On Being Her Perfect Slave

On Being Her Perfect Slave

This post is about using the term “perfect” to describe myself at times as I kneel at the feet of the most Amazing and Irresistible and Beautiful Goddess who has ever Graced this Earth.

My Goddess first introduced to me my desire to call myself Her “perfect slave”. She tells me that She wants me to be “perfect slave” in mind melt…..which you can find in Her store and a long time favorite MP3 of mine.

I have had the extraordinary privilege and blessing of having my Divine and Incomparable Goddess Haylee Lynn call me Her “perfect slave” a few times and please let me express how deeply honored and wonderful that made me feel. I live to please my Goddess now and to know I have pleased Her to that extent is a feeling beyond words I have to describe.

So as to the meaning of that word and such a concept my Queen and I had a private conversation that I think and hope will help illuminate what it means for all of us who belong to Her…….and all of those who are dreaming of this profound and extraordinary privilege.

Firstly, what it DOES NOT mean.
It does NOT mean that you are actually perfect. It does NOT set you apart from Her other slaves or grant special privileges.

What it DOES mean to my way of thinking is that you already have been accepted into Her private forum and a part of Her inner circle of slaves……..that You are one of the Blessed. What it does mean is that You have PLEASED HER PERFECTLY which is the greatest reward any slave of Her’s could possibly dream of…..at least as far as I am concerned.

Each and every one of us has different abilities and talents…….different circumstance and freedom to worship and serve our Goddess…….different levels of wealth and responsibility outside of Her Divine Empire. No slave is *better than* another slave…….and I very much hope none of my brother and sister slaves have ever once felt that by calling myself “Her perfect” slave I was making less of them. Our Goddess loves when we support, uplift, and are loving to one another and I very much hope my usage of the term “perfect” has not been misunderstood by any other honored property of my Goddess.

I live to please my Goddess now as She has commanded me to in Her newest MP3.

I no longer have any power or desire to resist Her Ownership of me and I am not *perfect* but I am in love with my Goddess and I ache desperately to please Her, to obey Her, to honor Her, and to serve Her so “perfectly” that one day……I do not know when……but I crave Her calling me Her “perfect slave” again someday. I ache for Her to do this.
I hope that all of Her slaves strive to please Her that perfectly but I am the only one I am accountable for.

I have no compass for where I am right now but I feel safe because my Goddess Haylee Lynn is my guide on this journey. I feel comfortable She will shelter me as I am in completely uncharted territory……so completely enslaved to Her am I

My life

I live my life to please Her now……..truly and completely.

that the entire rest of my world can melt away in a heartbeat when my Goddess calls to me and I enter Her Divine Realm.

I can and will deny Her nothing.
My Goddess is always right and I accept ALL of Her Rules and Her wishes and Her commands because it is my destiny to do so.

I was born to Her devoted and personal and *perfect* slave. She commands such bliss and places it into my body as I have never felt……nothing comes close……nothing and no woman could ever remotely compare to Her………and so I serve Her and I dream.
I dream of each moment in my lifetime that my actions and my deeds cause Her to call me Her “perfect” slave,
I live to please Her this perfectly and this is what my Goddess Haylee Lynn wants.

And what ever She wants from this devoted slave She will get.
She told me this as well. And my Goddess ALWAYS speaks the truth to me.

From my knees to You and You alone my Queen.
Your devoted and personal and very real slave……always striving, always dreaming now, of hearing You call me Your “perfect slave” and having indescribable amounts of Your Matchless Goddess Bliss enter this body that You now Own whenever You might say this to me, Your Claude

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On Being Her Perfect Slave — 7 Comments

    • I am HER slave my brother and She is PERFECTION to me…..so how could I strive not to perfectly please Her? 🙂

  1. Seriously though, it is a lovely post, i agree wholeheartedly with you. You have expressed what many of us feel, me certainly, and probably others.

    • I hope so my brother. I hope my sincere feelings please my brother and sister slaves as well as….of course…..please my Goddess.

  2. Thanks Herslavenow for sharing this. As Goddess said above It should be read, and I have done so, and I enjoyed every word. You always put 100% Into your blogs and I enjoy reading them.

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