Pleasing Goddess Haylee

Pleasing a Goddess

Pleasing Goddess Haylee

I spend a considerable collection of time each day thinking about pleasing Goddess Haylee. I am not always perfect in my actions, but perfection in my mind, for a slave is the infinite goal. Being the best I can be is the tangible measurement as I strive towards perfection.

My relationship with Goddess Haylee is virtual. Physically I live just about as far away from Her as I could and still live in the same county. Although it wouldn’t matter if She lived across the street, the relationship would still be virtual because it is Her wish, and I feel very comfortable with that. Distance is completely removed from the equation, it no longer has any meaning. Which means that I am with Her all the time, no matter where I go. How beautiful is that.

How is it possible or effective that a slave may please his Goddess in a virtual relationship? Goddess Haylee has written wonderful article on ways to please Her, full of great ideas that one may do to please Her. The list is extensive enough that I dare say that everyone may find something they can do to please Her.

The truly meaningful thing, is that every time I have done something to please Her, it’s always fun for me. I think of Her smiling, seeing Her happy and that is the very best feeling of all. Then reading a tweet that confirms my imagination fills my entire being with Her bliss.

These are some things that I have done, attempted to do, to please Goddess Haylee. Everyone has their own abilities to please and I think it is important that each do so in their own way. I see things that others do to please Her, those things inspire me, but I also know that I cannot be like anyone else. And I also expect there are things that I do to please Her that will not fit with all others. It makes it all real for me, to concentrate most on the reasons for pleasing Goddess Haylee rather than the specific actions.

I enjoy visiting Her wishlist, looking at the various items that She has picked out. Knowing that each is something that will serve a true purpose in Her life. I can see the type of things She enjoys, the things that interest Her on Her wishlist and it helps me to grow closer to Her because I know Her better. I have bought a few things for Her from Her wishlist, most are not very expensive, but I truly feel it is the meaning that counts.

As I have been able, I have been trying to send Her a weekly tribute. Again it is not a lot, I wish it could be more, but for me I sense that the action is important.

The most important gifts I think are giving of myself to please Her. Submitting to Her, recognizing Her as my owner and my Goddess, and very soon wearing Her physical collar. Demonstrating my devotion though actions in my heart are important.

I write to this blog, it is another action that causes the pleasure to flow in both directions. I know that it pleases Her, and I also have so much fun doing it. I am happy to do it along side my brother slaves who inspire me greatly in their devotion to Goddess Haylee. I think that it also pleases Her that we enjoy each others company.

I visit Twitter frequently, replying to Her tweets and tweeting myself. I enjoy that because I often have conversations with Goddess Haylee there. I am fairly new to Twitter and I would like to improve in the tweets that I make, but I am starting to get the hang of it.

Messenger is one area that I have not spent much time. I did have a very nice conversation with Goddess Haylee one evening which was most amazing. I don’t spend a lot of time there because I usually have a lot of tasks to get done. A sign that I need to work on my time management to free up more time to spend on messenger.

Emailing Goddess Haylee is another area that I need to improve upon. I began with this idea that I did not want to infringe too much on Her time. I have only been emailing Her when I felt I had something important to say. Now I am starting to realize that I haven’t been telling Her enough how much I love Her, how much She means to me, how happy and devoted I am. More for me to work on.

Finally I listen to Her mp3’s and watch Her videos. Her hypnosis has such a deep profound effect on me. She is training and conditioning me. It is now impossible for me to be aroused unless I am thinking of Goddess Haylee. She has taken complete control over that part of me and the rest quickly followed. I am feeling intensely aroused right now as I started writing that last sentence, knowing She has done this to me, enchanted me in the most powerful way. I have the greatest desire to keep going ever deeper for Her!

There are also some other creative things I am doing to please Her, most of those are a work in progress. But also bring me great bliss and pleasure to make those efforts for Her.

I love Goddess Haylee, She owns me, She is my Goddess. It is a magnificent gift to be able to please and serve Her

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Pleasing Goddess Haylee — 4 Comments

  1. Oh my gosh, i could have written this myself, as we grow closer towards HER, we seem to grow closer towards each other

  2. Bliss, it is beautiful to see how much you care for Her. All Her slave’s should be very *pleased* that our Divine Goddess has such a sincere and devoted new slave. 🙂

    • Thank you Claude, I am humbled by your words. Tomorrow will be a very special day for me, something that not long ago I could have never imagined.

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