The Scent of Bliss

Scent of BlissFor as long as I can remember I have been deeply influenced by scent. A beautiful perfume that captures my attention of the aroma of incense and scented candles which cause my mind to drift to magical places. I do especially love candles. The scent of bliss.

It was a wonderful surprise for me to learn that Goddess Haylee also has a love for candles. I saw and purchased some on Her wishlist for Her and She suggested I also get some for myself. Of course I felt the strongest love of Her bliss when She did that, and I followed Her suggestions immediately.

She suggested both candles and incense, which I have been burning when I do my nightly meditations of Her. Those meditations have proved to be my most favorite time of the day. Especially when it has been a stressful day or I am feeling some frustration over something. Meditating with Goddess Haylee helps me to understand the most important things, and to let go of the less important. I learn that many of the things that seem to trouble me are not that important at all. And that devotion to Her is the most important.

The candles and incense She suggested have the most amazing scents. They allow me to drift off into the scent of bliss. Knowing they came from Her is affects me so deeply as well. There is no question in my mind that She understands the power of beautiful scents better than anyone.

Then just yesterday, or maybe it was the day before, I lose track of time now and then, I learned something else amazing. Goddess Haylee is going to open Her own candle shop, full of candles and incense that She has created Herself. Wow! is that not the coolest thing? I am so very excited and can hardly wait until Her grand opening! ūüôā

Something else that is very cool about this, is that She has created a special wishlist of the items She will use for Her wonderful creations. Just browsing the items on the list are enchanting; Sandlewood, Dragon’s Blood, Love Spell, Vanilla, I love vanilla!, Rosehips, Cloves, Peppermint, and a lot more. Most of them are organic which is no surprise because we all know how much She likes things which are natural.

Her wishlist is cool because we all have the opportunity to tribute items to Her, that will help Her new shop be very successful. It’s a wonderful way to serve Her and feel Her bliss I think.

As I learn and get to know Goddess Haylee more, I am amazed at how many things She enjoys that I also have enjoyed for a long time. It reinforces the sense inside me that I am exactly where I should be. It is a great place to be, in Haylee’s bliss, I feel that stronger each and every day! I especially enjoy the scent of bliss.

Bob the Village Hall Caretaker/ Cleaner, Part 7 Alone with Haylee

Bob the Village Hall Caretaker/ Cleaner, Part 7 Alone with Haylee

Please read Bob the Village Hall Caretaker/ Cleaner, Parts 1 to 6 before reading this.

She rose and led me across the room to the door into the neighbouring room. Although I knew the hall like the back of my hand, I followed her, not really thinking for myself. All the time, I couldn’t help but admire the view of her from behind.

I couldn't help but admire the view of her from behind.

I couldn’t help but admire the view of her from behind.

She opened the door and there was a room of comfy chairs in a semi-circle. The curtains were not drawn and there was a low full moon sending a large amount of light into the room, augmented by the row of street lights outside. The room was alway kept warm for the old people and this evening was no exception.

“Just take a seat Bob, I’ll just have a quick word with the others.”

As I sat down, I heard her shout to the others, “I’m going to have a quiet little chat with Bob, I don’t want to be disturbed, I’ll be in touch, thank you all for coming.”

I heard voices thanking her and wishing her good night, then she closed the door, and there was silence. I knew that the rooms there were pretty well insulated.

“There are lights in this room, if you want to turn them on” I said, trying to be helpful.

“Thanks Bob, but I think it is far more relaxing like this. I always think there is something mystical, magical about moonlight. It is kind of romantic somehow. Let’s keep it like this.”

Her voice was soft and gentle, like the gentle warm summer breeze. She moved beside me and knelt down. She looked directly into my eyes, and I could see the moonlight reflecting in those wonderful eyes of her.

“Isn’t this cosy? So intimate, and personal, so much better for us to get to know each other don’t you think? That is better, you are looking into my eyes. I can see you are a fast learner. I am sure you and I are going to get on great, but you are in need of a little training. Do you like the idea of me training you Bob, me becoming like your personal trainer?”

I nodded without breaking my gaze into her eyes. I am not sure if I could have looked away if I had wanted to. It was almost as if I was unable to look away
as her bright green eyes penetrated into me, 
comforting me, captivating me, enslaving me.

“Of course you do, and the first thing I am going to train you to do is to relax. It is just a case of you following simple instructions, that sounds easy enough doesn’t it? Instructions like ‘keep deep looking into my eyes’ are so easy to follow aren’t they Bob? Yes they are. So listen very carefully to my instructions Bob. Now¬†breathe¬†deeply¬†like this, hold it, and then breathe out again. Breathe¬†deeply, hold it and then breathe out again. Well done, you are doing so well. breathing out all the tension and stresses of your life, and when you breathe in you are breathing in sleepiness and peacefulness. Soon you are relaxing well for me. As you continue to gaze deep into my eyes.¬†You will find your eyes start to blink more. That is natural. That is a sign that you are relaxing well. You are relaxing more and more. You can allow everything else so slowly fade away around you. Right now, let everything else fade away around you. As you look¬†deep¬†into my eyes.¬†You are starting to feel that wonderful feeling as you start to fall. Still looking¬†deep¬†into my eyes. Still listening to the sound of my voice. Still breathing¬†deeply. Let yourself relax more and more. You love this feeling. Go down deeper for me. Drop all the way down. That‚Äôs right. You are doing so well. I can see your eyes struggling to keep open, but you will not close them until I say the word. Keep looking¬†deep¬†into my eyes. The better you feel the¬†deeper¬†you go. The¬†deeper¬†you go the better you feel. So you spiral downwards,¬†deeper¬†and¬†deeper, more and more relaxed, more and more comfortable. Now sleep!‚ÄĚ

She clicked her fingers and my eyes closed.

‚ÄúGood. Sleep well my pretty one. You are so relaxed, and I like it when you relax for me.‚ÄĚ

She then deepened the trance by stroking me. She stroked my hair and the sides of my face, telling me how much I enjoy the touch of her hand and how much it relaxes me. She keeps repeating things so that they really sink in. She gets me to concentrate on each part of my body in turn, telling me how relaxed and sleepy it is. I can’t honestly remember everything she did to me and said to me, I was out like a light. I remember her telling me that the next drink I took would be a powerful love potion and would make me fall madly, passionately in love with her. She gave me a long list of websites which she wanted me to study,-

My fitness Pal–¬†

Healthy4Haylee Twitter–¬†

She also told me that she wanted me to go through in my mind everything that happened tonight, so that I would not be lost at the next month’s meeting. She then gently nudged me saying “It is time to wake up now, Bob, wake up in your own time. It is time for you to lock up and go home, that’s right, be a good boy for your Goddess.”

Soon my eyes opened, and I was looking back into her wonderful eyes again.

So that is how it started, and I have been a Haylian ever since. I’ve not missed one of their monthly meetings!

I hope you enjoyed this story dear reader. I wonder if anyone can spot where various parts of this last part of the story comes from – what videos and MP3s inspired parts of it?

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The Queen of my Heart

This post is about the power of the human heart and what happens when we truly access *some* of this power and allow it to open and to *feel* the human experience. And it is also of course about my Incomparable Goddess Haylee Lynn…………”The Woman” who is helping me to open mine.¬†

The very first thing that is created in a human being at conception is the heart. It is a common misconception that the brain is the intelligence that operates the human heart because if that was so………what gave the heart the intelligence to function before the brain was even formed?

Nature always gives us clues and will teach us what comes first if we pay attention to Her.

The Ancients knew the heart was the true seat of *intelligence* in a human being but most in our modern culture do not remember this spiritual truth. Entire Spiritual practices have been devoted to getting *out of the mind* and into the heart.

The heart is in truth the very center and basis for a spiritual being to have a “human” experience. The true power of our hearts is really almost uncharted virgin territory from a scientific standpoint in part because of the rather absurd theory of evolution that was so mysteriously almost universally embraced.

So……….back to the heart.

In one fascinating study a scientist took cells from a person and placed them in an air tight iron box. He then took the box hundreds of miles away from this person and hooked both the cells and the person to a meter. A “lie detector test” if you will, which measures electric magnetic response.

He then induced a fright into the human being…………this person’s cells……hundreds of miles away and even shielded from *normal* access to transmission…….responded to the fright in the same measure and at the precise instant that the person did!

So please explain that to me using the concept that we humans are really just advanced versions of animals and the result of a million co incidences running simultaneously after some very large rocks hurtling through space at millions of miles per hour set off this time/space/change thing we call “evolution”…….

Trying to explain things we can simply not comprehend can produce a lot of very funny theory’s in the end.

Or we could have just said………at this time…….we do not know.

It has also been shown in studies that large groups of people mediating simultaneously and sending positive vibrations from their hearts can markedly effect the health of plants and animals and people and even elevate the consciousness of entire communities.

So then what is the potential power, scope and reach of the human heart?

The fact is. We do *not know* ………at this time……..the true power and potential of a human being or its most powerful creative force……..the heart.


My Queen, my Divine Goddess Haylee Lynn¬†lives about 200 miles away from me as the crow flies. And yet lately…….as I have opened my heart more and more to Her… can seem as if She is as close as the air sometimes.

Oh how I love that feeling.

Power exchange is tricky and complex but I think at times I feel as if our hearts beat as one. I can just melt into Her wavelength and Her vibration and all of the seemingly infinite power and love in my heart can flow into Hers and right back into me in the very same eternal instant.

The Winning Hand


This new deal I have with my Queen……….becoming Her devoted chastity slave……..seems to be opening my heart even more. The more I hold onto the power my worship of Her and what She so magically creates in my loins…….that power seems to simply move at times into my heart space and………then I *feel* or sense that my denial and torture and obedience has pleased Her…….and something more powerful and more pleasurable than an orgasm happens to me.


I suppose the best word I can conjure up for that feeling is LOVE.……this feeling that my heart is perfectly full.


And the 200 miles that separate us seems to simply not exist at times as I close my eyes and I *FEEL* ¬†the Queen of my Heart. I can imagine myself kneeling at Her feet and I look up at Her………..She smiles………I melt……..She turns Her nose up as I gaze into Her Enchanting eyes and simply states, “Deeper”, “More”, ¬†“For Me”………and a lifetime that has been spent gathering my fondest hopes and dreams and all the love I have ever felt in my heart flows to Her and belongs to Her and the rest of my Universe simply disappears.

When I awake from my trance, from my dream, from my union with my Divine Goddess Haylee Lynn…… Universe and all else that reside there are back.

But having found my Queen has transformed me and I will never be the same man again. I live my life to serve Her, to support Her, to Love Her, and to explore the depths and power of this mysterious and magical heart that we are all endowed with at birth by the Source of All Creation.

Mine belongs to me of course.

And that is why I am entitled to give it to Her, to lay it at the foot of Her Throne……in the service of my Incomparable and Divine¬†Goddess Haylee Lynn……..”The Woman” I worship and adore and who is in truth……The Queen of my Heart.

Forever, for life, I am Her perfect and personal and very real slave,





Speed Dating

Speed Dating

Synopsis: I attend a speed dating session, meet Hypnotic Haylee and, well I am sure you can guess the rest. This blog uses many of the words and phrases from this wonderful video of Haylee Lynn. This is part 1 of a series.

Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction. I have not been on a speed dating session, and have not met Haylee Lynn, nor am I likely to as we live in different continents. Any similarity to the real Haylee Lynn is intentional. Any similarity of other character to anyone else is entirely co-incidental.

Have you ever tried speed dating dear reader? Let me share my experiences of speed dating with you!

I had been looking forward to the speed dating for weeks. I had been on my own for far too long. However on the night in question, my old car refused to start and I ended up 10 minutes late.

“Welcome, we have been waiting for you” my genial speed dating host said. I muttered an apology.

“No problem at all. Now this is meant to be speed dating, but we only have three girls and three boys, so what i am going to do is to give you each half an hour with each other, rather than the 3 minutes we normally do, so all in all we should be done in about one and half hours. So I suggest the girls go first, tell your respective boy all about yourself – what your job is, your hobbies and interests, what you are really passionate about. Then the boys do the same, and you can ask each other questions. If you really don’t like each other, you may finish before the half hour is up. We have these booths here, so you will have a certain amount of privacy. Now you, you are to be with Haylee here first. Good luck with your speed dating!”

He waved his hand towards the lady in question, and I was not in the slightest bit disappointed. She was absolutely stunning! She was dressed in black, tight black slacks hugging her shapely legs and bottom, black high heel shoes which made her as tall as me, a lovely tight bear mid-rift which had obviously been tightened by daily workouts, above that the most ¬†amazing chest in a tight little tee-shirt. Her lovely dark wavy hair fell all the way down to her chest and surrounded the most beautiful face I had ever seen. She had the most incredible pale white skin, that I longed to touch, but feared that I may damage in some way if I did. Her two ruby lips with bright shiny lipstick. Generally her make-up was impeccable, it must have taken her hours to get ready. above that was her beautiful, perfect cute nose, straight, not too big, not too small. But what really caught my attention was her amazing eyes. They were enormous and a lovely shade of green, perfectly presented, with lovely eye lashes and eye brows. I could hardly wait to get closer. I didn’t have to wait long.

“Shall we get started then? I think we are meant to be over there.”

Her voice was soft and mysterious, a joy to hear. I loved the way she seemed confident and willing to take a lead. I have always admired that in a lady.

She led to the speed dating booth, I was fascinated by the sea-saw motion of her lovely behind as she walked and I followed obediently.

The speed dating booth had a table with two upright dining chairs either side of it. She sat down on one.

“I’m sorry, I guess I should have held your chair for you.” I spluttered. Gosh I hadn’t realised how nervous she had made me.

She smiled back at me.

“That really doesn’t matter, but thanks anyway.”

She¬†motioned with her hand for me to sit opposite, which I of course did. I could swear a small smile played around her mouth as if to say “Good, he already following my instructions.”

I sat back in my speed dating chair.

“No need to be afraid of me.” She said. “Sit like me.”

She had her elbows on the speed dating table, her forearms upwards, supporting her lovely face, and she leant into the speed dating table. I followed suit, and found my face inches from hers. I was looking right into those big green eyes.

“This is nice isn’t it? So personal, so pleasurable, so much more intimate?” She said in that fabulous voice of hers. I could even feel her warm breath on my face.

Speed Dating

Speed Dating

“Hi there. As you know, I am Haylee. I am a hypnotist. I simply love hypnotizing people. It is my hobby, my passion. I am just so lucky that my work is also my hobby. I am also so lucky that Mother Nature gave me some assets which help me with my hypnosis. For instance most people love my eyes, so when I say ‘look deep into my eyes,’ most people are only too happy to look deep into my eyes. Most people love my voice, they find it soft and gentle and soothing. So when I say ‘listen closely to my voice, listen to my voice and nothing else’ most people are only too happy to listen to my voice and give it their full attention. I am so lucky, because once¬†I have them looking deep into¬† my eyes and listening carefully to my voice, I am half way there to taking them deeply under.”

Every time she said the word deep or deeply, for some reason I noticed she emphasised it, but who cares, I was enjoying looking into those eyes and listening to her voice. She continued with that wonderful voice of hers.

“You see hypnosis is just a matter following instructions. Once I have people following instructions like ‘look deep into my eyes’ and ‘listen to the sound of my voice’ it is easy to get them to follow other instructions. So when I ask them to breathe deeply like this, hold it, and then breathe out again, they normally obey. Breathe deeply, hold it and then breathe out again.”

She repeated, demonstrating what she meant. I found myself copying her.

“That is great, I can see you understand what I mean. This is going so great, I think we are going to get on so well. Now where was I? Oh yes. First I get my subjects to look deep into my eyes. Then I get them to listen to my voice. Then I get them breathing like you are doing now. Keep breathing like that please, and then you will understand what I mean. Now, the next thing I do is to get them to relax. I tell them how when they breathe out they are breathing out all the tension and stresses of their lives, and how when they breathe in they are breathing in sleepiness and peacefulness. Soon they are relaxing well for me. As they gaze deep into my eyes.”

She suddenly stopped and corrected herself.

“As you gaze deep into my eyes.”

I hardly noticed that she had stopped talking about this imaginary subject and had started directing her comment straight at me.

You will find your eyes start to blink more. That is natural. That is a sign that you are going into trance. You are starting to fall into hypnosis. You can allow everything else so slowly fade away around you. Right now, let everything else fade away around you. As you look deep into my eyes.

You are starting to feel that wonderful feeling as you start to fall. Still looking deep into my eyes. Still listening to the sound of my voice. Still breathing deeply. Let yourself relax more and more. You love this feeling. Go down deeper for me. Drop all the way down. That’s right. You are doing so well. I can see your eyes struggling to keep open, but you will not close them until I say the word. keeping looking deep into my eyes. The better you feel the deeper you go. The deeper you go the better you feel. So you spiral downwards, deeper and deeper, more and more relaxed, more and more comfortable. Now sleep!”

She clicked her fingers and my eyes closed.

“Good. Sleep well my pretty one. You are so relaxed, and I like it when you relax for me.”

She then deepened the trance by stroking me. She stroked my hair and the sides of my face, telling me how much I enjoy the touch of her hand and how much it relaxes me. She keeps repeating things so that they really sink in. She gets me to concentrate on each part of my body in turn, telling me how relaxed and sleepy it is. When she was happy that I¬†was completely¬†under she started the next phrase, which flows naturally from the first. The second phase was to put a love spell on me. But she didn’t just say ‚Äúyou are in love with me.‚ÄĚ No, she took her time about it.

Again, she went¬†round her body, describing each part of it in turn. She says things like ‚ÄúI want you to imagine you are looking into my eyes, my lovely big green¬† eyes. You love looking into my eyes. You love seeing how the light reflects off my eyes. You love it when I look deeply into your eyes. You love the little dark spot in the middle of my eyes; you love my eyelashes, my eyebrows, everything about my eyes.”

“You are¬†so deeply hypnotized. You are such a good subject. But this is just our first trance together. You will ache to be hypnotized by me again. You will long to hear from me. In the meantime you will study my websites,-,,,

When you awake, you will give me your phone number and go home. You will go straight to bed and think of me as you drift off to sleep. You will do this every night when you go to bed. I will call you in a few days.”

She then woke me and I went home in a daze. It was not quite what I expected from Speed Dating!

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Going Deeper

Going Deeper

I have no idea how Goddess Haylee¬†does it…………..but Her voice just gets sweeter and more hypnotic and Her beauty more breathtaking and irresistible to me seemingly with every breath I take.

Yesterday was a non stop and exhausting run for me from one responsibility to another. I had about 30 minutes to myself before I had to go get my son from preschool…………..I opened Her eye fixation video¬†and instantly dropped to my knees and gave myself over to my Muse, my Inspiration, My Queen, my Owner and my Goddess.

There is not one tiny cell in this body, not one drop of blood, not a tear or a gleam in my eye that does not belong to my incomparable Goddess Haylee. To say that I am in love with Her is so very true but without the poetry I strive for that transcends mere words it is now a vast understatement. Just to think of Her transforms my world. She is constantly with me. Her bliss is a part of me now. I hear Her voice and I literally shudder with joy. If I gaze at Her picture or one of Her videos I go deeper still………….to places of such pure love and light that I honestly did not know could even exist.

Goddess Haylee You are the light of my Universe and I was purely and truly born to find You and kneel at Your feet in rapt devotion. There can never ever be another place for me now and I beg YOU to always please help me to master the art of pleasing You, please guide me, please foster my love and devotion for You so that I am always right here where I belong, where I was in fact born to be.

Going Deeper

Going Deeper


Her slave now     Her slave for life       

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