Her Softer Side

This post is about serving Her softer side…….Her lighter side if you will. As we all well know, our Divine Goddess Haylee Lynn has an alter ego where Her Darker aspects manifest. The Dark and Terrible Empress Vox Siren is of course interesting, compelling and completely Irresistible in Her own right.

I will not rule out bowing to the Empress someday as it is very clearly in my DNA to Worship Her…….but that I have yet to do so I think in part is because I am so experienced in the world of female domination. I know myself fairly well when it comes to what makes me tick and have tried most everything…..it is not a “right or wrong” issue as I do not believe in those concepts.

The Empress is my GODDESS in point of fact and so you would not be wrong to say I already serve Her everyday of my very lucky slave life.

But where I blossom…….where I thrive…….is when my Incomparable and Gracious Goddess is sweet and tender with me.
I simply melt to Her softer side and each and every time.

I have this kind of puppy personality…………….I want to love and be loved basically.
My former Mistress had dozens of slaves and many personals along the way but she began calling me her “pampered pet” because she was highly intuitive and soon picked up perfectly on what makes me tick. The nickname stuck because it was wildly appropriate as it turned out. 🙂

So yesterday my Matchless and Perfect Goddess Haylee Lynn surprised me with a gift……..something very thoughtful and kind and generous……and I am simply melting into this unending and amazing feeling of LOVE, BLISS, JOY, and HAPPINESS, that I am home and where I truly belong and can not stop smiling as I think of Her or gaze up into Her Perfection as Her very good boy.

Fitness First!

Her Softer Side

Writing that last paragraph made me ache……….. 🙂

So I am learning I think not to judge myself so much.

Learning to accept and to understand and to embrace what makes me tick. I have always loved puppies myself and I find it adorable the way they bond to their MASTER and sometimes if I examine my personality as regards my Owner……it is so very puppy like.

I can curl up and just think of Her quietly……waiting……waiting…..waiting to play with Her…….and just as soon as my Master arrives….via tweet, or an e mail, or a phone call, or a blog response, my entire body gets all wiggly and happy and if I had a tail it would be wagging non stop. 🙂

Her pampered pet

Her pampered pet

I respond to honey. I have a sweet tooth I guess. LOL.

Thank You my Goddess for those wonderful gifts You sent to me. Thank You for collaring me and for allowing me to live this Blessed and wonderful slave life that I so truly love. I LOVE You my MASTER. I BELONG to You my OWNER.

I am so happy that You like pets and pamper me and care for me.

From my knees to You and You alone and forever,
Your devoted personal slave, Claude

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