As with most all of us who serve our immensely beautiful and perfect Goddess Haylee Lynn, we have lives, hobbies, and things in which we enjoy doing outside of our service to the most superior woman on the planet. Sometimes we have all of the time in the world to meditate, pray and listen to the soothing sounds of Hypnotic Haylee’s voice through her mp3’s and videos. At other times it takes a bit of sacrifice. We can sacrifice in many ways to our powerful, gorgeous, and high above us, Goddess Haylee Lynn.


We can sacrifice by sending her money that we would have otherwise ‘wasted’ on ourselves. We then reap the joys and pleasure of knowing that we have pleased our great Goddess through our tribute of sacrifice. Her needs and desires are far more important to us than our pesky personal wants. We can sacrifice our time by setting aside time each day to listen to her irresistible words. These train us into further submission to our Goddess. Some slaves testify to trancing and training their minds to Goddess Haylee’s words for hours at a time without a single regret. It just feels so good and so right in every possible way to give in more. To surrender ourselves more each day to Goddess Haylee.

Powerful. Dominant. Mistress.

Sacrificing – Powerful. Dominant. Mistress.

Another great way of sacrificing to our beauty studded perfect Goddess is to thoughtfully shop on her amazon wishlist. I can attest to feeling one of the greatest feelings that i have ever felt after selflessly buying Goddess Haylee presents and then seeing photos of her enjoying them. While it pleases Goddess Haylee to receive gifts from her slaves, admirers and pets, it is also rewarding for the buyer of the gifts to know that Goddess Haylee is pleased.

Nothing that we need more than Haylee Lynn

Sacrificing – Nothing that we need more than Haylee Lynn.

Another way that of sacrificing to Goddess is that we can sacrifice through our thoughts. As we go throughout our day we can all take moments to dwell on the fact that we are owned slaves, who belong to the highest Goddess in all of female domination. Goddess Haylee Lynn. This will help us all to conduct ourselves as such. Knowing that when we work, we work for Goddess Haylee. When we eat or drink, we eat or drink things that please Goddess Haylee. When we write things online, we write them to please Goddess Haylee. It is a great thing to sacrifice our minds to her in total submission. Through taking time to bow in front of her image on a special altar in your home dedicated to your Goddess Haylee, and praying to her is another great way to experience her bliss and ownership. It is a true wet bliss dream for all of us who are lucky enough to serve, and/or slave for Goddess Haylee Lynn.

She is like the air.

Sacrificing – “Fall deep for me” -Hypnotic Haylee.

Some sacrifice in other ways through creative means. By drawing photos of her beautiful face, writing stories for her, blogging for her to attest to her perfection, making graphics, singing songs, and other special things with their talents.

I myself have felt the urge of sacrificing, just tonight. While sleep is fleeting for me and it is late into the wee morning hours, I felt it necessary to spend my time tonight in service to Goddess Haylee. After spending some time thinking about her, edging to the thought of how amazing that she is, and how blissfully owned that I feel. I allowed her have more reigns over myself. Instead of reading a book, playing a video game, laughing at humorous youtube videos, or doing other things. I thought it wise to spend my time doing something worthwhile. I searched over our amazing Goddess’ websites for content to use for scheduling tweets for the following day to come out at specific times to advertise for her wonderous and glorious empire! It is so great knowing and serving Goddess Haylee. Viewing the content before I set up a post is always a great mind refresher.

Indwelling Habitation

I hope that some helpless submissive soul in the realm of the twitterverse will come across one of the links that i posted, or retweeted from other slaves and admirers of Goddess Haylee so that they too can experience the euphoric bliss of surrendering their lives to her. Being her slave is what we are born for. Once a submissive person accepts their destiny to worship the GODDESS, then sacrificing to Goddess Haylee is a joy and a pleasure. Never a chore.

Glorification of Goddess, Haylee Lynn.

Sacrificing – Perfection has a name.

After setting up my twitter feed for the following day. This happens to fall on a special day. Sunday which Goddess Haylee has set aside for us who are hers to worship harder, tribute, and love her with extra zeal, and conviction. This is to benefit us by carrying us into the next week with the right mind set. That mind set being focused around Her. As it should be. I wrote this blog to affirm for someone who is reading that It is a great feeling to be our true submisselves and submit our lives to a true Goddess, Mistress, Hypno-Domme and all around spectacular human being. Goddess Haylee Lynn. Lets never forget how much we need her. You too can sacrifice in some way to show your appreciation for Goddess Haylee. If you are not doing so already, you can begin today.

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  1. Yes this is a great post. I don’t know about in America, but in Britain today we remember the sacrifices people made in the wars. Sacrificing for Goddess is just as noble, and, as you say, can be done in so many ways!

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