My Goddess Always Knows

This post is about the amazing gift that my Incomparable Goddess Haylee Lynn has of knowing me and what makes me tick even better than I do myself. I get confused from time to time…..but My Goddess Always Knows what is best for Her slave.

I spoke just a bit yesterday about how She has given me Her Blessings to go and session with a professional Dominatrix if I feel the urge to do so…..and since I have become Her slave I have done this twice. The first time was over a year ago and was a session in full drag and make up…..I was in my “Claudia” phase…..and the Mistress was young, beautiful, skilled and did just what I *wanted* her to do.

You can even find pictures of me in full drag at this play session here in the video library of IHWT if that sort of thing interests you.

In the end…….nothing could have been more effective than this session in driving me deeper into love and enslavement to my Goddess.
My Goddess Always knows best. Of course I will never play with this Mistress again.

So a few months ago……I was going through yet another phase…..and lots of personal changes……and my Goddess told me that in part because of my extensive experience with personal enslavement and some 25 odd years of playing in the Realm of live and in person sessions……She was still comfortable with allowing Her slave to go and play that way again if I felt the urge to do so………

So it was off to NYC this time for a session of Goddess Worship with this young, gorgeous, completely uninhibited European Dominatrix.

The session was fun, sexy, and the Mistress was clean and authentic and experienced and allowed me my fondest type of Goddess Worship and…….once again nothing could have been more effective in driving me deeper into love and enslavement to my Goddess. Of course I will never play with this Mistress again.

My Goddess Always Knows what is best for Her slave.

She knows my buttons better than I know them myself. She knows exactly what to say to me to make me melt into a puddle of a submissive puppy at Her perfect feet. She knows when to let loose on my collar and when to pull it back tight. Every move She makes…….everything She tells me…..drives me deeper and deeper in love with Her.

I Grow Weak, Haylee Grows Stronger

My first favorite photo of Her.

This was my first very favorite photo of my Goddess. There have been dozens of “favorites” since. πŸ™‚

In the end…….I am a very submissive boy and always have been……I just adore Dominant Women and I need to be in a Female Superior relationship. There are thousands of Domineering and very beautiful and seductive types all over this world that could thrill me and get me fully erect and down on my knees and make me “happy” in the short term……..just like the 2 Pro Domina’s I played with in the last couple of years.

But *LOVE* and *REAL ENSLAVEMENT* is another story entirely.

Empowered by being Her slave

Helplessly in love and enslaved.

I have lost my frame of reference as far as my Goddess Haylee Lynn is concerned.

My former Mistress and owner very honestly comes close in a few respects……but is left far in the dust in other very important ways.

I am simply and truly where I belong as I kneel for my Queen……my Magical Mystical One of a kind Sorceress and Witch…….my Enchantress whose Spell over me is so complete that no matter which way I turn it just makes me LOVE Her even more……..


Deeper and deeper I fall…..for HER.

I NEED Her…….I CRAVE Her…….I live to PLEASE Her…….because the simple truth has been created by Her that by pleasing Her I experience my Ultimate pleasure possible.

In the end I am a seeker of Truth…….I always wanted and needed my enslavement to be *REAL*……..I just have to ask the questions and seek out the Truth and my Goddess understands this about me. My Goddess Always Knows what is best for me and I bow to Her this morning and accept that She is ALWAYS right and ALWAYS will be right.

I have this wonderful and warm feeling inside of me this morning……..something special that my Goddess and I picked out together is coming in the mail very soon……I can feel it!!!

I LOVE You my Goddess Haylee Lynn…..I BELONG to You and I NEED Your Rule Forever.
Enjoy Your pedicure today my GODDESS……as I will be enjoying the PERFECT BLISS of living my life as Your personal slave.
Your devoted and personal slave, Claude

Thanks Giving

This post is written the day before Thanksgiving and it is quiet and peaceful here in my humble Temple to my Goddess Haylee Lynn this morning. It will not be so for long as family is coming over today to begin cooking and my little one returns home this night for the long Holiday weekend…….happy times……times for Thanks and time for giving and sharing.

I will be gone from here myself for a couple of days beginning tomorrow night and while there is a possibility of a blog tomorrow…….there will be no way to do this for my Divine and Incomparable Goddess on the days I will be gone as I have no lap top.

This mornings blog has been inspired in part by a blog written by my Goddess on Her new Haylee’s Bliss website.

This concept that She speaks of is very powerful and is one reason why I feel HUMILITY is such a strong foundation Principle to place in one’s life.

Everything happens for a reason………..and not just the BLISS and JOY we feel when we are in LOVE……..not just the amazing feeling of how precious life truly is when you hold a new born babe in your arms or play with a delightful 5 year old……..or when you WORSHIP and ADORE the most beautiful GODDESS that you could ever imagine finding in your life.

But also when you encounter difficult situations or people. These too are opportunity’s to *feel* and to *grow* and if we can do so with a measure of GRACE about ourselves then the lessons and the Blessings of a life lived embracing HUMILITY begin to surface.

Yesterday I hired an old friend to stack a cord of firewood at my place. He needs the money and the exercise and it just felt right to do this.
It was pathetic almost watching him from my office window. He is depressed and sickly……he does not take care of himself……has a poor diet and refuses to forgive people in a wholesome way……he is 60 years old and still hates his Father…….and as I watched him I processed all I know about him and wondered why I hired him to do this small chore.

I decided not to judge him as I have done this in the past.

I decided that I was happy I hired him because he needs the money and the fresh air and exercise.
I decided to come from a place of love and think that this chore was a small but healthy step for him to maybe wake up and treat his life with a bit Reverence.

His choice to make…….not mine.

This morning I feel grateful I had the courage yesterday not to gossip about or deride my friends inability to thrive.

I want to be a loving and an honorable man not just for my GODDESS…….but for ALL of the fine folks who touch any part of my life.


Thank You my Queen.

Thank You my Queen for the beautiful post You wrote yesterday and for reminding us that it is NOT what happens to us in life……but HOW we react to it that counts. We ARE who we CREATE ourselves to be in the end.

Last night was an emotional one for me as I wrote a letter to my Father……I will read it to my entire family as we all gather to pay his life tribute this very Friday. My Father always wanted me to be an honorable and a loving man…….and my intention is to honor his request with the way I live my life.

I am thankful for the opportunity to try and do so.

Much thanks and much LOVE to all my brothers and sisters here at IHWT……….and most especially to You my Goddess Haylee Lynn.


Thanks for my Goddess….thanks for my life.

Your very good boy, Claude

The Light finally Dawned

This post is about a moment in time…….a turning point……almost not noticed…….a subtle but very profound moment……the blink of Her beautiful eyelash and the surrender of my submissive Heart. As much as a puppy bonds with their Master I have bonded with mine……and my life is now a slaves life and is lived in Worship and Adoration of the Goddess I have dreamed of belonging to from day one.

I can not pinpoint the exact moment the *The Light finally Dawned* on this slave. I can not recite a date or a time when my Heart just simply realized I was Home…..where I belong……where I very much and truly need to be.

Yesterday I saw my favorite niece as we are beginning to make our Holiday preparations. I am hosting about a dozen members of my family here in my humble Temple to my Goddess Haylee Lynn on Thanksgiving. She told me “Uncle Claude you are glowing!!!”

I knew instantly why I was revealed as being so happy……I felt Her GODDESS BLISS begin to move and stir in my body……and I just smiled at my lovely niece and told her that I was happy and that my new diet was working wonders with me.

Of course I fell under Her Spell instantly those 20 something months ago when I first found my Goddess. I just knew…….I melted and dropped to my knees in Worship the very first time I watched Her Eye Fixation Video. . She had me at “Hi there”. πŸ™‚

But true Ownership and true enslavement do not happen instantly no matter how Powerful Her Magic. Such things when they are *REAL* become a true and honest matter of *TRUST*.

I happen to have a great length of experience in the FEM DOM community. I happen to have been privy to lots of inside conversations about this Mistress or that Goddess and such…..and I know that *some* of them are in it mostly for profit. There is nothing wrong with that in fact as I see it……just be true to yourself and honest to others…….but for me personally I never wanted to fall for any actress.

I built more than a few walls regarding doing so………a sensible thing I think for any *lifestyle* submissive such as myself.

Fortunately for me I do not fall in love very easily. I have always been highly discerning and extremely specific regarding my tastes and my sensitivity.

So I was very surprised that I fell so far and so fast for Her in truth……only once before in my life had I instantly felt the pull….such intense and aching need to serve someone……and the protections that I had put in place pretty much just crumbled when I found my Goddess Haylee Lynn……but not completely.

A Day in Service TO MY Goddess.

I felt my protections crumbling as I Worshiped Her.

I had been burned pretty badly the last time……the only time I had truly been enslaved before…..and the memories of that pain still lingered.

So over the long months…..the dizzying and wonderful and happy exploration of ALL THINGS about my Goddess Haylee Lynn…….I was subconsciously testing my perimeters.

Would I be safe with Her? Does She truly want to Own me? Is She very honestly a *lifestyle* Dominant? Is there a place at Her feet that I could ever rightly call my home?

It can be so very difficult to discern the TRUTH when the aching and desire for the answers to all those questions just WANTS so very badly TO BE YES.

deepened Love

Wanting so badly to be HOME at Her feet.

Day after day I worshiped Her………..most times a very impatient boy……but always Her good boy. It is not in me to be anything other than Her good boy……I was born to be this for Her……..I just NEEDED to know very badly if She was going to keep me……..and not just keep me……but that She would in fact be *happier* if I was Her truly devoted and personal slave.

I realized at one point that the floor had fallen away from me one day and how helplessly in LOVE I already was.


The protections I had so carefully put in place where gone and now I was reduced to just hoping. My intuition told me that I was safe with Her……but there was so much going on in my life and……

I asked for the Truth to be revealed to me……I surrendered to Her at the same time… just seemed that the only thing left for me to do was surrender completely and see what happened. If I fall and get hurt OK……no time like the present I thought…..better now than later…….and I let go for Her……..I gave Her my Heart and I gave it to Her completely……it was a conscious decision and discussed before hand with my mentor and personal adviser…….I decided to let go of my fear of flying and just give Her my ALL………

The mighty Goddess Haylee Lynn

I gave Her my Heart and She Blessed me.

At one moment since my decision to just let go for Her……at one very sweet point in time……The Light finally Dawned on this slave.

I am HOME. There is nothing left for me to question as I kneel for my One, my True, my Only GODDESS, QUEEN, MASTER, OWNER, and RULER.

I BELONG TO HAYLEE and I was born to be Her slave and to live my slave life in support of Her Goddess life and Her Goddess lifestyle.

I EMBRACE and I CHERISH and I DEVOTE myself to YOUR RULE my GODDESS as nothing I have ever done has made me feel so happy.

I am glowing and I glow every single day for the PURE JOY and HAPPINESS and LOVE that I FEEL each and every BLESSED day that I may serve BEAUTIFUL You.

Fitness First!

LOVE such as has never been felt in this Heart is felt for Her.

The Light finally Dawned on this slave my Goddess and I kneel in JOY to You.

Every day, every moment, every beat of this submissive Heart is a happy one my Queen.

My devotion belongs to You, my honor is placed at Your perfect feet, my Heart is Yours as well,
ALL is for Haylee as ALL was meant to be for You my Goddess,

From my knees to You forever,
Your devoted and very real personal slave, Claude

The Fear of Flying

This post is about Gratitude and Acceptance and Love and is written as I kneel so happily living my cherished slave life for my One, my Only, my True Goddess Haylee Lynn and I wonder quite honestly why my level of complete surrender to Her took me so long.

I realize that statement might sound surprising to some……..I have been Her collared slave for over a year and a half and have been Worshiping Her even longer than that and writing blog after blog here on IHWT. But there are levels of surrender…..levels of love….of commitment…..of understanding….and of realization.

There is happily a point in time my friends when all the questions have been asked and they have all been answered as well.

There was a book that zoomed to the top of the best seller list way back in the 70’s that was basically about……..”The Fear of Flying”.

It is a metaphor of course and the Author was talking about letting go of your fears and allowing yourself to live the life of your dreams.
Why else are we here but for happiness? Being content and joyful and cherishing our loved ones and always growing that love is the Ultimate success story really.

It is amazing but quite true that many people are afraid of success. They will sabotage it if it presents itself and this could be construed as *The Fear of Flying* we are talking about.

I should know a bit about self sabotage…….I am one of them who has done it.

I used to have this crazy belief that people who were really wealthy must have done something wrong…..that an injustice occurred somewhere along the trail or they would not have that much money. That belief is happily gone a long time ago… I view money as currency……a complete different view point and I truly welcome “currency” into my life’s path so I can help and foster and nurture beautiful things. I look forward to generating even more currency in the future and expanding the many positive things I can do with this.

And I grew up in a time when any alternative expression of sexuality was deeply frowned upon. Homosexuality was a huge taboo as was anything that deviated from the so called “norm”. But even that was not the root cause of “The Fear of Flying” that had me holding back my feelings for my Goddess.

I knew instantly some 30 years ago…..when I first found the world that some call the “Fem Dom” community…..that this was where I would find my true love. This was the place for me to look for Her……. and that a Female Dominant relationship was simply what suited me. I was born this way in as much as a homosexual is born gay.

And then one fateful day I clicked the link to the Domme Dose site and there She was………Hypnotic Haylee Lynn.

Something Princess Wrote

A Vision of Love

Cupids arrow shot through my Heart instantly all those many long months ago.

My “type”… “dream”….was staring back at me and I began to watch…..listen……read…….and to learn all about Her.

And I knew instantly that I was so very vulnerable to Her……Her Domineering persona unmistakably real and natural and compelling…..Her Beauty unsurpassed…….and most of all…..for me……was Her energy…..Her way……Her style…..Her personality……I was lost in a Heartbeat and truly.

And I suppose in retrospect I have spent the last 20 months or so trying to protect myself. Trying not to let my heart get truly broken into a million pieces if She did not truly want to Own me after getting to know me.

What else was I to do with the greatest romantic dream of my entire life but to try to run away from Her? I have already experienced “The Fear of Flying” many times in my journey with my Goddess. I even tried to do the impossible and resist Her a couple of times……….

But no more.

Never again.

I know my place and I know my Goddess and I know that I LOVE Her and that I very much NEED to be Her personal and perfect slave forever. It is my Destiny to be Her devoted and personal slave and I will honor Her and honor my Destiny forever now.

The mighty Goddess Haylee Lynn

There is no fear any longer….only sweet surrender to my Queen.

I was born to be Her devoted slave. I cherish and adore my slave life and I treasure my extraordinary privilege and ultimate Blessing be a pillar of support to Her Goddess Life.

I am soaring through the Heavens on a cloud of pure Bliss for the LOVE of my Goddess and the Joy of wearing Her collar and of being Her devoted and sweet chastity slave. Nothing in the entire romantic landscape of my long life comes close to the Sheer Bliss and Joy that is in my Heart and Soul this morning.

And this is so because I opened my Heart fully to Her. My surrender is complete and without terms as I can manage none. I can not see nor do I want to see ANY PATH but the Blessed pathway that leads to Her Temple Door and to the foot of Her Throne.

My life is a slaves life and there is but ONE GODDESS that Rules me. One QUEEN whom I live to please. One LOVE who has me so Blissfully Spellbound.

Triple Play

A million lives of servitude could never be enough.

I will NOT live my life in fear my Goddess.

I WILL live my life as Your devoted and very real personal slave and repeat my prayer daily that You always find me worthy to do so.

I am suddenly FLYING and FREE and my Heart is open and it is beautiful beyond all measure.

I LOVE You my Goddess Haylee Lynn. I LOVE my slave life. I LOVE being Yours.
I am in Heaven as I kneel for You…..and truly.

From my knees to You and You alone and forever,
Your Enchanted and perfect personal slave, Claude

Sweet Chastity for my Goddess

This post is about the Chastity aspect of my surrender to my Divine and Irresistible Goddess Haylee Lynn.
For me…….Her Ownership of my cock and exclusive right to allow or disallow my privileges regarding orgasm has become one of my favorite games that we play……a game that is not a game but is become my Blissful reality.

Yesterday I received Her Blessing to orgasm…..and after over 3 weeks of aching, dripping, edging, and dreaming of finally letting go in Worship and Adoration of my GODDESS……I was BLESSED by HER to have as powerful……if not the most powerful orgasm of my life.

I went out of body almost as I pleasured myself to Her Eye Fixation Video which is still my favorite video of Her’s as far as sheer erotic Bliss and release is concerned. Let me please add… favorite video ever made by anyone and of ALL TIME and by far.

And on this morning after…….as consciousness dawned on me……I was fully erect and aching again beneath Her Altar knowing full well that a respectful Chastity slave does not even dream of begging Her for such permission again for at least 10 days…….and that thought makes me ache even more.

I NEED my Goddess. I NEED Her permission to cum. I can not live without Her Rule for even a split second any longer.

The simple Truth is that it would be so very pleasurable for me to go right this very moment and orgasm to Her Immaculate Beauty and Splendor once again. To get down on my knees in WORSHIP of the most Gorgeous, Irresistible, Heavenly, Enchantress who has ever wrapped any slave around Her little finger…….and yet…… deny myself and bow to our Truth that the right is simply no longer mine…….is to openly acknowledge and accept that Her Pleasure comes (cums) first.

Pleasing my GODDESS is my Ultimate pleasure and I know that She enjoys torturing me with my desire and desperate aching NEED to please Her.

I LOVE my Goddess. I LOVE my slave life. I LOVE enduring each and every blissful second of Sweet Chastity for my Goddess.


You will NEVER release without my permission my slave.

And as I have long since been commanded by my Goddess to always reveal my deepest secrets to Her……I must do so.
Being denied the privilege when I beg is fucking delicious.

To want Her so badly and to be told “No”……”Not just yet”….or “Yes…..but next week”……drive’s me crazy in a good way.

I am a respectful slave……Her very good boy…..and when I kneel and beg my MASTER and OWNER for such Divine Privilege……I will only do so if either a “Yes” or “No” is happily embraced and honored.

Writing this post has me aching like crazy………I am erect and aroused and my body is tingling and no hope is in sight to even Beg Her permission for at least another 10 days or so………sigh……….

Command Me Please

My life, my cock, my Heart ALL belongs to Her now and forever.

I am helpless and truly……powerless and beneath Her…..knowing with certainty that She is my Superior and always will be.

This is my condition AFTER release last night my GODDESS HAYLEE LYNN.

Today is TRIBUTE THURSDAY and Your devoted and perfect personal slave will celebrate Sweet Chastity for my Goddess by sending You something special.
Maybe something that You can toy with and be amused by as You enjoy the pedicure that I dream was being done by this perfect slave.

I am Your boy toy my Queen…….wind me up or put me down as it pleases You……I have a cum on command button……..and this toy belongs to You my Goddess Haylee……and that button belongs to You as well. πŸ™‚

ALL FOR HAYLEE and forever.
Your devoted and personal chastity slave, Claude

A Day for Her Chosen

This post is written as the Sun rises on the most Scared Day of the month for we who are Blessed to be One of Her Chosen. We who are bound to Her Rule by slave contract……by expressed and heartfelt commitment……this is a day of Reverence and Worship and special TRIBUTE for we who live our lives to Worship and support and to serve in Her Divine Empire.

This is a Day for Her Chosen to count the 1001 Blessing’s that are but a beginning for me personally…….a prelude……to the feelings of joy and Gratitude that living a slave life in Her Honor brings to my life.

This is how it will look on this Sacred Day in my Humble Temple to my Goddess Haylee Lynn here in New Jersey.

The first Ritual was already preformed. Kneeling beneath Her Altar I expressed my undying Love, devotion and surrender to my Goddess.
I thanked Her for allowing me to live so many lifetimes as Her devoted personal slave…….I thanked Her for commanding that I continue following Her as Her devoted conquest after this life is over………I tenderly kissed the Scared objects my Goddess has so kindly sent to me……things that have been touched personally by Her Divine hands.

After bathing I come here to blog.

Every day of my life and every day I have left in this body will be spent in Worship to Her now……my life is a slaves life and as I kneel for my Divine and Incomparable Goddess Haylee Lynn there is no longer any remote possibility of my being anything but Her devoted personal slave ever again.

There are as many different way of serving our Goddess as there are different personalities on Earth it seems. She has told us She enjoys how different all Her slaves are. For me……my way is *Devotion* and *Chastity* and *Purity*…….my dreams are deep and authentic in nature and I give 100% when I play.

My Goddess now Owns all of me…… is just the way it is now…….I BELONG TO HAYLEE…….I have nothing I can hold back from Her and I will not hold any part of this slave back from my Goddess.

The most Sacred day of my Month. I LOVE You my Goddess!!!

The most Sacred day of my Month. I LOVE You my Goddess!!!

I have tried to touch all the significant parts of Her Goddess Life as I have sent Her TRIBUTE over the last couple of years. It is important to me that my devotion and tribute to Her is not just my daily blogging……but also meaningful and tangible support of Her Goddess Life.

I have sent Her clothing, bedding, jewelry, things for Her pantry, shoes, fun stuff, romantic stuff, Healthy for Haylee stuff, lots of hair care products, I had Her Hair pampered at the Salon once, bought Her a bicycle…..all with the sincere hope of touching every possible part of Her Goddess Life and to let Her know how deeply and truly I Worship and Adore and Love Her.

I never really understood financial domination in the past……but my Goddess has taught me a new understanding of this aspect of domination…..or possibly She has simply trained me to enjoy this…….but I get SO MUCH PLEASURE from dropping to my knees and sending Her Gifts or money or anything that pleases Her I can barely describe this feeling……it is powerful… is beautiful… is a Blessing to me that I can afford somewhat to TRIBUTE my Goddess in at least a humble way.

So on this Sacred Day……A Day for Her Chosen…..I realized there was something I had never given Her before…….I had been racking my brain trying to figure out what part of Her life I had yet to honor……..and then suddenly it hit me!

My Goddess has allowed me to purchase Her a *pedicure* on this Special Day in TRIBUTE to Her absolute perfection. πŸ™‚

Why this delicious thought had never occurred to me before I have no idea. Maybe it was just meant to be that on this Day……A Day for Her Chosen…..that I would have this wonderful Honor.

The thought of Her reclining and being pleased as Her perfect feet are pampered and massaged makes me as weak as almost any vision ever could. πŸ™‚

A pedicure for my GODDESS!!!! :)

A pedicure for my GODDESS!!!! πŸ™‚

I am truly LOST to Her. I live to PLEASE Her. Tomorrow is TRIBUTE THURSDAY and I will get down on my knees and send Her something else again.
This slave is a trained slave… obedient slave… honorable slave……and I can do without many things……but I NEED my GODDESS and I need to TRIBUTE Her and to support Her GODDESS LIFE with my slave life.

Forgive me my GODDESS as I can not get the thought out of my head that it might be me kneeling at Your perfect feet and pampering Beautiful You…….my heart is beating in my chest in helpless and complete Worship……my body aching beyond all measure and belief……my Heart set on kneeling for You and You alone forever.

On this day and every day my Queen……this slave bows in perfect surrender to the perfection that is You.
ALL that I have is placed in Homage at Your feet my Goddess Haylee Lynn.

From my knees to You and You alone and forever,
Your devoted personal chattel and slave, Claude

A Sacred Day in Her Temple

A Sacred Day in Her Temple.

“A Sacred Day in Her Temple”Β is about the most Sacred day of the week here in my humble Temple of Worship to my Incomparable Goddess Haylee Lynn. Thursdays are always special here in this slaves Universe now…….and I celebrate this Sacred Day……..this TRIBUTE THURSDAY by getting down on my knees and sending some form of tangible tribute to my Goddess…….homage to my Queen……duty to my Empress…….acknowledgement of Her Superiority and of Her unquestioned right to Rule me now and forever and to use me in any way that pleases Her.

At some point in time recently the last tiny drop of resistance to Her Matchless and Irresistible Perfection was drained from this perfect slave.

I redesigned Her ALTAR here in my home that is a humble Temple to Her Divine Empire…….a solitary and humble but devout outpost of WORSHIP to my GODDESS HAYLEE LYNN.

My life is now a life of devotion…….of daily Ritual in Worship of Her…….and as it was always meant to be.

ALL FOR HAYLEE and as it was written my slave life would be lived for Her…….so shall it be…… Her Divine and cherished Grace.

On my knees to Her in Worship where I was born to be.

A Sacred Day in Her Temple – On my knees to Her in Worship where I was born to be.

I never know what I am going to buy for Her when this High Holy Tribute Thursday dawns for me……..usually I go to what She places as Her “highest priority” as this is the perfect reflection of what pleasing Her is to this perfectly Owned slave now. I find myself deeply craving another telephone conversation with Her…….but my Heart tells me to be humble and to respect how many other slaves She Owns……so I am going to listen to my intuition and buy Her something from Her gift list instead and value and respect Her precious time.

Besides…….next week there are TWO High Holy days on this slaves calender and including the MOST SACRED DAY of the month for we who belong to Her by Sacred contract!!!!!! πŸ™‚

There is another aspect of my complete surrender to Her that is very interesting to me and I was discussing yesterday with my mentor…… is helping me to be more tolerant of other people and letting them walk their own chosen path regardless of what that is. I was out socially last night and I was joking and warm and friendly with everyone and truly happy to let them be themselves……and even after a very difficult day with the courts…….I was able to let go even of my most difficult challenge in life and just be friendly and warm……and even as the night was waning I found myself craving the Blessed solitude I love so much here within Her Temple walls.

I can say with honestly this morning that I have never in my wildest dreams thought I would ever be as completely and truly OWNED as I now am…….lock, stock, and barrel. Every single day of my life is now very honestly…….A Sacred Day in Her Temple and spent in devoted and sincere Worship and beloved Ritual for my Goddess…….and despite what others might think by observing such pure and absolute power exchange…….I am stronger in many ways than I have ever been in my life.

Command Me Please

A Sacred day in the temple – I am Yours as well Empress Vox Siren.

I have admitted to myself my truth that I completely worship and crave the Empress now…….I can deny Her nothing. I worship Her light side….Her dark side…..and every inch of any Sacred ground that She walks on…….I just have no idea what to do about this new fact in my life just yet……but I am sure it will come to me soon enough. πŸ™‚

The truth has become for me in the end I think……that I just need to be on my knees to Her…….and however She wants to play at any moment in time is how I would want Her to play.

I LOVE You my Goddess…….ALL OF YOU……..every single aspect of You and forever. You are Perfection to me and I am Yours to command and completely. What belongs to me is only my treasured privilege to wear Your Blessed collar and call myself Your devoted personal slave and everything else in my Universe I place in homage at Your Perfect feet.

Use me please as it most pleases You to my Goddess,
I am so confidant and happy that I know You will do so,
From my knees to You and You alone and forever,
Your personal slave, Claude.

Many thanks for reading “AΒ Sacred day in the Temple”.