Better to Receive than Give – Bliss

It Is Better to Receive than Give - Bliss

Better to Receive than Give – Bliss In practically every one of Goddess Haylee Lynn‘s MP3’s she instructs me that her pleasure is my ultimate pleasure. It is part of at least two mantras that I have memorized and recite daily, “Haylee’s pleasure is my ultimate pleasure.” Over and over again I hear it. Over and over again I say it, “Haylee’s pleasure is my ultimate pleasure,” “Haylee’s pleasure is my … Continue reading

Theory of Haylian Origins

Theory of Haylian Origins. Have you ever had the feeling that you have known someone forever, yet have only known them for a very short time? A sense of familiarity. A kindred spirit type of feeling. A feeling that screams out from the magnetic poles of your soul, unto theirs and seemingly draws you into them? A connection that can’t be explained? That is the feeling that I get each … Continue reading

You make Me So Happy Goddess Haylee

I have known an Angel.

You make Me So Happy Goddess Haylee I woke up this morning full of happiness and joy as I do every morning now all because of you “Goddess Haylee“. You already know how great you truly are. I am sitting here basking in your bliss as usual. Oh how good it feels to just think about you, and what an awesome person you are. I just had to express the … Continue reading

Surrender, Freedom and Creativity


Surrender, Freedom and Creativity “Surrender, Freedom and Creativity” is about many things I suppose. I am feeling warm and happy. I love surrendering to all of that. I love surrendering too, to the sexy Domineering GODDESS of my dreams. I have been *submissive* all of my life. I did not realize it fully until well into my 20’s……. over 30 years ago now……. 🙂 So I have also begun a few … Continue reading

21 Days of Bliss

21 Days of Bliss This post is about my most recent 21 days……days spent in loving devotion and surrender to……..Bliss. 🙂 As it turns out…..these 21 days of bliss was not immersion into hypnosis and sexual surrender to my Divine and Incomparable Goddess Haylee Lynn ……although She was frequently on my mind and *with* me. It was immersion into my role as Father to my 5 year old who was … Continue reading

The Divine Goddess

The Divine Goddess This post is about serving The Divine Goddess and how much better our World…..our Planet…..and our Spiritual ascension as a “human race” would be if this concept was embraced at a deeper level. Some say that in 2012 we entered into the Astrological Age of Aquarius and departed the Age of Pisces. Not a moment too soon I am hoping because the Age of Aquarius is supposed … Continue reading

Thanks to Goddess Haylee


Thanks to Goddess Haylee I give Thanks for everything Goddess Haylee. I love being here in your house under your control. Right where I belong. I am so addicted to this place. Just saying hi to you Goddess, and to everyone here. Just got home for a short while. Have to be back on the road again Sunday morning. My body is so worn out. I have to get used … Continue reading

Merry Christmas Divine Empire!!!

Merry Christmas Divine Empire

Merry Christmas Divine Empire!!! “Merry Christmas Divine Empire” is for wishing a very Merry Christmas to each and every one here in the Divine Empire of our Incomparable Goddess Haylee Lynn! This is a very special blog for me as I have reached a certain understanding in my Heart and in my Sacred Journey with my GODDESS and a deeply personal feeling of warmth is in me as I write … Continue reading

Cycles and Stages

Cycles and Stages This post is about the cycles we all go through……life cycles…..monthly cycles…….and the stages of surrender and submission I have experienced in my almost 2 years of enslavement to my Divine and Incomparable Goddess Haylee Lynn. She has my Heart now and I can turn to Her in so many ways that it sometimes amazes me. I am no spring chicken…..and yet at times She has made … Continue reading

My Goddess Lifted me.

This post is about shifting energy……about being in a less than happy place for a bit of time……and then finding something or someone who lifts you out of that space and into higher vibration. No surprise to the readers of IHWT…..but yesterday my lift came from my Divine and Incomparable Goddess Haylee Lynn. As it turns out I had a pretty exhausting day and had just experienced a long tiring … Continue reading