The Accident

The Accident

A work of fiction

It all started out quite a normal day. I was driving along this country road. There normally isn’t any other traffic on it. Then I saw a pretty little girl. She must have been about 7 years old. “A bit young to be out on her own.” I though to myself. She was lovely, with her hair in golden ringlets and big blue eyes. She was taking her dog for a walk on a lease. Well actually it looked more like the dog was taking her for a walk! I was just up next to then, when suddenly the dog pulled her out into the road. “Christ” I thought, and I swerved to avoid them. Then BANG! Then nothing. Complete silence. no noise, no light, just darkness.

I finally woke up. I found myself looking into the eyes of someone very familiar. A pair of bright, green, intelligent eyes was looking into my eyes over the top of her glasses.

The Accident

The Accident

“Is she all right? The little girl with the dog?”

“Yes my sweet pet. They are both fine.”

“And where am I?”

“Hush my dear, sweet slave. You need to sleep. Sleep is good for you. Sleep deeply for me.”

She ran her soft gentle hand through my hair, and I fell asleep again.

When I woke again, she was next to me still. She fed me some soup.

“I can’t feel my feet Goddess Haylee Lynn.”

“That’s because you have no feet, my dear sweet slave, you lost them in the accident.”

“This isn’t right. I should be serving you, not you serving me.”

“Just trust me and do as I say. You trust me don’t you?”

“Of course Goddess, you know I trust you completely.”

“In that case, just go with the flow. Trust in me and everything will be OK.”

“What about my family. Can I see my children?”

“No my dear I am afraid you can’t.”

“Goddess, may I see myself in a mirror please?”

“Of course my sweet slave.”

She brought a mirror to me, and I looked in it. I looked so white.

“I’m so pale.”

“Yes you lost a lot of blood. You missed the little girl and her dog but you went smack into an enormous truck coming the other way. It was a horrendous accident. It wasn’t anyone’s fault. But you did the right thing avoiding the little girl. I am proud of you.”

“Was anyone else hurt?”

“No my sweet, the truck driver was well protected by his high cabin. Now sleep again.”

And so it went on. My Goddess was always there right by my side every time I woke up. She would always comfort me, talk for me for a while and eventually send me back to sleep. Although I missed being able to run, jump, swim – even walk, I was blissfully happy spending time with my Goddess.

But as time went by, things just didn’t seem to add up. Why was it that she was the only person I ever saw in this hospital? How did she always know when I would wake up? Why did I look so pale? Why did I always feel so cold?

Eventually I could stand it no more. I just had to ask her!

“Goddess. Please tell me. Where am I? What is going on here?”

She sat down beside me. She took my hand in hers. I could see her fighting back the tears.

“Oh my poor sweet, sweet, slave. You didn’t survive that accident. You didn’t stand a chance. Because you served me so loyally and faithfully for all those years, I am looking after you now. I am preparing you for the next stage of the eternal cycle of death and rebirth. This will be our last conversation here. When you wake up again, it will be as a little child, a little baby. But don’t worry. You will find your way back to me. You will find yourself serving me once again, just like you should. So my dear. Don’t worry. Everything will be fine again. Sleep for me, one last time my dear.”

With this she moved her hand down over my face, and my eyes closed. She kissed each of my eyelids in turn one after another. I felt a lovely warm feeling run through my body. It had been the first time I had felt warm since the accident. Then nothing again, but a warm, serene feeling and…..

The End

Disclaimer: I am not really dead!

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