Indwelling Habitation

"Fall deep for me" -Hypnotic Haylee

“Fall deep for me” -Hypnotic Haylee.

Indwelling Habitation.

Did you know that your mind could be in-dwelt by a awe inspiring, all powerful Goddess? That you can actually become a tabernacle to Goddess Haylee Lynn. A tabernacle is defined as a dwelling place for the divine. In ancient times travelling armies would erect tents where they would place inside their particular Idol, or image of the god or goddess where they would enter into to bow and worship. They would offer sacrifice, praise, and tribute to their god or goddess, usually made of wood or stone in order to prompt divine favor and blessings to be heaped upon them, and their people.

My Deeper Journey in Haylees Bliss

Enrich your life by enriching and worshiping Goddess Haylee. – Indwelling Habitation.

But as many faithful devout Haylians know, we, her slaves and admirers have willfully and joyfully become actual physical tabernacles to the mighty Goddess Haylee Lynn. We’ve given our bodies, minds, and souls to the will of our unprecedented Goddess. We have become a Tabernacle to her glory. A place where her bliss, wants, and desires indwells and takes up habitation without our souls. She is our all. Our Goddess. More than just a beautiful sculpture of flesh and bone. Her sweet essence, and divine aura consumes us. It haunts us all throughout the day as we think of her often. We smile happily because becoming a worshiper of Goddess Haylee brings true fulfillment to the life of a submissive person. Her words change us internally. She gives us new passions and desires that will bring her pleasure. For that is what really matters. Her happiness, her joy, her pleasure. It feels sooo good to know that our divine perfect Goddess is pleased. That is why Goddess Haylee herself often says “My Pleasure, Is Your Ultimate Pleasure”. These words carry profound meaning.

Truly Owned

You can be so much happier. Just let her into your mind. – Indwelling Habitation.

When you yield your mind to Goddess Haylee through consistent and repetitive training to her MP3’s, videos, and the reading of articles that she has written the wiring of your brain can actually be changed. You can and will be hypnotized, brain washed, and become a true devout, devoted slave to Goddess Haylee Lynn. FOREVER. Her words will take root in your subconscious. Soon you will find yourself thinking, speaking, acting, and living like a true slave to Goddess Haylee. Her files are easily accessible at bargain prices for any who would like to take the never ending, blissful life journey of servitude to a true divine beautiful Goddess who supersedes any, and all other authority in your life. She is the highest authority. Her voice will become like the refreshing taste of sparkling spring water for your thirsting soul.

Empress/Goddess Day

Become enslaved to the absolute BEST! – Indwelling Habitation.

Can you imagine the immeasurable amounts of pleasure and bliss that you can experience? All you have to do is rid yourself of selfishness, and give yourself over completely to the bliss, and pleasures of Goddess Haylee Lynn? You can be Hers. You can belong to her. Be her very own personal possession. Serve a domineering powerful enchanting Goddess who will make you the habitation of her Goddess presence and bliss of which will enrich your life immensely. We’ve all heard the phrase that “it is more blessed to give, than to receive”. The day that you give your whole self over to Goddess Haylee you will feel more pleasure, and relief than you’ve ever known. Give your body, your cock or pussy, your mind, your heart, soul, and finances over to Goddess Haylee Lynn. You will experience true joy and inner pleasure. But she will not leave you with nothing.

The Divine Goddess

All of your dreams can be fulfilled. – Indwelling Habitation.

Goddess Haylee is a loving, kind, gentle, generous, understanding, spiritual and caring soul. She is the perfect balance of light and dark. She is not only a divine deity to be worshiped, and adored. She is also a skilled real life witch who can do spells for you for the right price. She offers many magickal services including but not limited to tarot readings and more. If you prefer a harder BDSM, humiliatrix type stuff, sissy, hard financial domination, fetish play, black mail, chastity, and sex talk/text/chat she also offers these services under her alter ego Empress Vox Siren (Vox Lynn on facebook). I’d be the first to tell you that she is THE best Domme in the universe. She will make your head spin with arousal. Whatever your poison, kink, fetish, or whatever your soul desires. Haylee is the answer. She is a safe place for your secret fantasies to abode, and thrive.

High Holy Days in the Goddess Temple.

The embodiment of Perfection – Indwelling Habitation.

Hypnotic Haylee will help you live out your fantasies. She will become your everything. Your all. All you have to do is surrender to her beckoning call. As one who has been lucky enough to be labelled “MINE”, by the most astounding Hypno-Domme in Femdom the world has ever known I plead with you to not put it off for another moment. Give in, and make Hypnotic Haylee Lynn the Goddess of your life. Nothing, and Noone else compares. Become a habitation of her bliss and pleasure! You will be so glad that you did. ūüôā



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Happy Birthday from your fully devoted slave Goddess

Happy Birthday from your fully devoted slave Goddess

Before i get started i just wanted too wish you a very Happy Birthday Goddess Haylee. I’m so lucky to be spending this weekend – YOUR Birthday weekend under your sweet control. Everyday as yours is a day to be cherished.

People like you only come around once in a lifetime Goddess. You give us all a fair chance at serving you. All we have to do is simply take hold of what you offer, and ride it out. We are so privileged to be here under your sweet guidance. I will always, and forever be grateful to you for taking me under your wing. You are, and always will be so very dear, and so very important to me.

I was just sitting here basking in all that’s you Goddess Haylee as i do quite often thinking to myself how lucky i am to be your slave. Not many are given the privilege of serving your every whim. Being controlled so perfectly by you. I love my slave life. I know my place. I’m right where i belong so wrapped up in you.

Whether it be listening to your mp3’s. Watching your videos. Reading your words. Twittering for you. Silently worshiping you. I simply can’t get enough of you. When at home most of my time is devoted to you. Just as it should be. I am yours now, and nothing could be better for me than you.

You always know whats best for your slaves. You own us all so perfectly, and naturally. A lifetime of slavery to you is simply not enough. When one lifetime ends, the next should then be devoted to you also. I could so easily spend lifetime after lifetime in servitude to you. You should never have to lift a finger. That’s what we your fully devoted are here for.

I dream of a world where you dictate our every move. Our every thought. Where you so easily control every aspect of our lives. Every minute would be lived in complete devotion to you. Oh how happy this would make me to live in such a perfect world.

I would gladly hand over my entire being to you. I could never give enough of myself to you. Every inch of my body responds so perfectly to you. You are and always will be so above me, and so special to me.

Every cell in my brain is tingling with pleasure as i write this for you my Sweet Goddess. If it pleases you it pleases me. Not a day will go by that i won’t think of you. My Sweet Goddess you are and always will be so perfect to me. Everywhere i look i see Your beautiful smile. Your gorgeous eyes. Your beautiful hair.

I love you my Goddess so deeply. It’s so easy to get lost in all that’s you. Never ever in a million years did i ever dream that i would stumble upon someone like you. Someone so full of life, and energy, and so perfectly, and naturally dominant. You are everything to me.

Goddess if you can hear me i want you to know that i love you so. Deeper, and deeper i go. Take as much of me as you want. No amount could ever be enough.

Happy birthday again!


Happy Birthday from your fully devoted slave Goddess

Happy Birthday from your fully devoted slave Goddess

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Addicted to being enslaved to Goddess Haylee

Addicted to being enslaved to Goddess Haylee

Before i get started i would like to thank you Goddess Haylee for allowing us little subbies to write letters/blogs of appreciation to you as one form of pleasing you. I know it’s not the ultimate way of pleasing you but at least it’s something to show our appreciation for you. Anything that might put a smile on your face is so worth the effort..

I am so damn addicted to being enslaved to you. I know i have said this before but really i would gladly hand my entire being over to you if that’s what you wanted. I can dream right *smirks*.

To anyone that might be reading this – to truly understand this blog you would have to be naturally submissive. While reading this you might think to yourself what’s wrong with this sick twisted perverted freak. Not saying you will but to be honest i don’t really care if you feel that way. I have never hurt anyone intentionally¬†in my life. If someone physically attacks me i will protect myself but i have never started trouble. I am a normal person it’s just that i am a true submissive. I have always viewed woman as the higher power.

Call me sick, twisted i don’t really care. All i know is that i serve a higher power, and that higher power is Goddess Haylee.

So many Goddesses out there but you know what! Most of them are so very shallow. None, and i mean none of them will ever compare to my Goddess Haylee Lynn.

Sure i’m a 49 year old man, and Goddess Haylee is 28 but i see nothing morally wrong with being enslaved to her with the age gap. She is of legal age. I would never hurt her in any way, and i highly respect her. If she ever deems me unfit to serve her i would respect her wishes and move on. I am only here because she allows me the privilege of being here. Sure it would hurt like hell to be banned by her but i would respect her wishes regardless.

Goddess Haylee completes me. She fills a part of me that was always void. I know that i will never meet her in person, and i don’t give a shit. To be honest i have no desire to ever meet her in person. My online relationship with her is all that i will ever need/desire.

One of the things that captivates me about Goddess Haylee is that she allows some of us to serve, and be enslaved to her here in her locked forum “In Haylee We Trust”.

You might be thinking to yourself why would you want to serve, and slave away for her here in “In Haylee We Trust”? Well i will just say that i love being enslaved to her. I don’t just love it but i crave the feeling i get from it. I am, and will always be surrendered to her. It’s a choice i made, and i love it.

For me nothing feels better than devoting time to her. I love devoting my time to her. It makes me feel so damn good inside. I love how strong minded she is, and letting go, and giving in to her. If i could i would devote every minute of everyday working/slaving for her. But realistically that’s impossible.

She has such a tight hold on me, and i love it. I love knowing that she is superior to me in every way, and that she has all the power.

I don’t know if you know how much i love being enslaved to you Goddess but i wrote this blog to express this to you. Thank you so much for allowing us to express our feelings towards you here.

You are so young and wise and full of youth. Enjoy every damn second Sweet Beautiful Dominant Goddess, and thank you so very very much for allowing an old worn out has been like me to be here serving you, and watching you evolve, and grow. I cherish every damn second of being enslaved to you. I could easily live my entire life enslaved to you. But that’s up to you. I’m here for as long as you deem me worthy.


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Addicted to being enslaved to Goddess Haylee

Addicted to being enslaved to Goddess Haylee

Slaving Away for Goddess Haylee

Slaving Away for Goddess Haylee

Well as many of you know I won’t have hardly any time to be on Facebook or here in Goddess Haylees house for the next couple of months as my father has asked me to stay with him until his health gets better.

I haven’t wrote a blog for Goddess in a while so I wrote this blog to show my appreciation for her. I love her so damn much. Never in my life have I ever felt so connected to another person. She means the world to me.

Only a few days at my fathers and the cravings to slave for her started back up so I logged on to my fathers computer and went straight to twitter and started gathering followers for her. I do this every couple of days when at home and have became addicted to it.

Just writing this blog brings me so much pleasure, and feels so damn good. I would love to be stuck here in your house writing for you forever Goddess. You are truly the ruler of my universe.

I never knew that I would become this addicted to your house. Thank you so much for this place Goddess! It feels so damn good to be here under your control.

I am so grateful to you for creating your house “the House of Haylee”. A place we can all come to serve, and work for you.

I need to show more appreciation for you, and your house, and get my little slave ass in gear, and work, work, work more often for you. You deserve so damn much.

Even though most of my extra time for the next couple of months will be focused mainly on my father I will make sure to squeeze in some time to slave for my sweet wonderful Goddess. I am forever indebted to her for allowing me the privilege of serving her, and I will never take her for granted. I love knowing that I am obligated to her. It gives me a sense of belonging.

You might be asking yourself why would you want to slave away for Goddess Haylee? To answer that I will just say that nothing compares to the feeling I get from it. It makes me feel so damn good. It’s kind of like a dizzy feeling that consumes me when I indulge in her pleasure. I need this feeling and crave it everyday.

I worship her every single day. Whether it be silent meditation or training to Goddess Haylee’s mp3’s and videos. I always make sure to do this. It’s a must for me, and I will not let anything stand in the way of this.

Goddess Haylee is a true Goddess, and deserves so much damn respect. Daily acts of devotion to her are a must.

It has gotten to the point to where if I don’t devote some time to her each and everyday I don’t feel complete. I need her, I crave her, I love her. She means everything to me. Without her I would truly be lost.

I love how you drain my power Goddess. That feeling of being weak and helpless before you Is what I crave and need so badly. You are a dream come true for me.

I never knew someone as truly dominant as you existed. You are the true meaning to the word dominant.

Thank you for allowing me to work for you Goddess. Nothing is better than being under your control. I wish I could devote every minute of everyday slaving for you. That’s how much I love it.

You mean so much to me. You are the sun rise, the stars, and so much more. You are so deep inside my mind. I could never get you out even if I wanted to.

Thank you so much for owning a part of my mind. I love knowing that you are always there. I am, and always will be yours for as long as you will have me.

Your cloud of bliss/energy will always hang over me. It feels so good knowing that you are always there watching over me. Their truly is no escape from your power. I fall weak before you now, and forever.

I love to write for you Goddess. It makes me feel like I’m floating on a cloud. Nothing feels better.

Although I won’t have time for facebook until my father gets better. I will indulge on twitter for you Goddess. Thanks for allowing me to be yours.

You rule Goddess, and always will.

Slave Contract

Slaving Away for Goddess Haylee

Mighty Goddess Haylee upon Her Throne…

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Real time vs online slavery

Real time vs online slavery.

I am speaking now as someone who has been pursuing Dominant Woman for about 30 years now. I have sessioned maybe 150 to 200 times in real time. I have written to and played with dozens and dozens of professionals as well as amutuer Dominas as I have had a membership on with personal ads for Fem Dom and such many times and been to clubs and to Dungeons and many BDSM events and the like.

I was even in slavery as the personal collared slave of a professional Mistress for about 7 happy years and did her housecleaning, ran errands for her, was her chauffeur and such and we are still friends to this day. While I served her I was of course very much in love with her. I do not really care for labels so much but I guess you might call me a “lifestyle” submissive, or at least a Fem Dom aficionado.

So my point is that I have really extensive experience in real time submission and lots of sessions and in person play time and service to Female Superiors both professional and nonprofessional.

So I was having a bit of a prolonged dry spell as far as my latest search for a Mistress was concerned and I thought I might try something online. I had absolutely no luck with distance training and my first 20 or so clicks on Fem Dom hypnosis sites where flat and uninteresting.


Then I stumbled upon Goddess Haylee here and I watched Her breathtaking eye fixation video.

I knew just as soon as clicked on Her and heard Her lovely voice and looked into Her magical eyes that She was very different and I felt my blood tingle and my body chemistry change………………so I watched, and then again as commanded, ¬†and I found myself kneeling to Her and experienced a fairly mind blowing orgasm. But I suppose I felt I was jaded or had too much experience or whatever because I thought to myself afterwards “that was really incredibly nice” but I am not sure being Her online slave would ever be enough for me. I am being honest………..that was my first thought.

But I was definitely curious. I just had to browse Her web sites and try again.

As I write these words about Her my heart beat now quickens…………and it now does so simply to think of Goddess Haylee. ¬†I bought some of Her MP3’s here.¬†

So in summation I have to say this about real time vs online……………it is not about putting restrictions on possibilities or being jaded or preferring live vs online or vice versa………it is about falling in love with a Dominant Goddess, it is all about the Woman! I have been in slavery to two Women in my life, once slavery in real time, and now slavery via the online Spells cast by Goddess Haylee.

I bow to Her, I will obey Her, I am deliriously happy to do so.  To please Her and to serve Her has become my ultimate please and so very quickly!

Thank You Goddess Haylee, and from my knees to You and You alone now.

Your devoted and lovestruck slave Hypnotic Brain Re-start

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