Desert Island Discs

Desert Island Discs

I don’t know if other countries have this, but here in Britain we have a famous radio show called “Desert Island Discs” in which celebrities “castaways” say which 10 songs they would like to be able to take with them to a desert island and why.

This got me thinking – if I were marooned on a desert island, and only had 10 recordings of Goddess Haylee Lynn, which recordings would I take with me?

1. I think first up would have to be the Pendant Enslavement Video. I am sure that watching this regularly would help keep me enslaved and make sure I didn’t forget my Goddess and who really owns me.

2. Next I’d chose Be Mine. This powerful love spell would make sure I stayed in love with my Goddess.

3. Temple Of The Goddess – Mental Collaring would remind me of my collaring and the fact that SHE owns me.

4. Focus would keep me focused on the one I serve.

5. Dr Says You’re Fucked – Vox Siren would keep my submission where it should be.

6. !0 Sacred Rules would remind me of the rules by which I should try and live my life.

7. Mind Cage would stop me from wasting too much time masturbating and allow me to concentrate on my devotion to my Goddess.

8. Enchantment would be needed, for when I am allowed to doing my monthly masturbation and cum.

9. Simply Sleep would be needed in case I ever suffered from insomnia.

10. Mind Melt would be needed for when I feel the desire to be brainwashed more by HER.

Lastly, on Desert Island Discs, you are allowed to bring one luxury item. I would print out my favorite pictures of my Goddess and turn them into an album, so I could gaze upon her infinite beauty daily.

Desert Island Discs

Desert Island Discs

I believe that marooned on a desert island, with these to aid me I would be able to stay devoted to my Goddess for however many years it would take to be rescued.

What would you take with you dear reader?

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