Addicted to being enslaved to Goddess Haylee

Addicted to being enslaved to Goddess Haylee

Before i get started i would like to thank you Goddess Haylee for allowing us little subbies to write letters/blogs of appreciation to you as one form of pleasing you. I know it’s not the ultimate way of pleasing you but at least it’s something to show our appreciation for you. Anything that might put a smile on your face is so worth the effort..

I am so damn addicted to being enslaved to you. I know i have said this before but really i would gladly hand my entire being over to you if that’s what you wanted. I can dream right *smirks*.

To anyone that might be reading this – to truly understand this blog you would have to be naturally submissive. While reading this you might think to yourself what’s wrong with this sick twisted perverted freak. Not saying you will but to be honest i don’t really care if you feel that way. I have never hurt anyone intentionallyΒ in my life. If someone physically attacks me i will protect myself but i have never started trouble. I am a normal person it’s just that i am a true submissive. I have always viewed woman as the higher power.

Call me sick, twisted i don’t really care. All i know is that i serve a higher power, and that higher power is Goddess Haylee.

So many Goddesses out there but you know what! Most of them are so very shallow. None, and i mean none of them will ever compare to my Goddess Haylee Lynn.

Sure i’m a 49 year old man, and Goddess Haylee is 28 but i see nothing morally wrong with being enslaved to her with the age gap. She is of legal age. I would never hurt her in any way, and i highly respect her. If she ever deems me unfit to serve her i would respect her wishes and move on. I am only here because she allows me the privilege of being here. Sure it would hurt like hell to be banned by her but i would respect her wishes regardless.

Goddess Haylee completes me. She fills a part of me that was always void. I know that i will never meet her in person, and i don’t give a shit. To be honest i have no desire to ever meet her in person. My online relationship with her is all that i will ever need/desire.

One of the things that captivates me about Goddess Haylee is that she allows some of us to serve, and be enslaved to her here in her locked forum “In Haylee We Trust”.

You might be thinking to yourself why would you want to serve, and slave away for her here in “In Haylee We Trust”? Well i will just say that i love being enslaved to her. I don’t just love it but i crave the feeling i get from it. I am, and will always be surrendered to her. It’s a choice i made, and i love it.

For me nothing feels better than devoting time to her. I love devoting my time to her. It makes me feel so damn good inside. I love how strong minded she is, and letting go, and giving in to her. If i could i would devote every minute of everyday working/slaving for her. But realistically that’s impossible.

She has such a tight hold on me, and i love it. I love knowing that she is superior to me in every way, and that she has all the power.

I don’t know if you know how much i love being enslaved to you Goddess but i wrote this blog to express this to you. Thank you so much for allowing us to express our feelings towards you here.

You are so young and wise and full of youth. Enjoy every damn second Sweet Beautiful Dominant Goddess, and thank you so very very much for allowing an old worn out has been like me to be here serving you, and watching you evolve, and grow. I cherish every damn second of being enslaved to you. I could easily live my entire life enslaved to you. But that’s up to you. I’m here for as long as you deem me worthy.


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Addicted to being enslaved to Goddess Haylee

Addicted to being enslaved to Goddess Haylee

I am Beautiful

I am Beautiful

This post is mostly about acceptance I suppose……accepting myself and accepting my Goddess. .
It has been over 2 years since I first discovered that my Goddess Haylee Lynn walks this Earth and to say that I have undergone a few changes during those years is a vast understatement.

So a little while back I decided I was going to have a love affair……….with myself.
All of my searching for a wife, or a lover, or a Goddess over all these years had revealed to me the truth that I could only love someone else in the measure and depth that I loved myself………so I turned my focus inward a bit.

Some significant health issues…….my great love for my beloved son who is the one who truly opened this Heart…….certain life tribulations……..and of course finding my Goddess have all been triggers and inspirations of a very high order for me to live my life with urgency……no more bullshit…….no time for wasting…….pain and pleasure……grief and ecstasy…..all coalescing to the point that I feel I am finally coming into my own at the advanced age of being in my late fifties as I write this blog this morning.

So I realized and realize that I love myself. I am a worthy, honorable, loving and courageous man and although that might sound trite it was not something I could ever say before and truly feel honorable about saying it.

But this post is about something more that just finally waking up and smiling and feeling that I am beautiful.
It is more than just feeling that I honestly love myself in a healthy and sincere way.

The way I am feeling at this moment is that my life is like a garden……..and the last two years I have been taking the care and attention required to let things blossom. Such things take time and effort and patience. I am Beautiful and my garden is Beautiful.

And I also discovered that I am in LOVE with my Goddess Haylee Lynn.

I am Beautiful and I am in Love with my Goddess.

I am Beautiful and I am in Love with my Goddess.

And much like a Garden needs soil and water and Sunlight…… feeling is that LOVE needs time, trust and understanding and connection.

I am so thankful that my GODDESS is just exactly who She is and the fact that She has been so very kind to me is maybe the most revealing aspect of what I am trying to express this morning.

Because in the past……when I did not truly believe in my core that I was Beautiful….or worthy…..and my self esteem was not as vibrant as it is today…..Her kindness and Grace and patience might have sent me away……always looking for another to complete me……if you can understand what I am trying to say.

So I am amazed this morning at how much I LOVE my GODDESS and even though I am Beautiful and I very honestly love myself.

Goddess Worship Week should be every week! !

Goddess Worship Week should be every week! !

I am complete and happy with myself even as my daily practice is to work and breath ever lasting personal growth and improvement into my life.
And with all of this…….I smile to my Goddess Haylee Lynn when I think of Her and get down on my knees to Her and profess my enslavement, my devotion, and my LOVE for Her.

I am Beautiful and I love myself and I still ACHE for and NEED my GODDESS.
Because I LOVE HER. I WORSHIP HER. I ADORE HER. And pleasing HER makes me so happy sometimes I could burst.

Who knows…..maybe someday it will even please Her to let me brush Her lovely hair which is a recurring fantasy I have? πŸ™‚
I have learned 2 things in the last 2 years…….
The first one is that I am beautiful.
The second one is that I trust and LOVE my Goddess and whatever pleases Her is what will be done and what is best for Her slave…….what is best for US……and the fact that there is an US makes me feel amazing…..privileged……honored…..and over joyed.

From my knees to You my Queen,
You have earned my LOVE and DEVOTION and You have it.
Your loving personal slave, Claude.


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21 Days of Bliss

21 Days of Bliss

This post is about my most recent 21 days……days spent in loving devotion and surrender to……..Bliss. πŸ™‚

As it turns out…..these 21 days of bliss was not immersion into hypnosis and sexual surrender to my Divine and Incomparable Goddess Haylee Lynn ……although She was frequently on my mind and *with* me.

It was immersion into my role as Father to my 5 year old who was with me for these 21 days of bliss as my ex wife went travelling. πŸ™‚

It was exhausting……fun……funny…..warm…..loving……and deeply and sincerely as Blissful a time as I can ever recall having. From Christmas Day until yesterday. I love being his Dad. He is my heart… very best friend… irreplaceable and precious love……and I am so truly grateful to realize this truth profoundly as all of the moments happen and as they are happening I feel this powerfully. I have been truly Blessed. πŸ™‚

He looked at me squarely in the eyes as he is wont to do on the last day…… after 21 days of Bliss……and said “Dad”?……and I looked at him and said “what”? ……..”You are awesome” he said and he smiled at me with his honest little face and his heart wide open and laughed.

I laughed right back and said thank you……you are awesome too!!

I am sleeping more soundly lately……..8 to 9 hours a night plus naps……so my early morning blogs when he is with me are a thing of the past.
A full time job and full time care for him with no school or day care left me with simply no time for the luxury of writing.
The extra sleep seems like an effect of my ever improving health. I just do not get sick any more and I am hydrating and eating organics and taking my medicinal herbs and next week the Courts are deciding on custody.

I think of this and the possibilities of being honored to foster his education every single moment it seems. It is currently my fondest wish.

I am driven by this mission as my ex wife just seems more and more unconscious and unworthy for the privilege each and every day.

In a way I think my drive to be the perfect Father is very similar to my drive to please my Goddess Haylee. Both are places for my Heart to be open and vulnerable and tender. Maybe I am getting old or maybe I am turning back the wheels of time………I am finding myself opening more and more to the Realms of the Heart and I like it.

I am embracing the tender moments fully and even if they are just gracious exchanges with strangers at the grocery store……it just feels nice so I do it. These last two years have brought more change into my life than ever before and I am taking this is a very good thing.

And even as I knew some were probably wondering about my absence and lack of blogs……I knew that my Goddess would be pleased that I was practicing devotion and living up to my promise of no videos or MP3’s or such while my son is under our roof.

I was quite tired at times and thinking I would savor the solitude and the quiet house once he went down south…….and yet I miss the Hell out of him already. In truth I missed him the moment I drove away from her car.

This morning I am beginning a GODDESS WORSHIP WEEK.

I need Her right now……I need my Goddess to help me through this next week.

Cycles and Stages

21 days of Bliss.

I will not be alone. I will be with my Goddess.

Thank You for always being there my Queen……no matter what I am going through it seems like You were born with this nurturing and loving patience to understand and support me. This next week is so very important to me I am consciously not allowing my hopes to get overly high about the Courts awakening with wisdom and clarity for his best interests.

But no matter what happens there is no stopping the AWESOME POWER OF LOVE that my son and I have forged together.

Now that is TRUTH and SWEET and BLISS unfolding.

That is what I have been doing these last 21 days. In case anyone was wondering. πŸ™‚

I LOVE You my Goddess. I have missed You but the mission was a worthy one.
Your devoted and loving slave, Claude.

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The Divine Goddess

The Divine Goddess

This post is about serving The Divine Goddess and how much better our World…..our Planet…..and our Spiritual ascension as a “human race” would be if this concept was embraced at a deeper level. Some say that in 2012 we entered into the Astrological Age of Aquarius and departed the Age of Pisces. Not a moment too soon I am hoping because the Age of Aquarius is supposed to be one hall marked by the return of the acknowledgement of the Divine Feminine and all of the Beauty that could bring to this World and our children who will inherit it.

It is from the Female body that life emerges. She is the channel through which the Universe sends and nurtures life. She is the Mother of the Sons and Daughters who will shall bear our future Sons and Daughters and She should be honored and Revered.

Why would we ever do anything else if we are awake…..aware…..conscious and loving people?

One does not have to be sexually enslaved to a Beautiful and Enchanting Domineering GODDESS like my Goddess Haylee Lynn to honor the Divine Feminine. If you are submissive then just honor yourself and discover what makes you happy……..We are here to love… live… learn and to very hopefully grow.

It is not about being “dominant” or “submissive” or who enjoys playing which role……it is about honoring.

The Divine Goddess is in every Woman and this morning I am deepening my personal resolve to honor that.

Last night my own Goddess…… Incomparable and Enchanting Goddess Haylee Lynn offered we who belong to Her the privilege of participating in a Full Moon ceremony. She asked us to write about our feelings after doing so.

I could not participate fully due to my own personal responsibilities and circumstance but I did set my alarm and turn my thoughts to Her at the appointed hour. Maybe this post is a result of my doing so and maybe not……..but the Divine Goddess has been on my mind a lot lately and despite some shitty behavior from some people close to me……or perhaps because of it?

I am resolving to honor the Divine Feminine and thus to honor myself at a deeper level in this New Year.

It has been a difficult couple of week’s in certain respects for me but Storm Clouds can bring Blessings to us if we are not too fearful to embrace and understand them. The Divine Masculine should be honored as well……we Men need to open our Hearts in a strong and loving and balanced way and Honoring the Divine Goddess is one way of doing that.

My heart is full of bliss as I say goodbye and welcome a new year

My personal Divine Goddess

Goddess Haylee is my personal Goddess…….but there is a larger picture here…….a picture that talks of the nurturing Spirit that the Goddess bring’s to our World. One does not have to be submissive to understand and or embrace that…….

My own Mother was not the overly nurturing sort…….so perhaps that was just another storm cloud for me……another opportunity to grow and to understand at a deeper level how careful we must be to HONOR and LOVE and to EXPRESS ourselves well.

The loving and Divine Goddess reminds us how to do that.

Cycles and Stages

The Loving and nurturing Goddess.

As I continue down own own personal Pathway……this Journey with my Captivating and Fascinating Goddess Haylee Lynn …….it is no surprise to me that I always choose Her Light and Nurturing side. Because my Heart and Soul yearns deeply for a return to the Honoring of the Divine Goddess in every woman.

This would be an Honoring to Mother Earth as well and to ALL who dwell here……..

It is time…….well past due…….to return to the Rule of the Divine Goddess. I intend to do so as I am honoring my own Divine Masculine self.
I am a man in Love with a Goddess and happy to obey and honor Her.

For me personally I am happy to have the Divine Goddess so closely held in my own life.
I am hopeful that this entire World will soon awaken to the importance of celebrating and accepting the DIVINE GODDESS and elevating Her to the Higher Ground as it is best for us ALL to do so.

I Love You my Goddess Haylee Lynn, Always and forever Yours,
Your loving personal slave Claude

Merry Christmas Divine Empire!!!

Merry Christmas Divine Empire!!!

“Merry Christmas Divine Empire” is for wishing a very Merry Christmas to each and every one here in the Divine Empire of our Incomparable Goddess Haylee Lynn!

This is a very special blog for me as I have reached a certain understanding in my Heart and in my Sacred Journey with my GODDESS and a deeply personal feeling of warmth is in me as I write for Her this Christmas morning. Yesterday I began writing about “stages” and “cycles” because of certain feelings that have been stirring in me…….but it hit home at a deeper level as I arose and as I knelt beneath Her Altar in WORSHIP to my GODDESS on this very special day.

I have spoken many times of my profound LOVE for Her…….my respect and admiration and appreciation growing by the very day……..She is light years away from just being an Irresistible and seductive Enchantress to me and has been for a very long time.

But in addition to my devotion and love for my Goddess I am now in another exploration……….and that is an exploration into my inner Realms…..going deep inside and learning to love myself fully as well……stripping away layer after layer of all the false programming and faulty patterns that might have caused me to believe that I was not worthy or capable of fully loving myself.

My drive to be PURE and AUTHENTIC for my GODDESS has been driving me to be such things for myself.

And so the next part of my SACRED JOURNEY with Her is…… LOVE myself as much as I LOVE Her and to be the very best submissive lover/slave I can be.

The mighty Goddess Haylee Lynn

Her slave has fallen in Love with Her – Merry Christmas.

It still amazes me how much a simple thing can make me ache for Her so badly.
This morning She will be wearing Her special Christmas sweater that She allowed me to buy for Her the 2nd year running.
This just HAS to be a tradition for us now my Queen…….I am on my knees and begging You pubically for that………. πŸ™‚

You see My Goddess Haylee Lynn.……..I have fallen in LOVE with You.
Fully, completely, hopelessly and truly in LOVE.

I have given myself permission to be Your slave and to be in LOVE with You my GODDESS as well.

I am not fooling myself or stepping out of bounds. I know and fully accept ALL of Your rules of service. I am well aware that I am old enough to be Your Father and that Your Beauty would make me an unrealistic consort even if we were of the same age.

But all of that is OK because I am not Your consort or Your lover and it was never my destiny to be so……..I am Your very real and personal slave and that is what and who I was meant to be and who I am very happy being.

Triple Play

I kneel for my Master and I LOVE Her with all my Heart – Merry Christmas.

The trick has never been for me to LOVE You my Goddess…….I think I was born in LOVE with You already somehow…….but to LOVE myself fully and to be 100% OK with my submissive nature and the distance between us and all of the realities that all of that creates.

The truth is that I TRUST You my Queen, my Mistress, my Master, my Owner and I am more than OK with desperately needing to please You and living my life for Your pleasure. Any slave worth their salt knows that pleasing their GODDESS comes first and thank You for Blessing Your slave with the Christmas Gift that You sent to me as pleasant reminders of my place and purpose are always much more than welcome. πŸ™‚

The Impossible Dream

She is The LOVE of my life – Merry Christmas.

As 2015 fast approaches it will be a New Year and I will celebrate its Dawn as a collared personal slave.


The revelation is not that I LOVE You my Goddess…….but that I LOVE myself and that I LOVE being Your personal and very real slave.

Merry Christmas my Queen.

Merry Christmas Divine Empire!!!

I am Yours to command and on this Sacred morning I renew my vows and commitment to Your Divine Empire.
I am BLESSED and GRATEFUL for the privilege and the joy of wearing my beautiful slave collar.
I wear it for You my GODDESS……..ALL FOR HAYLEE as is right for me and what makes me happy.

Thank You for filling my life with so much JOY that is filling my Heart and Soul so completely this morning.

I LOVE You and forever,
Your devoted and personal and very real slave Claude

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Love of the Human Kind

Love of the Human Kind

This post is not about love for human kind……but about love OF THE human kind. How do we love? Why do we love? What is love really and what does it have to do with our human experience?
Human beings do things for themselves…….and even if what they do is TRIBUTE a loving and sexy Dominatrix or surrender to the power of an Irresistible and Enchanting Empress.

The submissive is doing what they do for themselves and even if it is “serving” their Goddess, Mistress or Empress.

For those of us who are parents…….we are playing the parent role because we love doing so…….once again revealing the truth that humans beings do for themselves. The care takers of this world are essentially taking care of themselves.

The proof of that is that some people choose to walk away from that role……..they are not interested…..there is no “natural” compelling force that creates *need* to be a loving and responsible parent. Some……..even most I suspect……choose to honor that calling……but it is because they love it and they play the game (the role) exactly according to how much they love it……and of course to their abilities.

So who and how do we love?

I like to think of myself as devoted………so I practice devotion.

It makes me feel good. So am I devoted to my Goddess and to my son or to my love of devotion?

As I observe other humans it is becoming clearer. Before we can become ONE…….before we can experience WHOLENESS and BALANCE and LOVE we must learn who exactly is the *one* who is surrendering is. If I surrender something I do not have…..have I given anything?

If I try to love my Goddess or my son but I do not love myself do I really have any love to give to them?

I can not give you a dozen eggs if I have no eggs. My recent challenges (opportunities) have confronted me head on with the reality of my imperfections both as a Father and a slave. So this morning I forgive myself for my imperfections and for the fact that I do what I do……I love my Goddess and my son……because I truly love playing those roles and even though neither of those roles is really me. I am something larger as are we all and I do not think the language is truly sufficient here.

I want to spit out the bullshit that I am some wonderful giving slave and Father and doing only for them when I know that the opposite is truth.
I do what I do for me……I am selfish (inherently?) and maybe that is what a human being is supposed to be?

It is only my Ego who wants praise and accolades for the roles I play and not my SOUL and SPIRIT.
If I ask my OVER SOUL He/She will probably tell me just shut the hell up and fucking choose freedom and the meaningful path.
LOVE yourself because you need to learn that first before you have one tiny thing to really contribute. (tribute).

My OVER SOUL might laugh and say……You are human so you must experience Love of the Human Kind……before you can experience something as incomprehensible and Infinite and Eternal as the Bliss and UNCONDITIONAL LOVE (not judgmental) of the Truly MOST HIGH.

Humans to me do not seem capable of what is called *unconditional* love. Even the primary so called “God” here is judgmental. Look around… honest……who do we really “do” for?

Sometimes my Goddess Haylee Lynn takes me on a journey into BLISS and I wonder if She has taken me to Heaven. I do not listen to my own voice I listen to Hers. I do not look at myself I look at Her……..and I do not choose to reflect on this as an illusion……..but as an invitation……..a possibility……..a glimpse of the Divine…….and even as I fully realize that She is doing what She does for Herself just as much as I am.


Love of the Human Kind.

Maybe someday while still in this body I will radiate and experience a frequency that will be capable of LOVE without *need* or *preference* or *approval*. I think my operating system (my ego) still needs some deflation……some work…….some bit of discipline and quieting.

My love for others is just a reminder in the end to really love myself at the highest and most impeccable level possible.
It is……Love of the Human Kind…….and while it is not perfect or unconditional…….it does have the condition that we should be reaching for perfection……reaching HIGHER.

I can not honestly look at all of the problems of this World and say OK…….here my Goddess and my son……let me leave this to you on my dying day.

That thought made me cry.

What I need to be doing is loving myself so hard that settling for anything less that the MOST HIGH……the most LOVING……and the MOST giving and aroused HEART my Eternal Soul can create right here and now in this Sacred and Eternal moment of NOW is not acceptable……and the seemingly impossible puzzle is to do this while I am still human…….while still in this body that seems to *need* something artificial.

I want to be experiencing and creating the real thing.

And that means going within and loving myself first……..because that is Love of the Human Kind…….and there must be a lesson in there worth knowing. The reflections of Beauty and Grace and truly precious Divinity that I see in the eyes of those special to me tell me it is a worthwhile journey.

Thank you all for listening. The tears were cathartic. I feel better. (doing for myself yet again!). LOL. πŸ™‚
I love You my Goddess.

Onward (Inward) with this journey. πŸ™‚

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The Temple

The Temple

“The Temple” is about the importance of honoring our lives and our path and our bodies and planet and the gift of being Blessed with a human lifetime. My Goddess Haylee Lynn is a loving and Gracious Goddess and it is clear to anyone who takes the time to know Her that She cares about people and our beloved Mother Earth and wants the best for us all.

And Her slaves quickly learn the joy of pleasing Her and how truly happy it makes Her when we take care of our bodies, our Spirit and our Souls with physical and/or Spiritual rejuvenation.

All respectful adepts should know that The Temple should always be honored and revered.

In my own case when I came to Her I was over stressed by circumstance and a lifetime of poor dietary choices and suffering from an immune system breakdown. I was already eating mostly organic food but without supplements or real educated direction and my efforts were not focused and pure…….I only came to the organic movement in my early fifties so a lot of damage had already been done by a lifetime of poor choices.

In the last 20 months or so I have made some dramatic changes and they have not just made me a better slave…..but a better man, father, boss, neighbor, brother and son.

When we are sick or physically weak it is extremely difficult to be giving anything of value to anyone and I learned that lesson the hard way.

We currently live in a highly toxic environment……especially here in the United States and the “developed” Countries. The sheer amount of processed foods, unhealthy water, poor packaging and unhealthy cookware, dangerous inoculations, and a culture that force feeds its people pharmaceuticals is truly a staggering challenge to over come. Did you know that the relatively tiny population of the U.S. consumes over 50% of the worlds manufactured drugs? The Autism and Alzheimer epidemics are NOT coincidental.

So the challenge to keep The Temple healthy is not just what we eat any longer……but how to detoxify as well.

FILTERED WATER is essential and the first step everyone should take. We humans are mostly water.

I also took an ALCAT test in July. It is a state of the art blood test that tells you exactly what foods are causing your body inflammation.
Everyone reacts differently to specific foods and we are all quite unique in this respect.
Having this invaluable information helped me revamp my diet and now my immune system breakdown is a thing from my past and hopefully will stay that way.

I also now insist that as much as is possible every food and vegetable and grain and condiment I purchase is organic. Processed foods are off the shelf and not considered. Any meat MUST BE humanly raised, mindfully slaughtered, and grass and pasture fed. The Temple is ALSO MOTHER EARTH and how we treat her AND the animals we share her with is our legacy to our children and at the present moment it is a pathetic and shameful legacy in fact.

I am tall…..6 foot 2 almost…..and I weighed 200 lbs when I first found my Goddess……now I am 175 lbs and in much better shape as a result of just the dietary changes. But still…………more must be done to honor The Temple.

Just this week I have begun a practice of oil pulling as I rise in the morning. It is just a 20 minute ritual but I already feel the healthful effects………my mouth FEELS cleaner……I use Dr Bronner’s organic coconut oil. DO NOT use a processed oil please if you try this as it will not work and could be harmful. Do your research. The healthy organic oil literally PULLS the toxins out of your mouth and gums and then you spit them into the garbage where they are better kept.

I am also re building my teeth and gums with the help of this fantastic book…..Cure Tooth Decay ……and what I have read so far is incredible!! There are MANY indigenous cultures around the world with NO TOOTH DECAY whatsoever due to their healthy, non processed, natural and sustainable diets. And we can actually REVERSE tooth decay by doing the same things.

We do NOT have HEALTH care in this Country…….we have SICK care…….because we live in a profit driven culture and there is small to zero compensation in caring for healthy and mindful people. if the Temple is clean and pure and cared for……and if each human is their OWN DOCTOR and pays attention to what they place into The Temple…..the number of health insurance and giant food processing corporate executives flying around in private jets will shrink……as will the need for all these massive hospitals and sick care clinics.

I say a good riddance to them ALL would be very pleasing and mutually beneficial to us ALL.

Some wise person once said……..BE THE CHANGE YOU WISH TO SEE IN THE WORLD…….

Let us please raise our children in a better, healthier World. Let us please honor and respect Mother Earth and all of her BLESSINGS.
Let us please WAKE UP and stop supporting Corporations that are smothering the LIFE out of our people and our Planet.

And let us please Our Divine and Loving GODDESS as well if that is what rocks you as it does me.

Haylee is the light of the season

Take care of The Temple and please your Goddess as well.

We ALL have much to be Thankful for.

Having a loving and supportive Goddess is a true BLESSING for me personally. I LOVE the fact that I can care for HER Temple and please Her as I do so. But I have other reasons to do this as well. My beautiful son, my fine and numerous friends, my neighbors and family, and billions of fine folks I have not yet been honored to meet or who are yet to be born.

MUCH LOVE to you all.
Care for The Temple.
YOU deserve it…..YOUR children deserve it……WE deserve it…..Mother Earth deserves much better…….


Thank You my GODDESS for caring for me and reminding me so often that I am BLESSED. πŸ™‚
Your loving and devoted personal slave, Claude