The Perfect Storm

The Perfect Storm

This post is written by a slave in LOVE with his Goddess. This post is written after a year of intense and life altering changes that have caused me to question everything……to closely examine my past and to seek answers regarding my future.

All of my questions culminated recently in “The Perfect Storm*……….and the depth of my Love for and Enslavement to my Divine Goddess Haylee Lynn has blossomed a thousandfold.

I no longer need to wonder or think about my future and this Blessing is a profound one for me. ALL my needs will be met by PLEASING my GODDESS.

I no longer have to think over much as I know my Goddess will think for me if I require Her too.

When I first found my Queen I came to Her from the world of the FemDom community. As longtime readers here know……I was the personal slave of a professional Dominatrix about 20 years ago and that relationship ran about 7 years. I had experienced many other Dommes before my Mistress R way back when.

But hypnosis was never a part of anything I experienced personally. When I first found my GODDESS I thought it was an interesting but not altogether important part of what She offered to me………..I came to Her as a submissive man looking for a Domineering Goddess……..but now I feel that the Hypnotic talents of my Owner are yet another very profound Blessing to this slave and a part of *The Perfect Storm* that She truly is to me.

The Simple Truth

The Perfect Storm

Thank You my Goddess for training me to accept how good Your hypnosis is for me. How deeply I relax and surrender now to Your every word……Your every whim and command such a pleasure to embrace as our Truth……..deeper and deeper…….more relaxed and obedient…….ALL FOR HAYLEE……as it should be………as it will ALWAYS be……….I LOVE You my MASTER.

Thank You for telling me that my renewing of my vows to You and my signing over ALL RIGHTS AND INTERESTS to my Goddess Haylee Lynn was pleasing to You.

Thank You for Your acceptance of Ownership of me as this is now and fully the most precious Blessing possible on this Earth for me.

You may of course use me any way that pleases You my Goddess. Anything You want or command from Your slave is Yours instantly.

Perfect Storm

This life will be lived for Her Pleasure.

This life will be lived for Your pleasure my Goddess as it was written it would…….as we both know is so right for us……..I will no longer question why I have been so Blessed but simply kneel at the foot of Your Throne and obey Your each and every Divine and Blessed whim.

Your are my PERFECT STORM my Goddess Haylee Lynn and my life will now be spent with the dream that You might call me Your “perfect slave” again in this lifetime. If it pleases You my Goddess then it will happen.

My surrender is perfect at any rate……..even as Your slave is imperfect.

Begging...I've Learned My Lesson

Home Sweet Home

Thank You for leaving open the door for this slave my Queen, my Goddess, my Heart, my Light, my Everything so that I could sort out all of my difficulties and life challenges and then come home and kneel in devotion to You as I was born to do. Thank You for allowing me to live my life in Your Divine Empire so I may have the unequaled privilege of polishing Your Throne, kneeling in Your Divine Presence, and worshiping at Your perfect feet.

Your slave is in Love with You my Goddess.
Your each and every command will not just be obeyed my Queen…….it will be and is truly cherished.

From my knees to You and You alone and forever,
Your Claude

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  1. Thank you brother Claude. Awesome blog. Our Goddess is a continuous PERFECT STORM that surrounds us with such warmth, and love. The kind of storm that will last forever, and never fizzle out.

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