straight at me.

“You will find your eyes start to blink more Penny. That is natural. That is a sign that you are going into trance. You are starting to fall into hypnosis. You can allow everything else so slowly fade away around you. Right now, let everything else fade away around you. As you look deep into my eyes.”

“You are starting to feel that wonderful feeling as you start to fall. Still lookingdeep into my eyes. Still listening to the sound of my voice. Still breathing deeply. Let yourself relax more and more. You love this feeling. Go down deeper for me. Drop all the way down. That’s right. You are doing so well. I can see your eyes struggling to keep open, but you will not close them until I say the word. keeping looking deep into my eyes. The better you feel the deeper you go. The deeper you go the better you feel. So you spiral downwards, deeper and deeper, more and more relaxed, more and more comfortable. Now sleep!”

She clicked her fingers and my eyes closed.

“Good. Sleep well my pretty one. You are so relaxed, and I like it when you relax for me.”

She then deepened the trance by stroking me. She stroked my hair and the sides of my face, telling me how much I enjoy the touch of her hand and how much it relaxes me. She keeps repeating things so that they really sink in. She gets me to concentrate on each part of my body in turn, telling me how relaxed and sleepy it is.”

“You are so deeply hypnotized. You are such a good subject. Whenever I – and only I – say the words “Sleep for me” You will automatically fall back into trance Penny.”

She then woke me up. I felt great. I offered to pay for the trance, but she refused. Instead I offered to do some ironing I saw lying around. She accepted. I returned the next day and she hypnotized me again, and I did some more chores for her. Gradually over time, I got into the habit of doing more and more things for her. She taught me about her two other incarnations, Healthy for Haylee and Vox Siren. I started doing things for these incarnations too. I started exercising regularly. With my mother dead, Haylee gave new meaning to my life, new direction.

She smiled at me.


She smiled at me.

“You have become my slave Penny. Or perhaps, as you serve Healthy for Haylee and Vox Siren too, I should say, you have become our slave.”

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  1. Penny didn’t have a chance once she gazed deeply into Her eyes. Will you be continuing with the Penny character/story? I liked the last line too about becoming “our” slave. Really enjoyed it….Thanks, ForeverSlave.

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