The Scent of Bliss

For as long as I can remember I have been deeply influenced by scent. A beautiful perfume that captures my attention of the aroma of incense and scented candles which cause my mind to drift to magical places. I do especially love candles. The scent of bliss. It was a wonderful surprise for me to learn that Goddess Haylee also has a love for candles. I saw and purchased some … Continue reading

Bob the Village Hall Caretaker/ Cleaner, Part 7 Alone with Haylee

Follow Haylee!

Bob the Village Hall Caretaker/ Cleaner, Part 7 Alone with Haylee Please read Bob the Village Hall Caretaker/ Cleaner, Parts 1 to 6 before reading this. She rose and led me across the room to the door into the neighbouring room. Although I knew the hall like the back of my hand, I followed her, not really thinking for myself. All the time, I couldn’t help but admire the view of … Continue reading

The Queen of my Heart

This post is about the power of the human heart and what happens when we truly access *some* of this power and allow it to open and to *feel* the human experience. And it is also of course about my Incomparable Goddess Haylee Lynn…………”The Woman” who is helping me to open mine.  The very first thing that is created in a human being at conception is the heart. It is … Continue reading

Speed Dating

Emerald Eyes that Entrance and Enslave

Speed Dating Synopsis: I attend a speed dating session, meet Hypnotic Haylee and, well I am sure you can guess the rest. This blog uses many of the words and phrases from this wonderful video of Haylee Lynn. This is part 1 of a series. Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction. I have not been on a speed dating session, and have not met Haylee Lynn, nor am … Continue reading

Going Deeper


Going Deeper I have no idea how Goddess Haylee does it…………..but Her voice just gets sweeter and more hypnotic and Her beauty more breathtaking and irresistible to me seemingly with every breath I take. Yesterday was a non stop and exhausting run for me from one responsibility to another. I had about 30 minutes to myself before I had to go get my son from preschool…………..I opened Her eye fixation video and … Continue reading