The Need to Dream Again

The need to dream again – I am inside your mind.

The Need to Dream Again …I sat in the chair, looked at the pictures of my Goddess all around. I breathed in deeply the sweet smell of the vanilla and my heart filled with love for my Goddess. Unaware of time passing I drifted away into a state of bliss. I remained in this state until the door opened… No one was coming in the door. It was the phone … Continue reading

Return to My Chosen Path


Return to My Chosen Path Many times have I laid down with headphones and let Goddess take me away. Over and over again during those sessions she has trained me that she is inside of my mind. That she is becoming a large part of my mind. So today when I laid down I didn’t put on the headphones. I opened myself to Goddess. I had no idea what would … Continue reading

Another way to serve my Goddess Haylee Lynn

Another way to serve my Goddess Haylee Lynn This post is about possibilities and dreams and reaching for our highest potential. It is also about my dream of attending to my Divine Goddess Haylee Lynn in person someday.  Now I have to qualify this post before I go any further on two levels. Firstly, our Goddess makes it very clear on Her web site that She does not entertain Her … Continue reading

Goddess Haylee is unique!

Goddess Haylee is unique! Goddess Haylee is unique – she is my owner, pleasing Her is my only pleasure. Washed away in Her perfect bliss, I am exactly where I belong, in Haylee’s world. Last night after a long day at work, I settled in for some time to relax, to drift away from that world and slip into Goddess Haylee’s unique bliss. Once I was able to spend some … Continue reading

I keep walking

Queen Haylee Lynn.

Empty space appears to extend into every direction, I can see only what is there and I see nothing. I have been walking for hours, perhaps days, I have lost track of it all if I could track it without and reference. I just keep walking there is nothing else to do. It is neither warm nor hot, it just is. The source of gravity holding my feet from floating … Continue reading

Graduation Day

This post is a fantasy. It is set off 5 years into the future when my Goddess Haylee Lynn calls me on the phone one evening and offers me congratulations. “This is your graduation day my sweet slave”. “Excuse me my Goddess”? I had been immersed in my daily devotions here in my humble Temple to Her in New Jersey. I had not even realized that it had now been … Continue reading

Comments on Narnia – The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe

    Comments on Narnia – The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe I enjoyed your post Foreverslave. I started to write a comment but realized I was becoming a bit long winded and going off on a tangent, so decided best to make a regular post. I thought it was an interesting comparison. I have never read any of the Narnia books nor experienced any of the media. However … Continue reading

To be Mind fucked by Empress Vox Siren

I feel the need to reveal some carnal desires to be mind fucked by Empress Vox Siren. Perhaps not a confession in the traditional sense, but a confession none the less. Many of you know already, but for those who don’t Empress Vox Siren is Goddess Haylee’s dark side. As Goddess Haylee has explained all of us from time to time have desires which surface, desires that cause us to … Continue reading

Goddess Haylee’s Bliss

I crave her bliss, Goddess Haylee’s bliss. I don’t fully understand what the bliss is, but I do know that I need it. I know this because it comes from Goddess Haylee. My nose is pressed up against the glass, gazing through and want so badly to be inside. I dream and fantasize about her bliss. I think about her brainwashing me, scattering the small pieces of my mind and … Continue reading

Majestic Desert

The desert may be the most natural place on the planet. For taken as a whole it is the least impacted by humankind. The reason, it is the harshest of harsh environments. Unbearable heat from the blazing sun. The late afternoons bring stinging winds. And there is very little water, in fact most of the time there is none at all. The desert is a barren place and foreign to … Continue reading