The ONE Truth

The ONE Truth Yes! I know. There’s a great big internet out there crawling with women claiming to be ‘mistresses’ and ‘goddesses’. So many that they are packed into the web like sardines in a can! It’s unbelievable how many women are out there trying to pass themselves off as a TRUE dominant alpha female! I may be a little biased in saying so, but I am absolutely convinced. There … Continue reading

My very Haylee Xmas

Under the willow

My very Haylee Xmas This is a combination of a diary post and unedited thoughts which outlined some parts of my day. I was feeling particularly excited and I had felt that those kinds of feelings should not be bottled up or kept to myself. It is wordy and long but Goddess Haylee inspires me. It may not be poetry, or a well planned blog. But for those who care … Continue reading

Change of mind

The Middle Ground

Change of mind Before you read “Change of Mind”, please read the other stories in this saga first, but especially “The prime Minister’s Dream” Then, as She was walking down the corridor, suddenly the Prime Minister came rushing out of his room. “I’m awfully sorry Haylee. I have had a change of mind. I’ve been so ungrateful. You are right. This is the perfect time for it. Please come back and … Continue reading