The Pied Piper

The Pied Piper

Let me first introduce you to the ancient city. There were two things about this ancient city. Firstly the women ruled the men with their enchantment. Secondly it was overrun with rats.

The men were enchanted by their women and did all the work. They were made to work hard. As they worked hard they died earlier. When a woman lost her husband, she became an elder. She had two duties then. One was to train younger women, in how to use their eyes, their voices, their hands to relax their men. Once they were completely relaxed the women could start to program the men. They were further conditioned by a system of rewards and punishments. The women were taught how to make their men worship them, beg to them, be enslaved to them. The other duty of the elders was to form a committee to run the city.

However the rat problem was getting out of hand. The elders saved all the gold the city had, melted it, forged it into a large gold bar and offer it to whoever could rid the city of the rats.

Into the town then one day came a stranger figure. Dressed in black and white the figure walked through the rat-infested streets. No one had ever seen her before, nor seen anyone quite so beautiful.

It amused her how people were afraid of the rats. It hurt her when she saw people trying to beat and kill the rats. She approached the elders and spoke to them. When she spoke her voice was soft and velvety, as beautiful as her looks.

“So you want someone to get rid of your rats? No problem! But surely not every single rat? Rats are lovely creatures, they make excellent pets. I have one myself – I used to have two!”

“We want them all gone!”

“And in return you will give me that gold bar?”


“Ladies you have got yourself a deal. I am the Piper, and I can help you.”

Then the Piper played a magick flute so beautifully. All the rats started to follow her. She led them away to a hill near her house, put a spell on them to stay there, and to stop mating, for, much as she loved rats, she didn’t really want any extra ones.

She then returned to the elders.

“Can I have that gold bar now please?”


Her lovely big, intelligent green eyes flashed with anger.

“But you promised.”

“We have changed our minds.”

“I really don’t think that is very wise. Trust me, you don’t want to get on the wrong side of me.”

“Oh yes, and what are you going to do about it?”

“Well I could bring the rats back – but I am not going to – for the sake of the rats, not for your sakes. Instead I will take all your men aged over 21.”

“Oh yes? I don’t think so, we have got them well and truly under our control.”

“I don’t think so, my magick is much stronger than any you have.”

With that the piper took out her pipe again, and started to play, but it was a different tune this time. All the adult men in the city stopped work and started to follow her. She beckoned them forward.


She beckoned the men forward

All the men then followed her. The Piper enslaved every single one of them. Some she sent out to work and earn money. Some she set to work to looking after the rats. Some very lucky ones became her personal slaves.

As for the city, the untrustworthy women had to start working and they were never able to rule the roost in quite the same way.

That is the end of my story – The Pied Piper – I hope you liked it dear reader – please leave a comment. Oh, and are you enslaved yet by Goddess Haylee Lynn? If not, why not?

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The Pied Piper — 6 Comments

  1. As you know, my dear BROTHER, I cannot be enslaved by her as such would go against my standings.

    That said, this was quite the interesting twist on the age-old classic. I enjoyed it. You really have a knack for writing stories, and should look into doing that for perhaps a magazine or something of that nature. 🙂

  2. Hahaha, A very nice tale my brother. It only pays to serve and to please our Goddess……and dishonor never pays anyone!!
    Thank you for this. 🙂

  3. Many thanks for the comments – yes I really should try and turn my writing skills into money – I haven’t much work on, and this could be the ideal way….

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