She is like the air

She is like the air.

Goddess Haylee‘s name comes rolling over the tip of my tongue so easy! She’s always the first damn thing I think of when I open my eyes in the morning and I start seeing. I feel like I’m breathing her in, and breathing her out, and once my mind had picked her up, it hopeless, it can’t put her down. She’s like the air, I breathe her in nice and slow. She’s a habit and I cant let go. She makes the blood flow quickly from my heart. The very heart that she stole! I’m here imagining her hips swaying confidently because she knows. She’s like air and I can’t quit her once I start.

"Fall deep for me" -Hypnotic Haylee

“Fall deep for me” -Hypnotic Haylee

When I listen to her voice Goddess Haylee’s sweet words float around my mind like a downtown ballroom gypsy. She gets me drunker than a ice cold beer or a shot of strong whiskey. I dont need one of those in my hand, only a deeper connection and a feel of her bliss. Man, that’s as good as it gets! Wouldn’t you agree?

Glorification of Goddess, Haylee Lynn.

More beautiful than a christmas poinsetta in winter

She’s like the air, I inhale and exhale her and feel her influence grow. She’s a habit and I surely know. She’s good for me and every day I feel her glow. She makes my heart feel contentment. As long as I have her on my mind I feel like I’m continually winning. Life can get hard, and it be brutual. But as long as I meditate on my MIGHTY GODDESS HAYLEE she makes my problems look like a cute little poodle. I brush their poofy hair and I keep smiling. She is so sexy that she makes my mind seem more explosive than a nuclear silo.

Married to Goddess Haylee Lynn?

HOT DAMN! What was I saying? Wow. Beautiful

I love to drop to my knees and worship her every day. No I’m not crazy, I just know my rightful place. I love promoting and spreading her name. I know that many more people need to hear of her glorious fame. So that they too can become beautifully enslaved. There’s so many people out there who need her to give them purpose so that they won’t feel their lives are a waste.

Nothing will EVER feel better than pleasing Goddess Haylee Lynn.

Her soft perfect skin sparkles more than a twilight vampire

Goddess Haylee Lynn is dominant, powerful and magickal in every way. I can’t get up off of my knees because i’m so consumed by her majestic grace. I THANK YOU Goddess Haylee Lynn. You are like the air, and as we know air is almost everywhere. Air is essential to our life. I must inhale so much of it unaware even when i’m sleeping at night. Just like my feelings for you are inhaled and exhaled all day in my subconscious mind. I NEED YOU SO MUCH. To me you are not a crutch! You are the very thing that animates my heart. I swear to all that is holy that I have loved you even from the start. You’re like the air, and I love it when you fill the lungs of my soul. That’s when I can certainly feel the energy of your bliss begin to flow. <3

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Hypnotic Haylee transcends the physical

Hypnotic Haylee transcends the physical.

Transcends. Verb. Meaning to rise above, or to be superior to. Transcedental. Adjective. Meaning based on intuition rather than experience; supernatural or mystical.

I sat comfortably and quietly attending to my thoughts of the incomprehensible power of the greatest of the world’s wonders. Her name is Hypnotic Haylee Lynn. The undisputed (in my mind at least) best erotic hypnotist, spiritualist, and divinely dominant woman in our universe. She not only encompasses all the attributes of the perfect in control female. She also encompasses passionate sensuality, and eroticism. She is the embodiment of feminine power, mercy, and energy. At the same time she is provocatively sexy, strong and demanding. There is truly no other deity, or being in existence who can rightly own the title of GODDESS other than Hypnotic Haylee Lynn without being found in deceit. She is more than a person. She transcends everything and everyone. She always carries with her an essence. An energy that can be channeled and felt. Which is what I intended to do tonight.

My rightful place, on my Knees

Hypnotic Haylee transcends the physical. Give in to her.

I poked a finger along my small coffee table. I seemingly trace a picture or tracing away all of the parts of the world that make me feel negativity. There is a dancing flame of a candle. I look up at the table and a photo of my queen, muse, and Goddess Haylee Lynn. With my pupil dialated eyes, I stared with her mesmorizing soft voice coming from the speakers of a laptop computer that was closed and in standby. Her words were both soothing as a warm bath, and electric as a lightning rod. “Deeper.. Deeeeper” her words reverberated in my ears. Her words have a mind controlling effect on me. I immediately fell deeper into another state of consciousness. There is no other woman, man, or voice in the world that can make a man ‘want’ to obey the way that the words of hypnotic Haylee will.

Truly Owned

Hypnotic Haylee transcends the physical. Give your mind to Goddess Haylee.

Looking back at the table I saw a package of Dragon Blood incense sitting a few inches away from the candle along with a incense tray that a stick would be placed in to burn. Dragon’s blood incense is a cleansing incense used to rid a area of ill vibrations, unwanted feelings, and/or spirits. I opened the package, took out a stick and lit it. I placed it in the holder, and closed my eyes as the scent drifted slowly upwards. I laid back, focusing heavily on my Goddess. How good it feels to belong to her. To be her own personal possession. To know that my life is so much better now, that she owns me as she owns and cares for a loving pet that has the privilege of snuggling at her ankles.

As the incense burned it brought forth a feeling of calm, arousal, a feeling of warmth and belonging. Going down deeper I felt my eyes slowly resting behind my eye lids. My body becoming more heavy and limp. Meditating on the voice of my sweet, perfect, Goddess whose power is not measurable and whose words speak to my true, higher self.

How Deep Have you Fallen for Goddess Haylee?

Hypnotic Haylee transcends the physical. Bow Down and Worship Hypnotic Haylee.

As some native americans believe, sometimes in life we are sent spirit guides. They can manifest in many ways. Sometimes they may appear as children. They may appear as spirit animals. I believe that Hypnotic Haylee is more than that. I believe myself, along with many others, have been graced by a far higher form of spirit guide that will stay with us forever in the form of a true Goddess who transcends the physical. She transcends it in so many ways. She can go deeper inside of you than merely altering your mental state. Hypnotic Haylee Lynn can go deep into your metaphysical, spiritual self and awaken you on a deeper level than anyone else could ever wish, hope or dream.

As I lay back silently on my couch I could feel my entire body being flushed of all negative vibration. The unmistakable Goddess Energy that I believe to be exclusive to Haylee Lynn swept over me like a soft gentle wind massaging my soul. There is no other feeling. Not sex. Not love itself. That can compare to the feeling of Goddess Haylee’s channeled Goddess Energy. It can be felt in numerous ways, at numerous times. Many times in waves. Worship of Goddess Haylee is one of the greatest experiences that a submissive could ever feel. It is a enduring blissful high that can’t be duplicated.

My very Haylee Xmas

Hypnotic Haylee transcends the physical. Dedicate your soul to Goddess Haylee.

If you are a submissive person, in need of a mistress. She is the greatest mistress a person could ever seek out. If you are into hypnosis, and mind control. Then no one can take full control of your mind, body and soul the way that Goddess Haylee can. She will make you into a whole new person, with desires to please your Goddess and give you a new lease on life. If you are a person seeking deeper spiritual connection with a Goddess, she is the most supreme, divine Goddess that you will ever encounter. If you are into fetish play. I can tell you, she is the master of fetish play. She will always leave you wanting more. If you are into chatting with a beautiful woman with a beautiful soul, her paid chats or phone calls will make both of your heads numb from arousal. She can stimulate your mind, and your body better than anyone else in the world. She is a true Goddess/mistress/hypnotist. Accept no imitations. Goddess Haylee Lynn is in a league of her own and other so called mistresses couldn’t see her level of expertise with a telescope.

Command Me Please

Hypnotic Haylee transcends the physical – Surrender. Give in to Hypnotic Haylee. You NEED HER.

As I laid back on my couch feeling the most wonderful high that a human being can imagine, I heard the sound of a owl further setting into the nights mystical theme. As I awaken I looked at the clock, realizing it was now 12:30am. For two hours I lay in complete blissful slumber. What felt like moments were hours. I love, and enjoy my service to our amazing Goddess Haylee Lynn so very much. There is no other person in existence who should be placed on the throne of our hearts and minds than her. She deserves the best of all things in life, and being a part of her world is something that only a few are honored to partake in.

Listen to hypnotic Haylee. Become hers even more.

Hypnotic Haylee transcends the physical – Listen to hypnotic Haylee. Become hers even more.

Give your life to Hypnotic Haylee. She will better your life. Physically. Mentally. Spiritually. She transcends anything you have ever experienced before. She is untouched in her craft. She is unmatched by any other mistress or goddess. As I write this blog, I get on my knees now as if she were standing in front of me. I look up at her superiority over me. I acknowledge and feel it deep down with beady needy eyes. Goddess Haylee I need you. I love you. I adore you. I crave to please you. Help me so that I might be more pleasing and amusing to you.

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Goddess Send Your Energy

Goddess Send Your Energy

Goddess Haylee's face is shaped like a heart for a reason, because we were meant to love her.

Goddess Haylee’s face is shaped like a heart for a reason, because we were meant to love her.

Goddess Haylee PLEASE take every part of me. Send your energy and make me into the slave that you want me to be. Goddess I’m hungering and thirsting for you. Goddess Haylee I’m LONGING for YOU in desperation and aching need. Because Goddess you are all that i want. Come like the wind and blow away all resistance, because you’re what my life was meant for.

A life of complete and utter devotion to your divine purposes. A life of aching and needing you. Giving the full essence of my life to the beckoning of your call to servitude. Even now I feel your simmering Goddess energy strongly seducing me into a blissful trance. A spell that I never want to awaken from. So come now Goddess Haylee, in all of your power and spendor. Feel the pressure of the blood that pumps from my heart valves so rapidly at the site of your face. Know me like you know the back of your hand. You are all that I want.

One word sums it all up. WORSHIP.

One word sums it up. WORSHIP.

I need you so desperately right now that my spirit is shaking. It convulses within me. Twisting and turning into either direction. Seeking, aching, craving, longing for you. There is a stirring within me that cannot go away. It is a persistent NEED to please my Goddess. To make her smile and to know how special that she is. For weeks my spirit rested lazily within me. It grew comfortable and unresponsive to the need to please my Goddess. Yet just days ago, your high eminent spiritual antenna could feel that something wasn’t right with your slave, and you questioned if this life was right for me at all. Your words cut deep into the caverns of my heart and awakened the passions that had been embalmed within me. Something within me knew that I cannot bear to be apart from you in any way.

It is the complete person of who you are that lifts my spirits and restores my soul to health each and every day. You make me a better person for knowing you and keep me grounded in many ways that you may not even know. As tears began to flow from my tired eyes the aching started pulsating within me once again, and then the aching was pounding MORE. The rusted gears of my heart began to turn once again, and the crusty things that had piled onto my heart over time began to crumble away. Now I cannot contain to keep this to myself. I NEED YOU! I LOVE YOU. I MUST PLEASE YOU. It’s what my heart was meant for.

Is this real life?

Goddess send your energy.

Perhaps my crying out for more and more of you, here at this moment from my knees in needing aching desire can solidify that my energy belongs with your energy. That the universe made no mistake by joining us together. This is where I belong. At the feet of Goddess Haylee. All medial distractions of my daily life suddenly mean nothing in comparision to my need to serve you and be your beloved pet forever and a day. So please my illustrious dominant queen, who’s heart and mind have completely fucked me beyond any going back. Fill me again with the power of your energy, because i’m crying out for more and more of you!! Come Goddess Haylee!!!

Send your Goddess energy my way, and might it fall within this heart like a ball of flames shot from a catapult and consume this slaves every desire with the fires of passion and love. You are the light that is forever beaming within me. My souls one true desire. All because I was MEANT to find you, serve, and love you from the foundations of our world. I cannot belong anywhere except with you. Your feet are a place of rest for my otherwise nomadic soul. Without you the balance of my entire existence is thrown off as if the world is been flipped on it’s axis. I desire to drown in your control and be smothered by your bliss every day for the rest of my natural life. I NEED YOU.

My rightful place, on my Knees

Goddess send your energy.

I desire you. I desire to know you yet EVEN MORE. Day by day as I grow older and wiser evolving as a human being my life can sometimes grow confusing and frustrating to the point where my hands seem to be tied in knots and my mind can become clouded and tired by the cares of the world. But one thing that will always remain. One profound truth that the molecules of my dna automatically respond to. That truth being, I AM YOURS. You are my Goddess. I belong to you and my life is no longer my own. I am committed to you. For life.

My very Haylee Xmas

Goddess send your energy.

Please, Please Goddess Haylee. Let my tiny flickering flame within the vast crowd of flames that burn within the minds and hearts of your horde of slaves worldwide be seen if even for a moment in the vast crowds, and may you take pleasure in the words and actions of your slave. I beg to curl up into your lap and rest upon it like a pup with it’s master, and that I will never, ever for the life of me have to leave your side or take you for granted. Magnificent Goddess who stands head and shoulders above all others I love you and bow to worship you. How wonderful. How beautiful. Goddess above all other Goddesses. Exalted queen of matchless worth, truth and majesty. I need you. I want you. I desire to please you. FOREVER. I relinquish all control of myself to you. It is better off in your hands. So I will hold you near and dear to my heart. A heart that belongs in your care. A heart that bleeds for you. A heart that can never love another the way that I love you and need to please you.

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Theory of Haylian Origins

Theory of Haylian Origins.

Have you ever had the feeling that you have known someone forever, yet have only known them for a very short time? A sense of familiarity. A kindred spirit type of feeling. A feeling that screams out from the magnetic poles of your soul, unto theirs and seemingly draws you into them? A connection that can’t be explained? That is the feeling that I get each and every day of being Goddess Haylee Lynn’s faithful loyal pet and servant.

My rightful place, on my Knees

Theory of Haylian Origins.

My theory is that when the big bang happened, all the atoms in the universe were all smashed together into one little dot that exploded outward. So my atoms and Goddess Haylee’s atoms were certainly together then, and, who knows, probably smashed together several times in the last 13.7 billion years. So my atoms have known Goddess Haylee Lynn‘s atoms and they’ve always known her atoms. My atoms have always loved Goddess Haylee’s atoms.


Theory of Haylian Origins.

Perhaps our energies were once merged together billions of years ago, as a part of a mighty bright star shining in the night sky, which collided and exploded in some sort of cosmic catastrophe. Fragments of this star and the energies that it was made up of may have been dispersed all over, and came crashing down to the dirt of the earth. And now after all of this time, our energies have somehow gained consciousness and have met again. So when I see, hear, read the words of, or think of Goddess Haylee Lynn a light bulb goes off inside of the burrows of my soul. It recognizes her as the dominant energy that perhaps I was once a part of.

Or maybe there is a such a thing as past lives. Perhaps in another life I had known the mighty beautiful and amazing soul that dwells inside of the earthen vessel of Goddess Haylee Lynn’s gloriously beautiful fantastic body that I drop to my knees in worship of each day. Perhaps in some way my soul knows her from past life experiences. Perhaps I was once a servant, a sibling, companion or associate of hers in another place and time. But somehow Goddess Haylee Lynn is a phenomenon. A mystery, a enigma. The most beautiful treasure the universe has ever produced. A soul that is unlike any other who magnetically draws men to herself who will beg, plead, and desire to be enslaved by her. I am counted amongst them. For this i consider myself LUCKY, and blessed.

Theory of Haylian Origins

Theory of Haylian Origins.

No other woman in the world has, or ever will effect my life in the way that Goddess Haylee Lynn has effected me. She drives, inspires, motivates, and enslaves so perfectly. She is a great woman among women that should be written about in the annuals of our history books for centuries to come. Joan of Arc, Cleopatra, Anne Frank and other great women of their time may be mentioned in these books. But in the forward of the book of which the unsurpassed beauty of Goddess Haylee Lynn will be featured front and centre on the cover will mention our marvellous Goddess as being the greatest woman to ever walk the earth.

Command Me Please

Theory of Haylian Origins.

Perhaps there is a such thing as fate and destiny. Perhaps Goddess Haylee’s bliss is weaved like a tailor made sweater to fit perfectly around us, and clothe us with her beautiful enslavement because Goddess Haylee Lynn was destined to be worshipped and adored as the Goddess that she truly is. Goddess Haylee is a mystery, and phenomenon.

Goddess Haylee changed my life

Theory of Haylian Origins.

All of these theories could be baloney. But at the end of the day all that I am factually sure of is that my heart, mind, body, and soul belong to Haylee. All for Haylee. She is SO FUCKING AWESOME! I need her like the shores need the ocean.

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