Second Visit

Second Visit

Before reading “Second Visit” please read “New Neighbours” first.

“Second Visit” is a work of fiction.

I told you before, dear reader, how I came to meet Haylee Lynn in the story “New Neighbours”. I want to tell you now about my second visit.

After helping her and Bruce move in, I was invited round again shortly afterwards, for a second visit. She greeted me at the door. There was a single step up into her house, so she was slightly above me. She looked at me, over the top of her glasses frame, just like my favourite lady teacher at school used to do to me. I suddenly felt like a little boy again. I noticed her lovely large eyes again. I noticed her bright red lipstick, making her lips look so luscious and kissable, although of, course, I wasn’t planning on kissing her. She was also wearing this denim jacket.

Second Visit

Second visit – she was wearing this denim jacket.

“Nice Jacket” I said.

“Thanks” she replied. “One of my slaves bought it me.”

I wondered what she meant by “her slaves”, but I didn’t ask.

She led me into her kitchen, where she made us both a cup of tea, and then into her front room again, and sat me on the sofa. He bent over, and lit some candles, showing me her lovely rump, perfectly encapsulated in tight black jeans, as she did so. The candles burned with a sweet vanilla essence. She put on some gentle, soft instrumental music. I’m not sure, but it may have been Enya. The whole room seemed to be so calming, so relaxing.

Then she looked at me with those amazing eyes again.

Second Visit

Second Visit – she looked at me with her amazing eyes again.

“Tell me please. Do you find me attractive?”

I nearly spluttered on my tea. That was one question I was not expecting from her, especially on only my second visit.

“Well yes”, I managed to say, somewhat embarrassed. “But what about Bruce, isn’t he your….”

“My husband. Yes he is. But don’t worry about him. I’ve got him exactly where I want him. He is completely under my thumb.” To emphasise the point she made a fist, with her thumb up, then turned her fist upside down and rubber the tip of her thumb into the coffee table in front of us. I shuddered. Part of me worried that I was going to end up “Under her thumb” too. Part of me wanted to be “Under her thumb” and was suddenly insanely jealous of Bruce. I imagined myself, literally, under an enormous version of her lovely thumb.

Second visit - under her thumb.

Second visit – under her thumb.

Before I could continue my musings to myself, she turned and looked at me straight in the eye again and continued.

“You see Bruce is quite used to other guys falling in love with me. Most guys they just can’t help themselves. They start by listening to my soft voice. They admire my long dark hair.” As she said this she started stroking her hair. My eyes followed her right hand as she stroked and played with her hair. “before they know it, they are wrapped round and round my pretty little finger.” As she said this, she wrapped her hair round her little finger, my eyes following every movement.

“I think you know what I mean don’t you?” she whispered, looking deep into my eyes again. I nodded blankly in reply. I knew she had me too.

Second visit.

Second visit.

“Yes you do, because you too have already started to fall, haven’t you? I love it when guys fall in love with me. They fall so deeply. Then they will do anything to please me. Anything to please their beloved Haylee Lynn.”

She smiled, in a knowing, confident way way. She knew exactly what she was doing. She knelt on the sofa beside me, so she was slightly higher than me. I had to look up into her eyes.

“I’ve already got you to the first stage, and this is only your second visit here. You are listening to the sound of my voice. I know you love listening to my wonderful, soft, velvety voice. I know I could be talking about anything, I could be reading from a telephone directory and you would continue to listen, you find my voice entrancing, it would still relax you. You are learning to relax to the sound of my voice and that is a very good thing. So continue to listen to my voice and look into my eyes. You know you are very lucky to be able to look into my eyes with both of your eyes as you are doing right now. Some animals, such as sheep, goats and rabbits have an eye on each side of their heads, so that they can see all around them, so they can see predators. Other animals – mainly predators, have evolved binocular vision so both their eyes look in the same direction. We are like that, which is why you can look deeply into both my eyes at the same time, and my eyes are looking back into yours, helping you to relax as you continue to listen to the lovely sound of my sweet velvety voice. I know you are already relaxing now, and it feels so good just being here with me. There is just you and me and no one else. There is nothing for you to think about. You can just put all your trust in me, as you just listen to the sweet velvety sound of my voice and look deeply into my eyes and relax and let me do all the thinking for you. Let the words that I am speaking become your thoughts in your head. Let your conscious mind just turn off, and let your subconscious mind take over, so that every single little word that I say drips slowly and surely into your subconscious mind, as you continue to listen to the sweet sounds of my voice and you continue to gaze deeply into my eyes, my lovely big green eyes, it so easy for you to gaze deeply. It is so easy for you to lose yourself in my big green eyes. It is so easy to gaze deeper and deeper into my eyes. My eyes are so hypnotic. Once you start to gaze into them you find it hard to look away, unless I tell you to. I want you to continue to look up into my eyes and to listen to sweet sound of my soft, velvety voice whispering to you, relaxing you, making you feel so good. The more relaxed you feel, the better you feel. The better you feel the more relaxed you become. And so it goes on, as you spiral down, deeper and deeper under my sweet, seductive spell. I want you to start breathing deeply for me. Nice long breathes in, hold it, release and relax completely, Keep breathing like this, and notice how it relaxes you more and more as you breathe like this, while continuing to gaze up into my lovely, large eyes, and you continue to listen to my velvety voice, as you relax more and more, simply gazing into my big bright green eyes. As you continue to gaze, you also continue to listen very carefully to the sweet sounds of my lovely velvety voice.”

By now I was completely wrapped up in her words, lost in her eyes.

“Your eyes are also starting to tire. You are finding it more and more difficult to gaze into my eyes, as your eyes are getting so heavy looking up into my eyes. Your eyes are getting heavier and heavier. You are starting to blink more. This is entirely natural and shows that you are showing the first signs of slipping into hypnosis. You are doing so well. You are such a good hypnotic subject. I am hypnotizing you and you love being hypnotized by me so much.  That is why we are so right for each other. I love hypnotizing you. You love being hypnotized by me. You love listening to sweet sound of my voice and looking deeply into my huge hypnotic eyes. But you are finding it harder and harder to keep your own eyes open.”

It was true, I was really struggling to keep my eyes open. They were watering now. Part of me wanted to keep staring into her beautiful eyes. Part of me longed to close my eyes.

“You are feeling sleepier and sleepier. You are falling under my special spell that I am casting for you. And you love it so much. You love going under for me. You are reaching the point that your eyes go no longer stay open. On the count of three, your eyes will close, and you arms will collapse, and you will be in deep hypnosis. One – sleepier and sleepier, two, deeper and deeper and three, you fall fast asleep.”

Right on cue my eyes closed.

“In your mind you can still see my lovely large eyes looking into yours. My huge hypnotic eyes haunt you. Every time from now on, whenever you close your eyes, in your mind’s eye, you will see my big bright eyes looking into yours and you will think of me and how much you love me, and how much you love being hypnotized by me. You love listening to my sweet seductive voice. You love looking lovingly into my eyes. Now I want you to fall deeper and deeper for me.”

Then her hands gently caressed both of the cheeks on my face. Her fingertips gently stroked my cheeks, starting at the top and working down my face, as she continues to weave her spell.

“You love the touch of my soft sensitive hands. They feel so warm and soft on your face. They take you deeper into trance. They are relaxing you. They are controlling you. You feel so warm and comfortable. You are still breathing deeply. You are still listening to the sounds of my velvety voice. You are still looking deeply into my huge hypnotic eyes in your mind’s eye, as you drift deeper and deeper into trance for me. The deeper you go the better you feel. The better you feel the deeper you go, as you spiral down, deep down into the deepest trance you have ever experienced. The deeper you go the more connected you feel to me. The deeper you go into hypnosis the more you love me.”

She continued to gently caress the sides of your face.

“My fingers are so soft and gentle. It feels so good to feel my fingers on the side of your face.”

Then she stopped doing that. Instead she gently touched the exact centre of my forehead with her index finger. Slowly she moved her index finger down my face, going down the ridge of my nose, onto my top lip, then my bottom lip, finishing at my chin. Then she repeated, touching the centre of my forehead again, and gently going down my face. As she did so, she spoke.

“You love the touch of my finger. You love the way I can virtually control you with this finger. When I touch you with it, you feel my bliss pouring out of me and into you through my finger. You are getting filled with my bliss. You have never ever felt so happy. Only I can make you feel this happy, make you feel so warm, relaxed and comfortable. You need me. You need to please me. You ache for me. You depend on me. You love this dependency. You are mine. It feels so good to know that you are mine.”

Then she stroked my hair, as she continued.

“You love the touch of my hands on your hair. I am stroking you like a pet. You are my pet. You belong to me. Feel my hands again and again stroking your hair. I am relaxing you more and more. You feel so good being so deeply relaxed. You could rest like this for hours. You feel so good. You are still looking deeply into my huge hypnotic eyes in your mind’s eye. You are still listening to my soft, sweet velvety voice. You are feeling my warm, soft hands gently stroking your hair. You are still breathing deeply. As you breathe deeply you start to notice the vanilla fragrance from the candles more and more. You love the aroma of this fragrance. It helps you slip even deeper into trance.”

She then lent over and kissed me lightly on my lips.

“Like your lips now, and taste my lipstick.”

I obeyed.

“So all the time you are listening to my velvety voice, looking deeply into my huge hypnotic eyes in your mind’s eye, feeling my soft, gentle hands stroking your hair, smelling the aroma of the vanilla essence fragrance, and tasting my luscious lips on yours. You realise that all five senses are completely focused on me. Every part of you is focused on me. And it feels so good to go so deep for me and to be so closely connected to me. You feel so happy. You are getting happier and happier. Allow a gentle smile to break out around your mouth. That is good. I love to see you smiling. I am overpowering you with my bliss. As you fall deeper and deeper into trance you fall deeper and deeper in love with me. You love everything about me. You love listening to voice. You could listen for hours to my voice. You will find yourself listening to my voice more and more in the days ahead. You love gazing deeply into my beautiful big eyes. You will find yourself gazing deeply into my hypnotic huge eyes more and more in the days ahead. You love my lovely lips. You love my kisses. You love my lovely long hair that tumbles from my sweet head. You love my cute little nose. You love everything about me. You are deeply in love with me. You love me more than you have ever loved anyone else. You love me more than anyone has ever loved anyone else. This love is not an infatuation. This love you have for me will last until the day you die, and will grow deeper and deeper each and every day. You are completely wrapped up in me, You are obsessed by me. You will do anything to please me. You adore me. You love everything about me. You love the way that I look. You love the things that I say and do. You know that you can trust in me completely, because I will never abuse the love that you have for me.”

“You would do anything to please me. You are mine. You need me. You ache for me. You yearn for my approval. You will support me, in the way that a loving husband supports his wife, because you love me. Say it out loud, tell me you love me out loud.”

I told her I loved her, and it felt so good to say it.

“Good boy, you are doing so well. Now tell it to the world. Say to the world out loud “I love Haylee Lynn, I will do anything for her.”

Again, I did her bidding.

“Good boy. You are getting better and better. You will find yourself saying this out loud more and more in the days ahead. You will find yourself saying that when you wake in the morning and when you close your eyes at night. You will find yourself saying it to yourself whenever you are alone. It will feel so right and natural for you to say it. Every time you say it, you will fall a little bit more in love with me, a little more eager to please me. Part of me is inside of you. It is controlling you, bending you to my will. My will is so much stronger than your will. You will always do exactly whatever I tell you to do, without question, without hesitation. Do you understand?”

“Yes I do”

“Good boy. You have done so well with me today, but sadly all good things must come to an end. Now it is time for you to come out of trance, but you will be trancing with me again real soon. Open your eyes and stretch for me please. That’s a good boy. You are doing ever so well! Now wake completely in your own time.”

I stretched, and looked around me. She was still there, kneeling on the sofa looking down at me. I looked up into her eyes and she smiled down at me, a sort of Mona Lisa smile of a mother to her son.

Second Visit.

Second Visit.

The coffee table, the cups, the sofa, the candles, everything was there exactly as it had been. But this second visit had been changed me forever. From now on I would live for Haylee, I would belong to Haylee.

Second Visit.

Second Visit.

Thank you for reading “Second Visit”. Would you like to be hypnotized in exactly the same way? Well you can! Simply buy and listen to her excellent MP3 “Sweet Love“!

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  1. As I read this, I felt like you were describing how I feel like when I look at Goddess or listen to her velvety voice! She has enslaved me for life!

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