Note: This story features magick from Haylee Lynn. She really can cast spells, and will do so for you for a very reasonable price. Go to her store for further details.

After Haylee had defeated the Ice Witch, she installed four of her favorites to rule over Narnia. They are crowned kings and queens of Narnia at the castle Cair Paravel. They are given the titles of King Claude the Magnificent, Queen Aimee the Gentle, King Terry the Just, and Queen Indigo the Valiant.

However a few years later they came rushing back to Haylia to speak to their Goddess.

It fell to Claude to break the bad news.

“The Ice Queen, when she was alive had made love with a snowman. The snowman had melted and died in the process. The product of this union was another witch who had now grown up and returned to rule Narnia again.”

“But why didn’t you just use the balloon against her, like we did last time.” Asked Haylee, who was rather puzzled.

“Because she had a tame dragon with her!”

“Right in that case, I must get a dragon to use against her!” replied Haylee. “Or maybe, even better, two dragons! On second thoughts that may be greedy!”

“So are we going on an expedition to capture a dragon?”

“No. It is June 21st today. I will do some magic at midnight. I will need you four. First we must do some preparation.”

So at midnight they all stood at a corner of a pentagram. Each of Haylee’s four slaves held a musical instrument. In front of each of them was a candle and a herb – parsley as dragon like to sleep on it. There was Sage to show that they are wise. There was Rosemary, because the first female dragon was called Rosemary. There was Thyme because they had existed since the dawn of time. In the middle were loads of candles. The music began to ring out. Haylee began to chant, and move her body from side to side.


She cast her spell at midnight

“Are you coming from the dragon lair?

Parsley, sage, rosemary, and thyme;

Remember me to the one who lives there,

For once she was a true slave of mine.”


On and on the music played, as Haylee chanted through all the verse. Then as they stopped, a dragon came down and settled next to them.

“Can I be of assistance” said the dragon.

“You sure can!” replied Haylee.

First thing in the morning, Haylee flew out on the dragon. The new Ice Queen flew to meet them on her dragon.

The two riders flew their dragons at each other, like medieval knights on their steeds. Then something happened neither of them expected. The dragons looked at the undercarriages of each other. They noticed that one was a boy dragon and one was a female dragon. It was like love at first sight. They winked at each other. They threw their riders off and the dragons flew off together!

Haylee and the Ice Queen found themselves face to face on the ground. The young Ice Queen realised that she was not as experienced as her mother and would be no match for Haylee. She raised her hands in surrender. She apologized for invading the country and promised never to do it again. Haylee let her leave the country with dignity, and she was never seen again.

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