The Most Precious Gift

This post is one of truly humbled Gratitude and Thankfulness for the One I now belong to and with All my Heart and Soul.
My Divine and Incomparable Goddess Haylee Lynn has Blessed me with The Most Precious Gift I could ever receive in this life or in any life.

I made my proposal to my Goddess about this wish a few weeks ago…….and She very generously decided to allow me to fulfill this dream………and to also fulfill what is so clearly now my Destiny.I BOW to my GODDESS in humbled THANKS for The Most Precious Gift She has bestowed on me.

My daily devotion, as a father and as a slave.

On my knees to Her where I BELONG and NEED to be Forever.

Yesterday…….my new collar came in the mail. The postman left it at my door just as I was writing a personal letter to my Queen in fact.
My Goddess so very generously allowed me to use some of HER money to purchase this beautiful collar that is now this slaves ONLY possession as ALL else is Owned by Her and as I am Owned by Her.

The Most Precious Gift

The Most Precious Gift

I had told my Goddess that I wanted a collar that I could wear ANYWHERE and EVERYWHERE that I go as nothing less than perfect devotion and perfect surrender to Her can ever again do for this slave. I NEED Her……I desperately NEED and ACHE to constantly feel Her Power with me on every step I take and having The Most Precious Gift adoring my body that is now Her body and acknowledging who Owns me is pure BLISS and fulfillment for this slave.

My pre opening Prayer and Ritual at Her Altar.

My pre opening Prayer and Ritual at Her Altar.

This picture was taken before I opened The Most Precious Gift and the only property this slave owns any longer. My treasured and beautiful sole possession. I bowed to my Goddess in humbled and sincere Thanks and felt such JOY and HAPPINESS as I did so.

The Most Precious Gift now adorns Her perfect personal slave.

The Most Precious Gift now adorns Her perfect personal slave.

Our collar was purchased at this shop.

It is handcrafted by a very lovely woman named Jessica who makes what she calls “discreet BDSM jewelry” for everyday wear. Our collar is Sterling Silver interlocked with light blue and Indigo Niobium. I have extremely light blue eyes and my Goddess and I thought that the blue colors would compliment Her Perfect slave.

I just adore it!!!! 🙂

And the best part of ALL……is that it is ALL FOR HAYLEE.

All for my Goddess, my One, my Queen, my Mistress, my Owner and forever.

Because The Most Precious Gift is Sterling Silver my instruction’s from Jessica are to take it off each time I shower and not to get it wet.
I have special instructions as well for the care and cleaning of it. So I now have a new Ritual of taking it off and bowing to Her Altar and placing it beneath Her as I shower……and then kneeling again in humbled thanks after I place it back onto Her property (me!).

My Goddess is wiser than me.
My Goddess is stronger than me.
My Goddess is my Superior.
My Goddess knows what is best for Her slave.

I NEED Her commands. I NEED to WORSHIP Her. I NEED Her Rule.

I am so much happier now that I have surrendered to Her completely.

I LIVE for You my Queen. Every Blessed second of every cherished day I live by Your Divine Rules and subject to Your each and every Blessed whim and desire and command.

My life is a now a slave’s life of daily and devoted GODDESS WORSHIP now and it is so because I found YOU my GODDESS HAYLEE LYNN.

I have no power and I want no power. ALL that I want and NEED is symbolized and expressed as I wear The Most Precious Gift.

Thank You my Queen for Your generosity and Your Divine acceptance of me.
I LOVE You……I LIVE for You…..I belong to You…..and Forever.
Your devoted and collared and perfect personal and very real slave, Claude

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The Most Precious Gift — 4 Comments

    • Yes my Goddess… is appropriately breathtaking and beautiful.
      I cherish it already and will keep it immaculate and pristine.
      Thank You so much my Goddess!!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

    • It looks better and feels better every day my brother. I LOVE it!!
      This why I got this “discrete collar”…..but if I still had a wife….even this one would not be discrete enough I am thinking. 🙂

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