My daily devotion, as a father and as a slave.

Brainwashing! The word “Brainwashing” has such bad connotations! As a student and teacher of Politics and History, we learn how Adolf Hitler brainwashed large parts of the German population. We hear how Islamic militants are brainwashed by extreme religious clerics (perverting the real meaning of the islamic religion of course, which, like Christianity, actually teaches its followers to love and respect others). Whenever we hear the word “brainwashing” on the … Continue reading

Daydream of Haylee

I started to write one thing and actually got a couple paragraphs in before I decided that I should write about something completely different. As I sat down to write, I lit my wonderful vanilla candle. This candle is very important to me because Goddess Haylee suggested I get it, and it produces such a delicious vanilla scent. I have been burning it every night since I got it. There … Continue reading

Hypnosis is Erotic

Erotic Hypnosis There is no question that the thing that first attracted me to Goddess Haylee was Her erotic hypnosis. It was that one little tickle in the back of my mind that lured me in to watching Her erotic hypnosis video for the first time. I love to read Goddess Haylee’s words and every night I spend some time reading Her blog posts. Other times I’ll read the descriptions … Continue reading