Eyes Obsession

Emerald Eyes that Entrance and Enslave

Eyes Obsession Are you obsessed with the eyes of Haylee Lynn dear reader? I know that I am! Like many of her slaves I simply love gazing deeply into the eyes of my Goddess. I do it on a daily basis. I love just gazing deeply into her eyes, letting my mind go blank and just losing myself in her eyes for a few moments. It all started with watching … Continue reading

Daily Devotional to Goddess Haylee Lynn

Christmas Day.

Daily Devotional to Goddess Haylee Lynn Goddess Haylee Lynn has just posted this wonderful picture of HERSELF for us all to enjoy, so i am using it here, so others may use it too,- The real theme of this post though, is the daily public devotionals to HER. Herslavenow does wonderful detailed daily blogs of devotion to HER on this website. Daily i write things on HER Facebook wall. For … Continue reading

The Scent of Bliss

For as long as I can remember I have been deeply influenced by scent. A beautiful perfume that captures my attention of the aroma of incense and scented candles which cause my mind to drift to magical places. I do especially love candles. The scent of bliss. It was a wonderful surprise for me to learn that Goddess Haylee also has a love for candles. I saw and purchased some … Continue reading


I love this image of Goddess Haylee, it draws focus to Her beautiful eyes, yes! And there is a certain elegance about Her here that influence my desires to be Hers. The other night I was sitting here in quiet meditation of Goddess Haylee. At Her suggestion I lit a candle and watched the flame as I thought of Her and the feelings of Her bliss. It was indeed a … Continue reading

My Daily Devotion, as a father and as a slave.

My daily devotion, as a father and as a slave.

My Daily Devotion, as a father and as a slave. Last night my little boy came home. We have such an incredible bond and love for one another and it was a joyful and fun 5 hours or so before bedtime with a trip to the park in between. Every so often my thoughts would drift to GODDESS HAYLEE. This was very often by the way. I would remind myself to … Continue reading

Daily Devotion

Daily Devotion This morning I feel compelled to write about the aspect of my personality that is so devotional and that Goddess Haylee http://hypnotichaylee.com/ has pouring out of me so intensenly. My daily devotion for Her is already incredibly intense as Her Power and abilities as an Enchantress seem to pull whatever individuated aspect is in Her particular conquest and then place it in the palm of Her lovely hand. This … Continue reading

Daily Devotion of Herslavenow

Daily Devotion of Herslavenow I am quite busy today and pretty much surrounded by company, but this slave will never be too busy to bow to my Divine Goddess Haylee http://inhayleewetrust.com/  and on a daily basis. My love and devotion for Her just seems to pour out of me like a river now………….She is a force of nature and a genius and we are all completely blessed to serve Her. Goddess Haylee … Continue reading

My Daily Devotion by Herslavenow

My Daily Devotion by Herslavenow

My Daily Devotion by Herslavenow This is one of my blogs in the “Daily Devotion” series of blogs. Yesterday I had my first experience of listening to my beautiful and wonderful Goddess Haylee Lynn through a set of headphones I purchased to try and get even closer to Her. I am very happy with my decision to get the headphones! As I fell into trance while listening to my new “enchanted” MP3 … Continue reading