Truly Owned

Truly Owned

This post is written in the wee hours as my day dawns on the life of this slave who is now completely and blissfully Owned. My Owner has created another MP3 file and the first thing this *Truly Owned* slave did this morning was to get down on my knees and purchase this Blessing from my Incomparable and Irresistible Goddess Haylee Lynn.

I wish I could listen to it right now……but my little one is here and came home to me with a little bug so I will honor this other duty I cherish and spend my weekend caring for and nurturing him. There will be time enough in this slave/life I now live to honor and please my GODDESS by going under in this file and I will do it.

I am Truly Owned now and a slave very deeply in love.

I'm so stupid for you Goddess Haylee

Truly owned – My One, my Only, my Goddess Haylee Lynn.

It is difficult for me to describe the feeling that is in this body right now……..if I think of Her it feels like I am almost floating.
I have come to accept that despite the physical distance between us……I have never been closer to any Woman…….but that statement surely is not fair because there is only One GODDESS in my life and She is whom I bow to Worship and obey.

I redesigned my Altar here in my humble Temple of Worship to my GODDESS yesterday.
I made this wonderful decision to purchase some personal items …….which any potential or hopeful slave can also do by clicking the above link……and now that I have some Scared and Treasured objects here I am wondering why I did not do this earlier.

A Slave's Dark Reality: Part I

Truly Owned and Forever

And now…..even when my little one is here……I have this wonderful and very discrete Altar to my GODDESS in my bed chambers. Anyone could look at it and not be wondering over much……but if I look at it my heart leaps in Joy and Wonder and in LOVE that I have found myself reunited with my One, True, and Only GODDESS in this Universe.

I have served Her in lifetimes past………..I will serve Her in lifetimes future…….I worship and love and adore my GODDESS Haylee Lynn and this devoted Father, honorable friend and neighbor, a good man and brother and son…….is a Truly Owned slave now and loving every minute of it.

I bow to You my Queen.

I know when I am beaten.

My life is Yours to command and no statement could make me happier.

Command Me Please

Truly owned – Command me my Queen and I will always obey.

Whatever You truly want or need please know that my Heart could never suffer You lacking for anything.
My pledge, my cherished duty, is to care for You and to attend to Your pleasure.
Your each and every Divine whim my mission and my joy to fulfill.

I am on my knees to You and You alone my GODDESS.
And I am never been happier in my life, 🙂
Your completely humbled and devoted personal slave, Claude

Completely Owned

Completely Owned

This post is written in Honour and in homage to my Queen……it is written as I kneel at Her Perfect feet and pledge myself in devotion to Her Service…….it is written as the Completely Owned slave and personal property of my Divine and Incomparable Goddess Haylee Lynn.

Last night I again awoke in the middle of the night. I felt my aching need to Worship my Goddess call to me and I came naked to my computer and listened to Her mind melting mantra mp3.

The reason I did so stark naked is because my Goddess has stripped me of all but the absolute and undeniable need to worship Her and to accept Her as my Superior, my Queen, my Perfect Master and I am now Her Completely Owned slave and personal property. All of my life I have dreamed of exactly Her……but it never dawned on me that She would force my surrender to this extent and create me as Her truly and Completely Owned slave……but She has very honestly done so.

I do not enjoy being cold and being naked was not pleasant for me…….but the thought that I was sacrificing pleasure for Her amusement was now in me and I was powerless to change my mind at that point. And of course……for this very visual slave…….Her delicious mp3 was just an appetizer.

As soon as the mp3 was finished playing…..and this slave had already been reduced to an aching puddle of needful desire and Goddess Worship…..I began Her Pendent Enslavement Video and felt the true force of Her Power come into my naked, shivering, aching, and Completely Owned body.

As never before I sank down deep for Her……..every Blessed second of the next twenty minutes or so I continued to spiral down and down and deeper and deeper than I ever dreamed I could possibly sink……..but all of those thoughts of how deeply I could become enslaved were created before I met my Goddess and learned from my Superior that it is She who will create my thoughts from now on.

I can and will deny Her nothing.

I hang desperately on Her every word and joy such as I have never experienced overcomes me as I do so.

I hear myself helplessly repeat everything She tells me to repeat so I can feel the Bliss that I feel if I think I have pleased Her.

I am Her Virgin………chaste and pure as She takes me where no one else ever has and no other ever could.

My life will be lived as a Testament to my Worship of Her now.

I am Her Completely Owned and perfect slave and my Goddess has commanded me that I will serve Her “forever” now and so this is exactly what I will and must do.


And as the video ended my Worship of Her had merely begun. I sleep walked into my bed chamber and dropped beneath Her Divine Altar and obyed Her commands from the video.

“I am addicted to Goddess Haylee” “I Worship Goddess Haylee” “ALL FOR HAYLEE”.

My Universe was now Her Universe. Nothing else existed for me in that sweet and Enchanting moment in time but the sublime and complete Nirvana of Goddess Haylee Lynn Worship and attendance to Her Divine Rule.

My Goddess has reminded me so Gracefully that I have been Her slave in past lives…….and the other night as we spoke on the phone I asked Her what would please Her about any future ones. I felt the full force of Her Power……and my helpless need to obey Her always……when She told Her Completely Owned slave and personal property that I would now serve Her “forever”.

I have no compass but that which leads to the door of Her Goddess Temple. I am resolved to listen to this wonderful Blessing of a file later this day as I am alone today in my humble Temple of Worship to my Goddess Haylee Lynn.


And as I opened my eyes and gazed at the photos of Her that adorn my Altar in Her Honor I felt such joy to be finally home and to be allowed to live my life as it was meant to be lived. I want to be wealthy now so I can TRIBUTE my Queen and lay value at the foot of Her Throne every single day of my life. What a joy that would be for me if I could create that much meaningful value and homage for my Superior Goddess.

I thought about the privilege I had just a few weeks ago to have Her beautiful soft shiny hair pampered for Her and yet another wave of indescribable Bliss shocked my body. I smiled softly to myself as I melted so helplessly immersed in my Worship of Her.


Completely Owned and Forever

And as I finally tried to close my eyes and get a bit more needed rest……..I thought I heard my Goddess snap Her lovely fingers and say…..”Sleep for Me”………and Her Completely Owned slave did exactly that.

Forever my Goddess, there is no command from You I could ever, or will ever, not obey,
I am Yours to command and I am begging You to do so every single day of my now Completely Owned life,
Your Claude