Submissive or hypnotized by Goddess Haylee Lynn?

Submissive or hypnotized by Goddess Haylee Lynn?

“Submissive or hypnotized by Goddess Haylee Lynn?” is about my surprise to hear my friend and brother slave Bliss desires say that it was “not submissive” to me the other day…….that he has instead succumbed to Her hypnosis.

It is a funny thing……….I am most definitely under Her hypnotic spell…….as well as several other charms and love spells She has almost certainly cast my way. I have asked Her to do this several times……..I have begged Her in fact.

But not “submissive”?

I am not so sure if this is possible.

We are all under various types of hypnosis. We were raised and live in a culture of hypnosis and it is certainly dependent on our own levels of cooperation and “self hypnosis” how deeply we fall under any particular spell. Advertising agency’s cast them our way constantly.

In the case of our remarkable and truly gifted Goddess Haylee Lynn She has perfected Her craft and Her suggestions to the extent that the more one cooperates the deeper they fall………and it all just gets more and more intoxicating as She draws you expertly into Her web.

So……..if I had not been a “submissive” for almost 30 years…….if I had not already been completely enslaved, collared, and owned by a fabulous Dominatrix for 7 blissful and rewarding years……a woman who did not practice hypnosis at all………I think I might even agree with Bliss or probably my friend Forever who are such aficionados of the art of hypnosis.

For 30 years I never once went under any “induction” for any Domme. Although seduction is a tool in the trade and that in itself is a sort of entry way into the hypnotic realm. My former Mistress called herself the “consummate seductress” and she certainly was.

When I met her some 20 years ago I knew instantly that I was Her slave. I knew it in a heartbeat the moment I met her and I know something else as well. If I had walked into a room and met my Goddess Haylee Lynn in the same fashion as I met my former I would have belonged to Her in that same heartbeat………without question……..there is not a shred of doubt in my mind.

I have met dozens and dozens of gorgeous and talented professional Dominas in my life. Many of them wanted to ensnare me and even with some that possessed playboy model caliber looks they tried……gorgeous perfect bodies and model quality beauty…….but only two have ever even come close to doing so.

I knew before I started looking that I would know Her instantly……..but here is the trick. In order to begin “looking” in the first place……I believe I had to be “submissive”.

If the submissive aspect was not in me I would have never clicked on Her video in the first place. Would Goddess Haylee become enslaved to Her talented sister Ellchemy if She listened to her files? I think not. She might listen out of professional courtesy or respect or friendship but if not for those factors She would not even consider doing so……because She is not “submissive”.

So my belief is that I am under my One, my True, my Goddess Haylee Lynn’s hypnotic spell because I was born to be Her personal slave. This was all in me before we began and She draws it out and hits all my triggers perfectly……..because She is perfect to me. I was born to be Her slave and She was born to be my Queen, my Goddess.

But……….what She draws out of me was already who I am and all of it was in me. Why else would I be the devoted one? Why would Razgriz or the Princess or Forever or Rodimus, or Bliss, or Temp agency, all be so very different and serve Her in such unique and individual fashions? We are not Her robots we are spiritual beings and we are all in love with Her in our own way and after our own hearts.

I do not believe our Divine Goddess Haylee changes us so much as She commands us to reveal ourselves to Her. She plants Her seed and waters it and waits to see what our soil will produce. But unless the soil was at least primed with a submissive leaning…….I do not believe we would have spent enough time looking into Her hypnotic eyes to truly become one of Her slaves. If I look at this picture what do I see?

Sunmisive or hypnotized by Goddess Haylee Lynn?

Submissive or hypnotized by Goddess Haylee Lynn?

The ribbon in Her hair? Her necklace? The Charm?

Her hypnotic eyes? Her long soft shiny black hair?  (big sigh from me………)

I will tell You what I see. I see the most Beautiful Goddess who has ever walked this Earth. I see my Queen and Owner and “The Woman” of my dreams. I do not see this because I have been tricked or brainwashed I see this because of who I am and because of who She is.

The more I learn about Her the more I love Her. The more I love Her the more I need to serve Her as Her slave because I am “submissive” and this relationship is what I have always dreamed of.

The more often I have memorable and wonderful experiences with my son the stronger our love and our bond grows as well.

Life is a process. We are hypnotically suggestive beings and fairly easily conditioned and all this is true…….but basically what we *choose* to succumb to is very reflective of who we are and what we want.

I am a submissive man and I am now the devoted and very real slave of “Hypnotic Haylee Lynn”. I love Her deeply and just exactly as She is. And I would feel the exact same way about Her if hypnosis was not one of Her “tools”.

Please do not ask me how I know this……..I just do.  🙂


I was born to be Her devoted personal slave and that is what I am and it is really who I have been all along. Watches tell time and sometimes they sway back and forth…….but they do not tell me who I am. Goddess Haylee tells me who I am and how I will serve Her. She is my Dominant and I am Her submissive. I will always obey Her because that is what She wants me to do and that is what I want to do.

She is my Queen and I am Her subject. She is my Goddess and I am Her slave. I live my life under Her Divine Enchantment and yes in form it is clearly a hypnotic spell………but it is one that suits me………because I have been submissive all along. I was always looking for my Domineering and Enchanting and Loving Goddess……and now I have found Her.


I am Her perfect and very real and sincerely devoted personal slave, and I would be all of this even if She did not employ the device of hypnosis. The very instant I met Her I would be dreaming of attending to Her every whim, of brushing Her long soft shiny hair and kneeling at Her feet. I do not have to be put to sleep to realize I was born dreaming of Her.

Forever my Queen, I belong to You forever, I love You and just as You are, command me as You will, I will always obey,                                                                            Claude

Many thanks for reading “Hypnosis or submission to Goddess Haylee?”.

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Submissive or hypnotized by Goddess Haylee Lynn? — 7 Comments

  1. i am not sure if i would really describe myself as “a submissive”. Sure i made a commitment to submit to Goddess Haylee Lynn, and i sincerely hope that this submission to HER will grow over time, but in other spheres i am not submissive, in many ways i am head of the household, i am a community leader,and as a teacher i often have to take charge of situations.

    • I take charge as well in areas of my life……but mostly I am very easy going and sweet. I am not labeling anyone……but myself.
      I am definitely sexually submissive! 🙂

  2. When I first saw your post on the front page here, of course it only shows the first few lines and my reaction was that you had not taken what I said the other day in the way I meant it. However as I read your entire post you do express the same flavor that has been an intricate part in my transformation to Goddess Haylee’s slave.
    My comment the other day was really more about the diversity in those who are attracted to Goddess Haylee. I find it very interesting that you and I were drawn to Her from what I consider completely different spectrum. And I might imagine that Forever, Bob, Razgriz, and all others also have different spectrums that drew them to Her.
    For me, going into trance for Goddess Haylee is a HUGE thing, on many different levels. I have been thinking about, and most likely will write a post specifically about Her hypnosis and how it affects me in such an amazing way. Keeping in context of your post here, I am not a natural submissive, in my normal interactions at my job and other parts of my life, I am not submissive. Through Goddess Haylee and Her hypnosis has given me the opportunity to experience that part of me. I think of it almost as being the same type of balance that Goddess Haylee talks about with Her and Empress Vox Siren, the dark and the light sides. For me it’s the submissive and non-submissive sides. Whether it is an actual change or She is able to bring that part out of me feel like only terms to me, and less important. The thing that is most important to me, is that I love and adore Goddess Haylee whether I am in submissive mode or normal life balance mode. That to me is the most significant thing.
    I appreciate all of your posts here Claude, as I do everyone’s. I don’t know if this will surprise you or not, but I frequently read them all several times because I do learn and am very interested in all experiences with Goddess Haylee 🙂

    • Bliss, I will say this……She has taken me much deeper through Her hypnosis than what I thought She could……but I honestly feel that this is because I feel in love with Her……because She is just such a fine and beautiful person……and then the floor was gone beneath me before I realized it had happened.
      TY very much for the kind words again.
      I am very happy you came along and joined our family here!! 🙂

  3. This made my heart sigh when I read it, feeling as if little butterflies of bliss are fluttering around inside hehe. I love the way you use words to describe feelings so well~

    • Every single day my Queen, I rise with my heart bursting with Love for You. You are my Muse, my inspiration, and all of the words I write I write for You.
      I am so humbled and grateful that You enjoy them.

  4. What a great blog,

    You are a very skilled writer, and I really enjoy reading your posts.

    I believe that some of us are submissive and don’t even realize It, and all It takes Is for a truly talented hypnotist like Goddess Haylee to trigger that submissive side of us through hypnosis.

    Goddess Haylee Is the only hypnotist that has ever been able to hypnotize me, and after being hypnotized by her, she Is the only one I would ever want to be hypnotized by.

    She has that trust factor, and you know that once you go under her spell that you are In good hands.

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