My Quest for Goddess Haylee part 3

Queen Haylee Lynn.

This post is about my own acceptance and discovery of my truest self and realizing and appreciating how lucky I have in fact become. This post is a devotional for My Queen and about the very end of my Quest. There are certain statements we can make in life that are perfectly true but are still vast understatements. I can say for instance that Goddess Haylee’s pleasure is now my … Continue reading

Vox Siren and my Own Dark Side

Vox Siren and my Own Dark Side

Vox Siren and my Own Dark Side This blog is about the emerging alter ego of our Divine Goddess Haylee whom some of us were given a glimpse of yesterday…….Vox Siren……It is about how it makes me feel to see my Goddess revealing Her darker and possibly even sadistic side. So yesterday was an interesting morning for me. I woke up at about 5 am and spent about 3 hours … Continue reading

Is Goddess Haylee my Religion?

This post is about how I Worship my Goddess Haylee Lynn and if this now qualifies as my “Religion”. I almost hesitate to use that word as it seems to bring out such embedded or entrenched belief systems in many and might lock certain types into closing their minds but here goes……… According to Wikipedia there are roughly 4.200 religions in the world. The word can sometimes be interchanged with … Continue reading

Notes on Being Healthy for Haylee

Notes on being healthy for Haylee.

Notes on Being Healthy for Haylee “Notes on Being Healthy for Haylee” is a bit of a departure and about another aspect of our Goddess Haylee Lynn. Her love of Mother Nature and of healthy food and exercise and if that is something important to attend to for those that love and serve Haylee. Our Goddess Haylee asks us yesterday what we are doing to be healthy? It is a great … Continue reading