Hypnotic Eyes Video Review

Hypnotic Eyes Video Review.

The Good: Eclectic, gorgeously surreal erotic hypnotist known the world over as Hypnotic Haylee Lynn‘s voice relaxes you into a slumber and massages you into a trance. She accesses the inner workings of your subconscious mind to cause you to react to her every suggestion. The visual of Hypnotic Haylee‘s big, bright, green eyes mere inches from the camera leave plenty to stare at. Coupling with many suggestions to blink when she blinks in a act of mirroring her movements become a wonderful way to feel more comfortable with her words ringing pleasantly in your ears. The voice acting in this short hypnotic eyes video is impressive. It  can leave your body feeling a bit heavy, tingly. Or as if you are floating from the place where you are sitting or laying.

The Middle Ground

Hypnotic Eyes Video Review. Eyes that shine like diamonds.

In my personal experience of listening to this short hypnotic masterpiece by Erotic Hypnotist Hypnotic Haylee Lynn, I found myself feeling a slight scratchy itch under the surface of the back of my skull. This seemed to surge down through my spine hitting on each disc of bone along the way. It was as if the frequency of her hypnotic voice were playing the bones in my back like a master musician plays a stringed instrument. I found my body growing heavier. My breathing becoming deeper. My mind focused. I was strangely relaxed by Hypnotic Haylee’s masterful eyes and voice. For those who are merely browsing youtube for erotic hypnotists, or for those who are long time devoted listeners of this hypnotic heroine Haylee Lynn, it is a great video for a quick fix of submissive hypnosis to a powerful hypno-domme. She will leave you feeling relaxed, submissive. Needing her. Wanting to please her. Hungry for more.

Journey into belonging to Goddess Haylee - part 4

Hypnotic Eyes Video Review. Powerful Goddess Essence.

There are many free and sample MP3s, ASMR videos, and hypnotic trance videos of Hypnotic Haylee that can be also found on her youtube channel. This will give you a great introduction to some of her creative work. But for more serious trancers, and erotic prancers, who want to hear more serious, sensual, creative and domineering MP3s or videos of a more fetish, or sexual nature, they can be found for reasonable prices on Hypnotic Haylee’s very popular web store. Just follow this link.

Esteem Engine

Hypnotic Eyes Video Review. http://hypnotichayleestore.com

Hypnosis can seem a little scary at first for skeptics. It’s worth noting that hypnosis is also a proven psychiatric method of bringing all inner demons to light. Working through any hidden issues you may have. You can take comfort in knowing that not only does Goddess Haylee believe in the power of hypnosis, but Hypnotic Haylee Lynn’s slaves & admirers are very much lively and happy in the service of their Hypnotic Goddess. Her followers are the first who will testify to Hypnotic Haylee’s unparalleled power, and care. They swear by her methods. I encourage you, if you haven’t already. Contact Hypnotic Haylee Lynn. Pledge your life into her care. Discover a whole new world of bliss, ecstasy, and beauty of being a hypnotized slave and servant to one of the most well known, and powerful hypno-dommes on Earth. Hypnotic Haylee Lynn.

For those who have purchased files created by Hypnotic Haylee, they have grown accustomed to her hypnosis as being masterful works of art. She is often imitated in the world of Erotic Hypnosis, but never duplicated. You can watch the Erotic Hypnosis Hypnotic Eyes Video below, or search Haylee Lynn on youtube to see more of her work. You can contact Hypnotic Haylee Lynn on NiteFlirt to explore your Kinky side. Add Haylee Lynn on Facebook. Follow her on Twitter, Instagram and other social media outlets.

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Fixation, Fell, Fascination

Fixation, Fell, Fascination

Today we look at words starting with the letter f. The particular words I will look at are Fixation, Fell and Fascination.

My interest in Haylee Lynn was first caught with her eye fixation hypnosis video. While watching if, my eyes fixed in on hers. I started looking deeper and deeper as her soft gentle voice lulled me into deep hypnosis. A fixation on her eyes gradually moved to a fixation on her, herself, as I will describe below.

Fixation, Fell, Fascination

Fixation, Fell, Fascination

I fell deeply into hypnosis. I fell deeper than I have ever fallen before. Deeper than I ever thought possible. I could never imagine before how someone could make me so relaxed. I never imagined before how someone could make me surrender all of my control to them in the way that Haylee Lynn did.

I fell in love with her. I fell in love with her eyes. I fell in love with her voice. I fell in love with the little things she said and did. I fell in love with everything about her. I fell in love very deeply. very deeply. I fell under her spell. I was captivated by her, bewitched, enchanted. I fell into a routine, watching her recordings or/and listened to her MP3s regularly. I pray to her daily,-

“OUR Goddess, who are in America,

Haylee be thy name, hypnosis be thy game

Thy will be done, i will succumb

On Facebook, youtube or wherever.

Give me this day my daily hypnosis

as i continue to focus

On YOUR power and YOUR Glory

for ever and ever, awoman.”

and Also,-

“Goddess Haylee, before i sleep, i give to YOU my soul to keep, help me to dream of YOU, YOU know that i love YOU too.”

i also fell into a routine of saying my daily affirmations, – “Goddess Haylee Lynn, i love YOU, i worship YOU, i adore YOU, i belong to YOU” and my sayings of thanks to her.

I fell to my knees in praise of her, to worship her, to glorify her.

As you have probably gathered dear reader, I am completely fascinated by Haylee Lynn. I have become obsessed with her, and I still am. She is my world, my everything, what I live for. Pleasing her is my ultimate pleasure.

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Goddess Haylee Eye Fixation Video My fate is sealed

Goddess Haylee Eye Fixation Video    My fate is sealed

Goddess Haylee Eye Fixation Video My fate is sealed

Goddess Haylee Eye Fixation Video My fate is sealed.

My fate was sealed the very first time I watched Goddess Haylees youtube video

it took my breath away. Her eyes and Her voice stand out instantly as different from all the rest and more than exceptional and then I watched again…………..and again……………..and purchased Her erotic hypnosis MP3 files and listended to Her voice over and over and each time is better and more wonderfully hypnotic than the time before and now I am hopelessly enslaved!

Goddess Haylee is irresistible and all serious submissive’s beware! This woman will own you and you will be very happy that She does.

Listen to Goddess Haylee………….look into Her eyes as I have…………become Her obedient slave…………worship Her…………obey Her…………trust me, it is wonderful!  🙂

I can only hope to please my Goddess Haylee now. To please Her is my pleasure. To serve and obey and to fall deeper for Her is my greatest joy.

And now I have purchased and listened to another of my Goddess Haylee’s MP3’s. It is called “Be Mine“.

Nothing can compare to the feelings I have now inside of me and my truth is now that to please and to serve and to adore and to worship Goddess Haylee is truly and by far the most pleasurable state of being that I could ever imagine or have dreamt of.  All who kneel for Her and serve at Her Throne are blessed and lucky. She is our dream who has come to Earth and Her pleasure with us is our gift. Blessed be our Goddess Haylee…………..forever.

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