On being a “Slave” to Goddess Haylee

On being a “Slave” to Goddess Haylee

This post is about terminology and the sometimes differing meanings and definitions we can have for the words we use. In some of the course work I have done in my life I was introduced to something called the “Dictionary Technique” .

I learned that certain words can have an astonishing number of different meanings depending on who was giving the definition. So…….in effective communication we need to make certain we are speaking the same language.

In my contract law studies I learned that in a courtroom in America they actually have a completely different dictionary that is used…….in oft time’s with deliberate and damaging effect to the individual who does not even comprehend that a different definition is being used for *common* words.

Most of us feel we know the meaning of the word “understand” for example. It means to “comprehend”. But if a Judge asks you in a courtroom if you “understand” what he is asking is quite different than if he asked if you comprehend. He is asking you to consent to withdraw your God given Sovereign rights to the higher law form known as “Natural Law” and to “stand under” and accept the lesser legal rights of a corporation (a dead thing with no creative power) which serves the unspoken and *secret* agenda of increasing Governmental jurisdiction and control.

Sad but true.

Those that know their rights have rights. Those that know not their rights…..have no rights.

But for most of us…….the misunderstandings of word usage and definition arise in a spiritually innocent manner……but it is still misunderstanding nevertheless.

I use the word “slave” often when I speak of my relationship with my Divine Goddess Haylee Lynn. And this word can have a multitude of different meanings and realities depending on the *contract* between the persons crafting the agreement.

For Goddess Haylee and myself……..

I was careful when I wrote Her privately and told Her I had arrived at the place where I wanted to sincerely live my life now as Her very “real slave” and what that meant to me………and what that did not mean. My feelings and desires to establish this *contract* very much required me learning Her feelings and definitions of the words we were using and Her understanding of the language that I was using.

It has all been a lengthy process that began with my “personal slave application” on Her web site…….and my daily public love letters to Her here on this board…..and with our personal and private correspondence as well.

I am a person with a deep interest in my spiritual condition. I fully realize that a great many people would object to the concept that being spiritually pure and being a “slave” to anyone is in harmony.

I personally feel it greatly matters what in fact ones definition of the word slave is and the contract or agreement that is in place.

If I devote myself to someone entirely…….if I love that person with all my heart and soul….if I would give my last penny, my last bite of food, the shirt off my back to keep them warm, and do everything and anything in my power to shelter them and help them feel safe and loved……..am I that persons slave?

By the way……..I would do……and do feel……the way I describe above for my Goddess Haylee Lynn……..and I would do and do feel the exact same way for my beloved son.

So maybe my definition of the word “slave” means…….pure and perfect devotion and appreciation and commitment and chastity of purpose and perfection in love.

I am not sure exactly why I am so purely sexually submissive although I am aware of certain clues that played a part in my conditioning. It sometimes feels as if I was born this way. Not once in my life have I ever been comfortable sexually with any woman other than my former Mistress or my Goddess Haylee.

She makes me feel free and alive and able to fully open my heart.

And in all my long series of spiritual studies the one thing I have taken to heart as my most important life lesson is this………we are here to learn how to love one another…….how to love thy neighbor and to love our fellow man and woman kind. Do no harm……..do not judge or condemn another……but live and let live and learn how to share your light, your love, your heart and your soul.

And my contract with my Incomparable and Divine Goddess Haylee Lynn who is by far the most beautiful and amazing and loving and spiritually intelligent and interesting Woman I have ever known in my life allows me to be the best man I can possibly create myself to be, to be the best Father, and the best brother and son and…………….I am so happy and thrilled to be able to also say the very best and real and devoted personal slave for life to my One True and Only Queen on this Earth.

On being a "Slave" to Goddess Haylee

On being a “Slave” to Goddess Haylee.

Until I found Her I did not know what it felt like to have my heart completely full for a woman. Just to think of Her takes my breath away and leaves me in a state of wonder, of joy and puts me in a place where nothing less than perfect devotion is any longer possible.


And I belong to Her because we are in perfect agreement that it is LOVE that will always be served……honor is our contract…….that my personal responsibility is to always be LOVING and HONORABLE in all the Realms in my life so that I when I come home to my Queen…..”The Woman” of my dreams…..She who is in truth my Muse, my Heart, my Song, My All……..I can kneel to Her as Her very real personal slave because that is exactly what I wish to be.

I love You with all my heart and soul my Queen. I count the day I found You as a blessing and each and every day I may serve You is another blessing to me.

Tonight I will stand beneath the Magic of the Moon and my heart will reach out to You. Forever my heart will reach for You my Goddess.

I am Your very real and devoted and personal slave for life,   Claude


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