Quicksand is a relatively old MP3 by Hypnotic Haylee. When I first started watching her Youtube videos in March 2013, I watched over and over again, HER Eye fixation hypnosis video. At that time, SHE only had two videos posted on Youtube, Eye fixation and and Four clips from MP3s. Quicksand is one of the fours MP3s featured on this video, so I would guess that it is at least two years old, maybe longer. So much so, I think there may have been two pictures made to advertise it, for as well as the photo above, which is used to promote the MP3 on Haylee’s Online Store, I have found the following photo below in the “In Haylee We Trust” art files.

Quicksand - one of the best and most popular of Goddess Haylee's MP3s

Quicksand – one of the best and most popular of Goddess Haylee’s MP3s

This seems to suggest to me that at some stage Goddess Haylee Lynn remade the promotional poster.

So, what of the file itself? It starts with an induction based on staring at a spot. I listened to it in bed. I was lying on my back. My laptop was on my chest. I decided to also open on my laptop a picture of Goddess, and stare at that.


This is the picture I gazed at during the initial induction of Quicksand

After the initial induction, the listener is invited to imagine standing overlooking a sea view. This is made easier by Haylee cleverly adding in special sound effects of the sea in the background. We then walk down steps to the sea, which Haylee expertly uses as a deepen-er process. Once on the beach, the Quicksand scenario is played out. I don’t remember that much about it, as by then I was extremely deep. I just woke refreshed, feeling great, and feeling that Goddess Haylee Lynn had just tightened her grip on me yet again.

Other reviews of the file can be found here.

Haylee’s own product information can be found about it here.

Many thanks for making this MP3 Goddess, and for allowing me to have it.

Many thanks for reading “Quicksand”. Please comment and share appropriately.

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  1. I am a fan of this blog! Unfortunately do to the Seizures I have am not able to watch the videos so please tell our Goddess Haylee to email me a written hypnotized script that she wants me to follow and I will listen and obey her because I’m her good boy and slave!

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