Journey into belonging to Goddess Haylee

Journey into belonging to Goddess Haylee. This is going to be a continuing blog-review of my journey towards GODDESS Haylee. She is the one and only bdsm mistress. To start with I can tell you that I am male, not so young any more. I have a bulk of experience in real bdsm. However not in on-line-relations and not in hypnosis. Still, since I began my bdsm-activities being controlled always had some … Continue reading

Review of Aching Love-a review by Lucid

"Aching Love" as reviewed by Lucid

Review of Aching Love. A review by Lucid Recently I purchased Hypnotic Haylee’s enticingly named ‘Aching Love’ recording. I noticed just how full my hypnotic library was of ‘love/addiction’ themed sessions.  In truth, I’ve never fully trusted my emotions. The closer I seem to get to the naked flesh of my feelings, the more troublesome and labyrinthine they appear to become.  For example, since adulthood I cannot recall ever crying because I … Continue reading

Aching Love – a wonderful MP3 from Goddess Haylee Lynn

  Aching Love My life is so up and down! For the last few weeks I have been struggling to cope with two jobs. Now they have both finished, and I am unemployed again. Hopefully only until January, when hopefully most teaching work should come through. Still at least it gives me time to catch up with things here. I bought Goddess Haylee Lynn a Christmas Present yesterday. Also I … Continue reading

Goddess Haylee and Her Merciful Aching Love

Virtual teddy bear

Goddess Haylee and Her Merciful Aching Love This post is about chastity, love, mercy, and helpless aching desire for the most gorgeous and irresistible Goddess who has ever graced this Earth. In short it is a post about my Divine and Incomparable Goddess Haylee Lynn.    Yesterday my Goddess granted Her perfect chastity slave Her gracious mercy to use what has become Her sole and exclusive property. I say “use”…… … Continue reading

Loving Goddess Haylee, Loving Myself

The Good Slave

This post is about Love, it is not a review about “Aching Love” the new MP3 our Divine Goddess Haylee Lynn has just released because She has commanded Her devoted and perfect slave to purchase a body spray before listening and my little one is here anyway. So the file will wait a short while……..but my love and devotion for the most beautiful Goddess who has ever graced this Earth is … Continue reading

New Love And Addiction Erotic Hypnosis Mp3 ” Aching Love”


New Love And Addiction Erotic Hypnosis Mp3 ” Aching Love” Laying back, relaxing, and listening to my velvety voice caressing your mind is going to cause you to effortlessly drift down deeply in to trance. Your love for me shall grow, and certain triggers and post hypnotic suggestions will heighten your love and addiction to me. This is a very sensual, teasing file. I use my irresistible voice to reach … Continue reading