Acknowledgement: This story is inspired by the photograph that appears in the story, which my Goddess, Haylee Lynn, graciously posted on HER Facebook page.

Eric put on his tracksuit and headed out the door to the loop which he had taken to running later. Eric usually did one warm up lap by walking the first loop before he started a slow trot and eventually moved up to running speed. But this day was different.

A young lady was in front of him. She was about five foot six, with this lovely mass of gorgeous dark hair that fell down her back like a mystical waterfall. She was wearing a tight leotard type material on her lower half that went down to about mid-calf and was clearly dressed for exercise. Her upper half sported a spandex type material that was crossing in the back and up to neck area in the front. Her body was perfect, not too slim and not too fat, and her butt was a perfect heart shape. Eric watched her hips move as she walked and he was fascinated at the way her upper body could remain perfectly erect while all this activity was taking place below the waist. Her hips were swinging and her butt was going back and forth, swinging like a pendulum. Her butt, in his mind almost neared perfection. The next thing he knew he had rounded the corner where his home was and it was time to begin his run. He knew if he ran he would run past her and without a second thought he decided to maintain his distance and watch the wonderful show taking place in front of him.

This same thing happened the next two days in a row and on the fourth day Eric decided to leave a bit earlier in the morning just to beat the woman out and actually get a run in. This time he got by her place without her coming out and he celebrated his small victory. Eric finished his first walking lap and then started his run. Right as he was finishing his second lap she popped out of her house and to his surprise she started running. She seemed to match his speed and he could not take his eyes off her butt. After several laps his legs started to fatigue and he realized she was pulling him along at a pace that was faster than he was accustomed to. Eric decided to slow and just as he did she did too. That was the first time he wondered if she was intentionally placing him behind her all the time.

The next day he waited and started his cardio session ten minutes later than he usually started it. He was confident she was way ahead of him but right as he got close to her building the door popped open and she was suddenly in front of him. He could not take it any more. He broke into a trot and caught up to her and said, “Excuse me. Excuse me.”

She turned and for the first time he noticed her wonderful big, bright, intelligent green eyes, which seem to burn into his very soul. She smiled and said, “Yes my sweet?”

He nervously stumbled over his words as he said, “We seem to be, uh, I mean we’re on the same schedule, and I, and I was wondering if you would like to exercise together.”

She said “Before we continue I must know your name.”

Eric told her his name.

She reached up and ran her fingertips and palm along the left side of his face and said, “Well Eric, you see, I like you behind me. It is quite amusing to watch you struggling not to look at my ass. It is quite hypnotic isn’t it?”

Shivers ran down his spine from where she had touched him straight down to his toes. He replied, “Yes, it is quite hypnotic.”

She took her hand from his face, kissed her pointer finger, then pressed her finger to his lips. She smiled at him still holding his eyes with her eyes and said, “Then why ruin what we have. You just stay behind me and let my hips and ass continue to hypnotize you. Each sway of my ass makes you more and more submissive towards me so just stay behind me where you belong.”

The lady then removed her finger from his lips and began to walk away. When she got about ten feet away she said, “Eric, you may follow now.”

Eric thought “what a Goddess” but turned and followed her anyway. As she led the way, all he could focus on was her behind. Those hips were driving him crazy and she seemed to be giving them a little extra swing.

When she reached her last lap she stopped in front of her doorway and said, “I’ll be heading out tomorrow right at 6 am. I expect to see you here waiting to follow me. Understood?”

He just nodded his head yes and walked back home in a daze. The next morning he was at her door at 5:55 just to make sure he did not miss her. She came out right at 6 am and walked to where he was standing. She said, “Oh good boy. You were here waiting like I told you to. Today you will notice that as you watch my hips sway that your desire for me will become so intense that it will begin to consume your thoughts for the remainder of the day. You may follow now.”

Part of Eric wanted to turn and walk back home from her, but part of him could not wait to see her perfect ass shaking from side to side again. He turned and began to follow. This time he became so fascinated that the next thing he knew she was coming to a stop in front of her door and saying, “I think five laps was enough today. I will see you here tomorrow at 6 am.”

Eric said, “Okay, I will be here.”

She smiled and as she turned to head back into her apartment she said, “I know you will.”

That morning he was so consumed with visions of her ass that he missed his turning on the highway and had to circle back around to get to his office. Instead of working on the art designs for his client he doodled pictures of his mysterious workout partner. He had always been artistic, and drawing something that he was really good at.

The next morning he was eagerly waiting. He excitedly wondered what she would tell him to think about this day as they walked together but several yards apart. She came out of her place and said, “I like a punctual man. By this point you will do just about anything for me so on this morning’s walk I want you to watch my ass and feel yourself falling under my spell. Each sway of my hips will make you fall deeper and deeper under my spell.”

Eric was just about to tell himself she was crazy when it occurred to him that he would do anything she asked and he was in fact falling under her spell. He said to himself, “Maybe this lady is not as crazy as I thought she was. She seems to have me figured out and is manipulating me into thinking about her all the time.”

She turned and as she did Eric eagerly prepared himself for their morning walk. Each step that morning made Eric feel like he was losing himself. He was having trouble thinking about anything but the different ways he could please her if he was ever given the opportunity. He wanted her so badly that his body ached with desire. This time when the walk came to an end she said, “I have tickets to see an Elvis Presley impersonator tonight. You will be here on my doorstep at 7 pm to pick me up as my date, OK.”

He said “Of course, thank you so much, I’ll look forward to it all day.”

She caressed his face like she had so many days earlier and said, “That’s my submissive little boy. I am looking forward to this evening; and not just the Elvis Presley show but the whole evening.”

When he arrived a few minutes before 7 pm she said, “Punctual as usual; that’s a good boy.”

He did not know what to say so he thanked her for telling him he is a good boy. She said, “We have an hour before we leave. Come inside.” She led him inside. The room was lit by a number of candles, that burned with a vanilla essence which almost overpowered his senses. She was wearing a dressing gown. She said “I know how much you love looking at my ass, so I thought I’d let you have a better look. She took off her dressing gown. She was wearing sexy black underwear. She turned her back on her, and he admired her wonderful, perfect backside.


She turned her back on him, so he could see her perfect ass again.

She got him to kneel so that his face was right in her ass as she continued “You will place all your focus on my ass and my voice. Look my wonderful backside. I know how you have been admiring it for weeks. You focus all your attention on it. You love my backside. As you watch, feel your body becoming very relaxed and very heavy.”

Eric thought, “Holy shit she is trying to hypnotize me. I need to get out of here.”

While his thought process was to get up and leave, his body did not move and instead he focused all his attention on her voice and her backside.

She continued, “My soft, sweet, velvety voice is causing you to feel warm, comfortable and very sleepy. Your body is becoming more and more relaxed and you becoming sleepier and sleepier. Your mind has been conditioned to obey me and you are finding it quite easy to listen and obey, listen and obey, listen and obey.”

He realized she was right. He had followed her like a puppy dog ever since their first encounter and had looked forward to each day so he could follow her next command. Now that she was standing in front of him giving him commands with the purpose of hypnotizing him he had absolutely no fight left in him. He heard his voice inside his head say, “it’s easy to listen and obey” and he knew he was going down.

As his eyes drooped and then fought to stay open and then drooped again Haylee smiled and was happy to see her plan working so well. She had noticed Eric fighting to look away the first day she went for a walk. She also knew he usually took off running so she had been very pleased to see him maintain his position behind her and forego the run. Once she put him out she knew he would be hers.

She continued her induction and said, “You are falling deeper and deeper. Your eyes just cannot seem to stay open any longer and as the warmth covers your body you feel your eyes closing, closing; so heavy now. When I count to three you will fall into a deep hypnotic trance.”

Haylee counted to three. As soon she got to three Eric’s eyes closed and he slowly slowly onto the warm, snug carpet he had been kneeling on. She sat down next to him and then she said, “Eric, you are deeply hypnotized and completely under my power. Today is the first day of the rest of your life. You have found your dream woman. You will go out on a date tonight; first the Elvis impersonator and then dinner. Every minute you spend with me tonight will increase your desire to be my man. You will do anything for me because you love the power and control I have over you. Even after you awaken from this trance you will find my words to be absolutely irresistible as you have already experienced. You belong to me now Eric. Now tell me you belong to Goddess Haylee.”

Eric dreamily replied, “I belong to Goddess Haylee.”

She felt a rush of lust rush over her hearing him use those words. She wanted to train him more, teach him everything he had to learn, but she had really wanted to attend see this Elvis impersonator. She glanced down at her watch and knew it was time to get ready. Haylee said, “I want you to just sleep for a few minutes, dreaming of how much you love me and will do anything for me.”

She then hurriedly dress and returned. Placing a hand on his shoulder she said “I am going to count to five and you will awaken. Again, you will not have any memory of me hypnotizing you this evening.”

Haylee slowly brought him out of his trance and then said, “Well, do you like the outfit?”

She spun around for him and he said, “Yes, you look stunning. How did I become lucky enough to be able to escort you tonight?”

As she took his hand and leading him towards the car she said, “You have to thank your lucky stars I noticed you exercising and decided to make you mine.”

He followed behind her with her leading the way. It was something he had become accustomed to as she mesmerized him with her butt and it was something that would never change. She led and commanded and he followed and obeyed.

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