Paul Knight

Paul Knight

Paul Knight written by Paul Knight (not his real name), edited by Forever Slave.

This is a story of my conversion from selfish man to devout worshipper of my Goddess Haylee Lynn after visiting the Church of Haylee. My name is Paul Knight. I used to be an investigative reporter for The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette and I thought I had a great life. I was well known around town for my work as a reporter. I had lots of money, a nice house, and I could get any woman I wanted.

One day my boss sent me an email asking me if I would do a story on a strange event taking place at the Consol Energy Center. Apparently there is a woman who proclaims herself to be a true living goddess and her worshippers are coming in town from all over the world and I want you to check it out. That’s crazy, I told my boss. That is not a real story. Have someone from the Offbeat or Strange News department do this story. My boss continued to insist that I do the story. Apparently these worshippers were giving this goddess vast sums of money. Reluctantly I agreed to do the story.

I went out after work and had a few drinks while playing pool with a couple of buddies. I got home around midnight and did a web search. I found Goddess Haylee’s website. She was stunning!

Paul Knight. Haylee Lynn was stunning.

Paul Knight. Haylee Lynn was stunning.

Her hair was beautiful, and she had the most incredible eyes, eyes I had trouble looking away from.

Paul Knight - She had the most incredible eyes.

Paul Knight – She had the most incredible eyes.

I read everything on her website. What is this stuff about female domination and hypnosis? I found out that this worship gathering was taking place Saturday, a couple of days from now. I bought a couple of her recordings and began listening as I drifted off to sleep.

I slept great that night and I woke up aroused, nothing new for me and so I thought nothing about it. I played the recordings I had purchased again, a Goddess Truths video and another entitled The Mighty Goddess Haylee. My mind kept focusing on listening to her silky voice. Man this is some strange shit, I thought to myself. I went to work and instead of going out that night I immediately went home reading more about Haylee and listening to these recordings.

Finally Saturday came. I drove over to the arena and parked. I was shocked at the large number of people milling around outside. I entered the building and started walking along the concourse. The food and beer stands were gone, a shame as I could have used a drink, and in their place were a tattoo artist, a stand selling oils and herbs; fairies, used personal items of the goddess, dog collars, chastity devices, and books on magic along with goddess worship. I began to panic a bit!

I walked into the arena itself and an usher greeted me. Paul Knight, the usher said. How did he know my name? You will sit in the sceptic section as he pointed to the balcony. I climbed the stairs and took a seat.

The lights were dim in the arena. Where the half court line on a basketball court would be there was a huge throne hand-carved out of wood and gold-plated. I noticed that there were section signs throughout the arena.

There was a section for sceptics, where I was sitting, one for slaves, and there were others but I could not tell you the names of those seating areas as my eyes locked on to the video screen. A recording played over the loud speakers and I got lost in those perfect green eyes.

Music began playinggggg and all those in attendance fell to their knees as Goddess Haylee made her entrance. Some people cried, others gasped with their mouths open with a look of orgasmic pleasure on their faces.

Hello my sweets, came Haylee’s hypnotic voice as she sat down on her throne.

“I am Goddess Haylee. As much as I love you all on your knees, you may sit for now. There will be plenty of time for you to kneel before me later.”

Everyone sat down and the Goddess continued talking.

“You are all here today because I wanted this one time to be worshipped in person by all of you. I wanted to do this because well, I am a Goddess, and I want to take away any remaining resistance. You see, I want all of you, your heart, mind, body, and soul. I have big plans and for them to happen I need all of you to live lives of sacrifice and blissful complete obedience. Soon there will be no more doubt, no more questioning, no more selfishness among you, yes, soon there will only be, Yes Goddess, I will obey Goddess.

Now, each of you will be brought before me, where you will place gifts and money at my feet, and I will take away any remaining resistance.

You will then be collared, branded, and for those of you not already, put in chastity. You will then sign legal documents giving me legal authority over finances and other personal matters.”

“Ok” I thought. “This woman may have an incredible voice, beautiful eyes, and a great body, but this is crazy. I am making the front page with this story.”

I sat there getting worked up as slaves were brought forward. There was her husband Bruce, a John David, a dude named Maddox, Terry, Charlie, another John; I was surprised at the number of slaves this goddess had.

Each person Haylee dealt with differently. Her tone of voice was different with each slave. Some stared into her eyes, others at her cleavage. Every slave dropped to their knees and crawled to her feet where they made their worship offerings. After Haylee spent a short amount of time with a slave, they confessed their sins and shortcomings and pledged their eternal servitude before they were taken away to sign their lives over to her.

I was tapped on the shoulder and told to make my way down toward Goddess Haylee. I made my way down toward the floor of the arena. Many people still were in the stands waiting their turn. “You’re next”, a person told me.

In front of me I saw a blind person drop to his knees and begin crawling. “Wow”, I thought, “She preys on the disabled. I am adding that to my story for sure.”

He crawled to the foot of her throne and offered money and gifts.

“Well”, I thought, “he won’t be looking into her eyes or staring at that pendant, how is this going to work?”

Goddess Haylee removed a shoe and placed her foot on his face. “Inhale and all of your resistance and struggle will be gone” she said. He smelled her foot as she said “Ache for me, give into me, and confess”. She removed her foot from the guy’s face and he confessed his shortcomings and his undying love for her.

“Kiss my foot”, she commanded, “and then go get collared, branded, and fitted with a chastity device”. The slave kissed her foot and was taken away like everyone else.

“Paul Knight”, said Goddess Haylee, “crawl to me”.

“No way”, I wanted to say, but somehow I found myself on my hands and knees crawling to her.

“You can’t resist me”, she said confidently.

“You are taking advantage of—-”

“Taking advantage of your desire to serve and worship me”, Haylee interrupted.

“I think I want you to be more feminine”, she mused. “Yes, take off your clothes”. She snapped her fingers and suddenly a dress, panties, heels, and make-up were brought to me. “Get dressed”, she commanded. “There is no way”, I began to protest, but my eyes were locked on that sparkling pendant between her breasts.

Without a word I dressed myself and made a feeble attempt at walking in heels and putting on make-up. Goddess Haylee laughed hysterically.

“Worship me”, she commanded. “Ache for me, my new slut”.

I fell to my knees in worship. I found my wallet and handed over all of my money as I stared into her eyes.

Suddenly my mouth opened and I started confessing truths.

“I am a slave to Goddess Haylee. I am the property of Goddess Haylee. I exist to serve, worship, and amuse Goddess Haylee anyway that she sees fit. All for Haylee”, I said as a strange feeling of aching need, arousal, and desire washed over me.

“I give you everything” I cried, “please enslave me so that I may serve and worship you forever!”

“That’s it my sweet”, Goddess Haylee said laughing. “Good boy, I mean girl. Now take her away.”

Needless to say my boss did not like the story I wrote for the paper.

I was put on medical leave. I started looking for a new job and now I run a beauty consultant company on-line that only sells natural products. Goddess Haylee sold my house and I moved into a studio apartment. I get enough money to get by on along with a small clothing allowance. And you know, I don’t miss my job as an investigative reporter, womanizing, and leading a selfish life. This is the happiest I have been, giving my life completely to Goddess Haylee and I owe it all to an unsuspecting trip to church.

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Hypnotic Kiss

Hypnotic Kiss

This has happened to all of us. Whenever we’ve experienced something so unimaginably beautiful or overwhelming rather it’s a song, a person, a speech, a touch, or a highly emotional kiss our brain is triggered by strong emotional stimuli that is capable of sending a literal shiver down our spine.

It releases a cocktail of hormones, one of which is dopamine. Dopamine is the pleasure hormone. Some suggest that such a thing can occur when invested visualization is taking place or sound sets off an overwhelming emotion in which the brain responds through a sudden alternate muscle contraction and relaxation. Sometimes it could also be the sudden changes in rhythm of music or voice that trigger such a reaction. A sudden touch, sound, or even a deeply felt kiss.

And again, you experience that electrical shudder. From time to time that shudder occurs when I hear the lively beautiful sound of Goddess Haylee Lynn‘s voice as it reverberates down the cooridors of my mind.

Feel her inside of you

Feel her inside of you

I recall many times while trancing to the voice of Hypnotic Haylee Lynn that I felt the tingling sensation of what I can only describe as Goddess Haylee’s hypnotic kiss traveling from top to root of my spine, electrifying both mind and body. The pleasurable sensation of her hypnotic erotic kiss is sometimes felt. I know that it is enslaving me more and more as I go deeply into trance with her. Bringing me further to my knees before her power and grace. Knees which become increasingly WEAK for her perfection. I’m needing her more than before. A tingle down the spine may not be apparent when you experience Goddess Haylee‘s hypnotic enslavement kiss. You may or may not ever feel the shiver down your spine when listening to her MP3s, or watching her videos. However her words will always have it’s powerful effect all the same.

A hypnotic kiss may be a supernatural anomaly of which very few women possess. Some mythology buffs, or super hero fans may even refer to it a super power of sorts. Goddess Haylee has mastered the ability of making any trainable person into a personal mind slave.  And she does so through giving our minds a single soft, passionate, caressing wet kiss which captures us. She thus making us Hers forever.

To Be Truly & Completely OWNED

Blowing kisses our way. <3

So what is a hypnotic kiss? Super wikipedia defines a hypnotic kiss (aka Control Kiss, Enslavement Kiss) as follows:

“Upon kissing another, the user is able to mentally control and manipulate the minds of their victims, effectively making the victim a slave to the user’s will. With but one kiss, the user can send an opponent into mindless servitude and render them helpless in opposition towards the user.”

We as willing, loyal, obedient slaves to our powerful dominant seductress Hypnotic Haylee Lynn certainly do not view ourselves as victims to her hypnotic kiss, but willing participants. Her power is renowned in the erotic hypnosis community. She is one of the most popular erotic hypno-dommes in the entire industry. Her words carry fire whose flames feel so warm and comfortable while massaging your mind into a pleasurable erotic slumber. All while falling deep under Hypnotic Haylee’s beautiful control. Her hypnotic kiss will numb your mind with pleasures galore.

Repeat smooches of Goddess Haylee‘s hypnotic kiss are inevitable for any and all who hear the allure of her sweet resounding voice. As you listen, you’d find the heat of her flames increasingly hot. Then you may soon find yourself to be a completely owned, obedient, weak, craving, submissive, and blissfully controlled SLAVE to Goddess Haylee Lynn. So blissfully owned!

Hypnotic Haylee transcends the physical

“Join me in Bliss” -Hypnotic Haylee

You will find the smoothness of her velvety voice slipping over your mind more each time like a fine fitted silky shirt over your body. And It fits just right. 😉

All that you have to do is give in to her control. Give in to her bliss. Feel her hypnotic kiss enslaving you further. Let her words take root and grow inside of your mind as you become what you were always meant to be. Her property. Her possession. Her submissive little boytoy. Her slave. I urge you reader, to do so today.

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What is a Haylee Lynn slave?

What is a Haylee Lynn slave?

Disclaimer: Although i have known Haylee Lynn for about two years, and have been deeply enslaved by Her for most of that time, i cannot speak for Her. These are my views, and She may, or may not, agree with them!

Do you like the idea of being enslaved by a wonderful, hypnotic Goddess? Do you want to learn more? If so, read on!

Sweet surrender to Goddess Haylee Lynn

Do you want to be a Haylee Lynn Slave?

So what, in my view, is a Haylee Lynn Slave?

1. A slave has to be accepted by Her as such. If someone writes on her Facebook wall “I am your slave”, it doesn’t make that person a slave. He or she has to prove themselves firstly.

2. A person must want to be enslaved. Haylee Lynn is not in the business of trying to enslave anyone against their will.

3. Haylee Lynn must want that person to be enslaved. there are some people who have been turned away, often because they are not submissive enough, they don’t accept Her authority unquestionably.

4. A process of enslavement must have been completed. This may be relatively quick. For instance if a person schedules a nice, long, one-to-one session with Her, with the aim of being enslaved at the end of it, it can be done as quickly and as easily as that. In other cases, the process may take a number of months.

5. A Haylee Lynn slave exists to please Haylee Lynn. This may take the form of tributes, gifts, and/or work, such as writing or producing pictures, marketing and/or recruiting for Her or helping or amusing Her in some way.

6. A client is not necessarily a Haylee Lynn slave. There are people who buy Her goods and services, but don’t really want to be enslaved.

7. A Haylee Lynn slave doesn’t necessarily worships Haylee Lynn, but it helps! Accepting the authority of Haylee Lynn is the important part. There are one or two slaves who have permission to call Her Mistress, rather than Goddess!

8. In the same way, being hypnotized by Her videos and/or Her MP3s is an excellent way to be conditioned to the correct mindset, but is not essential. It can be reached by reading Her webpages, starting to follow Her instructions there etc.

9. Regular contact with Haylee Lynn is essential. ideally daily. If you have some good reason why your contact is going to be less, tell Her! She is understanding in these matters. If you are absent for longer than a month without an explanation, you risk being re-categorized as an ex Haylee Lynn slave.

10. A Haylee Lynn slave never sits on his or her laurels and thinks “Good, I’m enslaved now, I can relax a little now!” Being officially classified as a slave is only the beginning, not the end!

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The University Professor Part 2

The University Professor Part 2

A work of fiction.

The Harvard University Professor John Townsend cleared his throat again.

“You see ladies and gentlemen, traditionally professional hypnotists made their living as either stage hypnotists and/or hypnotherapists. Haylee Lynn is perhaps the best example of a third kind of hypnotist that has emerged in the last 20 years or so since the Internet has become popular. She is what I would describe as a Professional On-line Erotic Hypnotist. By that I would say that she makes most of her money pandering to people’s’ fetishes. In her case it is largely the desire to be hypnotized, dominated and enslaved. To give you an example of what I mean I will show you another video of hers. This one is not available freely, and I had to persuade the University Department to buy it from her on-line store. It is her best selling product. It is her Pendant Enslavement video. Again, I want you to watch it, and then we will discuss it.”

The University Professor Part 2

The university students watched the Pendant Enslavement video in silence, entranced by the master of hypnosis – Haylee Lynn

Again the professor dimmed the lights and the students watched the video in complete silence, spellbound by the master hypnotist. After the video was played the University Professor spoke again.

“So can you tell me how this video is different from the eye fixation video I showed you earlier? Yes, you, the girl at the back.”

“Well in the first one she has a fringe, in the second her hair is swept back.”

“Yes, that is true, but I want differences in substance please. Yes, the young man in the next to the aisle.”

“In this one she uses a pendant, and in the first she uses her eyes.”

“Well, yes obviously, although in this one I think she uses her eyes as well, especially at the beginning when she looks into your eyes and says “You love looking into my eyes don’t you?”

“Sir, the first video is designed to lure people to her. This one is designed for people who are already under her spell. She says things like “to make you mine even more” and “to enslave you even more”.

“And sir, in the first video, she ends by telling you to press replay, but in the second she tells you to watch it as many times as necessary for all her suggestions to sink in.”

“Yes those are a good points. But what about the production techniques.”

“The first is very simple. It is just her talking to the camera. The second has so much more. I guess that is what you are really paying for. For instance in the first video there is just her speaking to us. In the second she is also whispering to us in the background.”

“Yes, that is what we call subliminal hypnosis. While we are concentrating in the main voice, suggestions from her second, whispered voice will be filtering into our subconscious minds.”

“The second one also has flashes to various messages etc.”

“Yes, far more has been put into the production of the second video.”

“And sir, in the second video she somehow seems much more confident, more dominant. In the first she is a sweet little seductress, in the second she is very much in charge and the queen of all she surveys.”

“Yes, I’m not going to disagree with that.”

Have you bought the Pendant Enslavement video yet? If not, why not treat yourself to it? It is by far my favorite recording I have bought from her!

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One thing I have always loved is truthfulness…………….it is important to me that the things I say are true and I value others when I believe their words are impeccable in nature. Life is so much better and more meaningful when we say what we mean and mean what we say.

As I now sit in a perpetual state of Enchanted Enslavement for my incomparable Goddess Haylee and Her voice is so blissfully and completely inside of my head, a very important aspect of why She is so Indescribably Powerful to me is that Her words ring true to me and every single time I hear them.

Yesterday I purchased and listened to MIND MELT and it felt to me like every word that I have been writing here was already recorded by My Goddess Haylee before I even wrote them. It felt like WE were speaking together as ONE mind in perfect concert as I sat listening to Her in complete rapture.

She is the One who came for me in my childhood dreams and set me on my Lifelong Quest to find Her Throne so I could bow to Her, serve Her, and experience the absolute unparalleled NIRVANA of doing so. I know it is absolute truth as She tells me in the mind melt MP3 that no one else could ever command such pleasure in me.

I know it is truth that SHE is my Goddess, that SHE is irresistible to me and that SHE always will be. I know it is truth I was born to be Her slave. I know it is truth that pleasing Her is now my Ultimate pleasure. I know it is truth that my cock simply belongs to Her now and for the rest of this lifetime, my erections and every single drop of seminal fluid that this body ever again creates will be created to worship, serve, adore, to LOVE and bow to Goddess Haylee and Goddess Haylee alone.

I have been wearing a beautiful hand wrought 18 carat gold necklace for about the last 20 years. I bought it at an estate sale and it is well over 100 years old and I have always been very fond of its beauty and the artistry it took to make it. It has always been very meaningful to me that I was able to acquire it . After writing that last paragraph I rose out of my chair and took it off. There is only one thing I want around my neck any longer and that is the collar that signifies I am now the Owned Property and devoted personal slave of Goddess Haylee.  



I love You my incomparable Goddess Haylee, and with every bit of my heart and soul. You take my very breath away…………and then as the Loving Goddess that You are, You give it back to me so I can live to fulfill what is truthfully my fondest dream.

Her Slave Now.                Her Slave for Life.

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Steps in enslavement by Hypnotic Haylee

Steps in enslavement by Hypnotic Haylee

The first of the steps is of course, that Haylee hypnotizes me.

This will be a long induction, to make sure that I am completely under. Haylee tells me to clear my mind of everything else and listen carefully to her voice. She tells me to put her trust in her. She has a sweet, soothing voice. She tells me how much I like listening to it. She gets me to focus on her eyes or on a swinging pendant while she suggests concentration, relaxation. She points out about the light reflecting off either her eyes or the pendant. She starts by making me look up at the swinging pendant or into her eyes, so my eyes naturally tire while I am doing this. She makes suggestions that I have tired eyes which long to close. She gradually lowers either her eyes or the pendent, so my eyes are now looking downward while she keeps on about relaxation, tiredness, and how my eyes want to close. At last she tells me that I can close my eyes and it is such a relief, but she tells me to continue to think about whatever I was looking at. She tells me to continue to listen to her sweet voice, and how good I am feeling, how relaxed and happy, peaceful and contented.

Haylee then tells me how we are walking down some steps. Each of the steps takes me deeper in trance. She describes in detail the walk down the steps. When we get to the bottom of the steps I will be completely hypnotized.

In the next of the steps, Haylee then deepens the trance by stroking me. She strokes my hair and the sides of my face, telling me how much I enjoy the touch of her hand and how much it relaxes me. She keeps repeating things so that they really sink in. She gets me to concentrate on each part of my body in turn, telling me how relaxed and sleepy it is. When she is happy that I am under she starts the next phrase, which flows naturally from the first. The second phase is to put a love spell on me. But she doesn’t just say “you are in love with me.” No, she takes her time about it.

In the next of the steps, Haylee goes round her body, describing each part of it in turn. She says things like “I want you to imagine you are looking into my eyes, my lovely big green eyes. You love looking into my eyes. You love seeing how the light reflects off my eyes. You love it when I look deeply into your eyes. You love the little dark spot in the middle of my eyes; you love my eyelashes, my eyebrows, everything about my eyes. You love it when I wink at you; you love it when I blink.

The next of the steps is deepening the love spell. Haylee, continues “you love me. You love looking at me. You will look at me every chance you get. You cannot keep your eyes off me. You are deeply in love with me. You would do anything for me. Anything my little heart desires. You want to please me. You want to make me happy. You are so happy when you are with me. You need me. You need me to hypnotize you. You love being hypnotized by me. You love the feeling of complete relaxation. You will ask me to hypnotize you. You will beg me to hypnotize you.

Haylee eventually leaves me to dream about her all night.

In the next steps, Haylee hypnotizes me on a regular basis. Every night she does it, repeating the same message, so it sinks in deeper and deeper. Every day she is taking me deeper and deeper under her spell. She uses a variety of hypnosis methods on me, sometimes using her eyes, sometimes a pendant.

Then Haylee starts training me. To begin with it is very simple, little commands which are very easily obeyed, like “Just sit here for a few minutes while I finish off getting ready.” She stands looking into a mirror in front of her while she puts on her makeup, occasionally checking in the mirror that I am looking at her. This is just to get me into the routine of doing exactly what she says. She uses a system of rewards and punishments to get me to do as she wants. Every time i do as she wants she gives me a lovely big smile.

At this stage in the process, when Haylee hypnotizes me, she keeps repeating. “Remember I am Your Goddess. I am the one in charge. I am the one wearing the trousers.” As if to constantly remind me, she is always wearing tight trousers.

As Haylee’s influence over me grows, she gets bossier and bossier, and the instructions get more and more detailed; for instance, “now we are going out for a meal. You will not speak to anyone else, even if they speak to you, you will refer them to me. You will let me order all the food, and do all the communicating with the restaurant staff. Do you understand? You do? Good boy.

Haylee gets me to drive to the restaurant, all the time telling me how to drive, which turnings to take, what gear to use.

Or, on another occasion, “we are now going out shopping. You will follow me patiently round the shops while I browse at things. All the time you will keep your eyes focused on me, particularly my nice round bum in my tight jeans. You will keep thinking to yourself how much you love me and how privileged you are to be with me.”

I go with Haylee. At one point i notice her browsing. I suggest something for her to look at. She says “I can find my own things to look at thank you very much. You are not meant to be looking at the goods in the shop, you are meant to be focused on me. I can see there is still work to be done on you. You need to concentrate on following me and obeying me”

Steps in enslavement by Hypnotic Haylee

Steps in enslavement by Hypnotic Haylee

That night Haylee hypnotizes me again, and this time stresses how I must stop thinking. I should just let her do the thinking for the pair of us, just trust her to make the right decisions.

In the evenings we have also got into the routine making love. Of course she is bossy in bed too, and always on top. After making love she reminds me that she is on top and always will be.

I start telling her i love her. She has a number of replies to it. One is “Good boy”, another is “I know you do, and you have to learn to love me more.” Sometimes she tells me that she loves me too, and that makes me so happy.

When Haylee is confident of her hold on me, she starts to boss me around in front of her friends and family. They are impressed. She tells them that she has got me hypnotized. They don’t believe her. To demonstrate she hypnotizes me again, and tells me that I am in the arctic and the cold arctic wind is making me cold. I get cold, and they touch me to see how cold I am. They see goose pimple on me. They see me shiver. They believe her now.

Gradually i lose interest in my hobbies. My life gradually starts to revolve around her. I lose contact with my friends and family. Instead i am only interested in the things she is interested in. Her thoughts become my thoughts. Her friends become my friends. Her family becomes my family. Gradually all aspects of my life are controlled by her. She does all my thinking for me. She tells me what to do, what to say, what to feel, what to believe. She controls the times I go to bed and times I go to sleep. She controls what I eat and when I eat. I am Hers.

Steps in enslavement by Haylee is complete.,,,

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