My Sensual Software

My Sensual Software

This post is about addiction. I have never considered myself the addictive type…….I do not enjoy drugs or alcohol over much and never did smoke…..I am careful what I eat or drink and so when the word “addicted” first come up for me as regards my surrender to my Incomparable Goddess Haylee Lynn I remember cringing a bit and not feeling so good about it.

Really? I am ADDICTED? I thought addiction was unhealthy? I do not want to be unhealthy!

Lets go to the Dictionary technique.

Addiction…..compulsive engagement in rewarding behavior despite ADVERSE consequences………….

Now wait a minute here. Are we judging D/s sexuality if we are calling it *adverse*?

Would we call a married couple who has vanilla sex 5 times a week………long and passionate love making sessions…..”compulsive” or “addicted” or consider their behavior “adverse”.

No………….I think most would say……congratulations on a healthy sex life!!!

I have been pursuing Dominant Woman for over 30 years!!! I fucking ADORE my GODDESS and was deeply in love with and enslaved to my former Mistress as well. I did not say I was *addicted* to her……I said I was in LOVE with her and that is the honest truth.

On my journey with my Divine and Irresistible Goddess Haylee Lynn we have tried many different versions of what works for us…….we tried chastity for a time for instance……but it is a journey and things ebb and flow and they change……..such is the nature of life and relationships……nothing stands still and even a flower will bloom differently year after year…and there have been so many times when I truly ache and crave connection with my Goddess that I can no longer count them…….but there is nothing *adverse* about any of it and not even close.

Being submissive is just My Sensual Software.

I love surrender. I love feeling Her Power. I love melting beneath the will of a True Dominant.

Command Me Please

Command Me Please

The reason it comes up time and time again is because that is what sexually happens to a healthy body.
Sexual energy rises in a healthy body…….and the more healthy it is……the more often it will present itself.
In my humble opinion……addiction has nothing to do with it.

Gay folks get aroused by the same sex…….heterosexual folks get aroused by the opposite sex……..submissive folks get aroused by Dominants of their gender choice. If we label one *healthy* and another one *addictive* I think that is a good clue we are judging and have lost discernment.

We could label My Sensual Software all kind of things if we care too……and I really do not care.

Goddess Worship Fetish……Female Domination Fetish……Kinky……Freaky……Different……Whatever.
But please do not tell me I am “addicted” because I will disagree with you.

I like being in LOVE. I like having lots and lots of healthy sex with my healthy body. I do not even need a partner to have healthy, wonderful, fabulous and multiple orgasms.

I LOVE myself…….I LOVE my GODDESS …….and I LOVE sex.

I find nothing whatsoever that is addictive or adverse about any of that. 🙂

Thank You for being You my Goddess Haylee Lynn.

Triple Play

Sweet Surrender to my Sweet, Sensual Goddess.

Thank You for complimenting My Sensual Software so perfectly. 🙂

Your loving and devoted slave, Claude

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