Being reborn in Haylee

Being reborn in Haylee

Imagine a baby boy in its mother’s womb. It is warm. It has all the food and drink it needs. It is happy. It is content. It probably doesn’t want to come out into the cold world. That is maybe why most newly born babies cry. But it must enter the world and see all the delights the world has to offer.

In the same way many may be hesitant to enter Haylee’s World. They may be quite happy with their lives. They may be reluctant to fall under the spell of a hypnotist. But if they don’t they will miss such a lot. They will miss feeling her bliss – the feeling of utter contentment of being under her spell. They will miss the comradeship of being a member of her army of slaves. They will miss the wonderful feeling of belonging to a wonderful, caring, beautiful lady hypnotist. They will miss that feeling of complete and utter relaxation that comes from her hypnosis. They will miss having her sweet voice in their heads. They will miss the feeling of being completely in love with her voice, her looks, everything about her….

Being in love is always a wonderful, blissful feeling. There has never been a better time to fall in love with Haylee. She will even help you! She has just released a new MP3. Her love and addiction file.

Be reborn in Haylee

Be reborn in Haylee

This is an ideal file to hypnotise you. You will fall under her spell. You will fall under hypnosis. You will fall in love with her. You will become addicted to her. Read the information about it. Listen to the free clip of it. Then – like that baby entering the world – take that big step. Buy the file. Listen to it. Listen as many times as it takes for her suggestions to take hold strongly. You may as well get your money’s worth after all! Be reborn in Haylee!

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    • Thanks Claude and lovely to see you still active daily…. must try to get round to at least reading your recent blogs sometime – I am sure they are great!

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