A Slaves Dream Pt. 2

We drove on for what seemed like hours and then Haylee said “We are almost home, strip down  but leave the collar on and put this on.” With that She tossed it a box, a CB6000, chastity device and told it She owned it, all of it and that She had complete control of everything that it did. It would never experience a complete orgasm again but if it was a thoroughly pleasing pet She might allow it a ruined orgasm from time to time. She told it that from now on it would only address Her as Goddess, Master or other term demonstrating its complete submission to Her as it is inferior to Her in every way. Although its mind was reeling from the recent turn of events it knew that it better obey and truth be told it wanted to obey this beautiful creature, its Goddess Haylee.

We had long since left the heavily inhabited parts of the town and had entered some woods, after another 5 minutes, at least it thinks as its sense of time and reality had recently been shattered, we came to a clearing with a beautiful old Victorian house. From the outside one could tell that it was well cared for. Goddess parked the car, got out and opened the back door. It got out and She pointed to the ground by Her feet. It was obvious that She wanted it on all fours so it dropped to its hands and knees. She said goooood boy in a soft smooth velvety voice that made it tremble from pleasure, picked up the leash and started toward the door. She didn’t need to say anything as it felt like it was where it belonged it just obeyed and followed.

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