Submission and personal Sovereignty

Submission and personal Sovereignty

This morning I am going to express something about my feelings and my own very lengthy personal journey as a sexually submissive man. In other words, I am going to write about my own submission. This is simply how it works for me and is not to suggest any path for any other human being. As a youth I was very confused regarding my sexuality. It was a very different world back in the 1970’s when I matured sexually.  I did not even realize that such a thing as a Dominant Goddess like our Divine Goddess Haylee  even existed until I was in my late 20’s. As soon as I saw my very first Dominatrix I was instantly hooked. I felt my body chemistry actually shift at the concept……….and my search for my Goddess/Mistress/Queen began………..about 30 long and oft times frustrating years ago. But my sexuality is just one aspect of my humanness or my beingness. How we express ourselves as sexual beings, be it as heterosexual, or gay, or with dominance or with submission, is and should be a personal choice. I may choose to beg Goddess Haylee to allow me the privilege of serving Her. For instance when I watch Her video here. She must also choose to accept my submission. Always the rules of consensual relationship apply. And again, just for me personally, how I treat another person, or how I raise my son, or treat my neighbors or employees or conduct myself in business is a personal matter in which I am Sovereign and in fact personally responsible for. I consider Goddess Haylee to be my sexual Superior, Now She is the Owner of that aspect of me. I cannot resist Her. I do not even remotely want to. She commands every drop of my seminal fluid now. She has since the moment I felt myself surrender to Her extraordinary beauty and hypnotic power …………and as we go forward, if She decides to allow me to do so……….the boundaries of Her control will be flexible and hopefully grow and will consensually develop over time. Maybe I am just a “sexual slave” or something? I am not overly fond of labels. I always objected to hearing the statement that I would do “anything” my Dominant Mistress commands, it is an insincere statement, at least for me. For instance, I am not a thief so I would not steal for Her, but I already know that Goddess Haylee would not ask me too so that issue is moot………but my sincerity is not moot, it is important. So there are limits to my submission. I love it that She is so extremely intelligent, that She wants Her slaves/subjects/fans to be at their best, that She is caring and thoughtful and gracious. All of these are some of the 1001 reasons for my submission to Her. But I do not believe my Goddess Haylee is responsible for my happiness or the way I conduct myself outside of Her Realm. She makes me very happy to be sure, but being responsible for that is a different story. I want to be as loving and effective and as productive a person as I can possibly be with every single person I ever come into contact with on this Earth. I love life, I find it fascinating and miraculous and wonderful and my goal is to be fully present in each and every moment………..I already eat organic healthy food, I work out and care for my body…………and I love it that Goddess Haylee does as well and cares for Her Divine Body. If the fact that She does so inspires others that is fantastic because it also inspires me! So in the end, each and every one of is as different as the hundred thousand shades of color in a Rainbow. As far as I am concerned Goddess Haylee is more beautiful and Divine and Enchanting than any other Woman on this Earth. She has transcended my dreams of who I hoped to find and kneel to as my Dominant. I pray that this person I have become, and the person I am becoming is of interest to Her. I hope and I pray this so. From my knees to You my incomparable Goddess Haylee, I beg of You to allow me to continue kneeling and obeying and honoring You and learning all about You as Your obedient slave. This is my choice and I make it sincerely. Please accept my submission.    Please feel free to comment on “Submission and personal Sovereignty”.

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