What happens when you stare into my eyes?


What happens when you stare into my eyes? “What happens when you stare into my eyes?” is an iwant clip made by my Goddess Haylee Lynn. As she herself says about it “What happens when you stare into my eyes? Eye Fixation, Mind Fuck Do you find yourself craving more of me? I wonder if you will become enslaved. Do you think you will? See what happens when you stare … Continue reading

New Neighbours

new neighbours

New Neighbours New Neighbours is a work of fiction. I first met Haylee a few years ago. I think it was 2013. It was early in the morning, I had just got dressed. I heard the van. I looked to see who my new neighbours were. She was moving into a rented house just down the road from me. I remember watching her from my bedroom window as they unloaded … Continue reading



Venus Venus of course is a Goddess. Haylee Lynn is my Goddess. I worship her. I pray to her each night and morning. I bow down before her. Venus was the Goddess of love. I love Haylee Lynn. So do many others! Do you dear reader? If not maybe you should consider opening your heart to her? Venus is of course also the second planet, a heavenly body. Of course … Continue reading

Arthur Birling

Arthur Birling

Arthur Birling Arthur Birling is a character in An Inspector Calls, a play written by English dramatist J. B. Priestley. This is the first part of my take on it! The Birling family were surprised to have their evening dinner interrupted by an inspector calling to investigate the suicide of a young lady called Eva Smith. They were even more surprised when they saw the inspector. None of them had expected … Continue reading

Don’t cha wish?

Dont cha wish

Dont cha wish? “Dont cha wish” is of course lyrics from the song by the Pussy Cat Dolls “Dont cha?” Lyrics of the song can be found here. A video of them performing it can be found here. And if anyone is as hot as one of the Pussy Cat Dolls it is Haylee Lynn! She is just sheer perfection – beauty personified. Wouldn’t you love it if your wife … Continue reading

Unbelievable Luck

Unbelievable Luck

Unbelievable Luck Traveling for work I arrived early in the day. Checked into the hotel and thought I would go check out the town. Didn’t know anyone, there was nothing at the local movie theater I wanted to see, so figured I would grab light dinner and go back to my hotel where I could spend the evening listening to Goddess Haylee’s MP3s. No one would disturb me so I could spend my evening in … Continue reading

Z is for Zach Part 2

Z is for Zach Part 2

Z is for Zach Part 2 Before reading Z is for Zach Part 2, please read Z is for Zach Part 1. Z is for Zach Part 2 is a work of fiction. Z is for Zach Part 2 by Forever Slave of Goddess Haylee Lynn. We came back from the coast and said our farewells. It was still not that late, so I decided to wander into the chess … Continue reading

Even more

I love my eyes. But I love the eyes of my Goddess Haylee Lynn even more.

Even more I love my eyes. But I love the eyes of my Goddess Haylee Lynn even more. As you may have gathered, from various posts I have written I adore the eyes of my Goddess Haylee Lynn. My very first post on May 11, 2013 was “The Eyes of Goddess Haylee“. Only two days ago, I think in my post “Answers to Questions” it is clear how much I adore looking … Continue reading

Hips, Not Eyes

Hips, Not Eyes Haylee Lynn had loads of experience in hypnotising guys. Normally she got them to look into her lovely big green eyes, while progressively relaxing them with her soft silky voice. She couldn’t help thinking that perhaps she could hypnotise with other parts of her body. After all, the important thing was a subject concentrated intently on something—it didn’t really matter if it was her eyes, a light … Continue reading

The ayes have it

Emerald Eyes that Entrance and Enslave

The ayes have it “The ayes have it” is a political expression. In some parliaments, the speaker will ask those in favour of something to say “aye”. If it is clear that there are more members saying “aye” than “nay” or “no”, then the speaker will say “The ayes have it.” Of course, there is a pun here, because with Goddess Haylee Lynn, the eyes have it! There is something … Continue reading