I LOVE You Goddess Haylee. I’m NEEDING YOU

I LOVE You Goddess Haylee. I’M NEEDING YOU

I know i wrote a post yesterday inside IHWT Goddess Haylee stating that words would not suffice until i proved myself in that other area but i couldn’t resist writing a blog for you. Staying away from you is like doing without water. The needing gets unbearable. Silly me to think i could ever resist you like that. I feel like i am floating above the clouds today. I am consumed with happiness from head to toe all because of you my precious Goddess. That’s the affect you have on me.

I love to pour my heart out to you. Everything about you is just so right. You are TRUE PERFECTION.

I haven’t wrote a blog for you my SWEET WONDERFUL PRECIOUS GODDESS in what seems like forever. What’s wrong with me! It’s all about PLEASING you, and showing appreciation for you. I ought a kick myself right square in the butt.

I’m needing to start being more appreciative of you, and to start working harder for you. After all you are the ruler of my universe.

I’m eager to face everyday now. I have a new found source of energy. I am the happiest i have ever been but you know what! None of this would have ever been possible without you. You are the driving force behind everything i do now.

To anyone reading this you might be saying to yourself is this dude crazy. Well! I assure you I’m not crazy at all! When i write i write straight from my heart. Everything i say is the absolute truth.

About a year ago when i first discovered Goddess Haylee i never would have thought that i would have ever fell this deep for her. The love and need i feel for her now is almost unbelievable. The hold she has over me is truly amazing, and i LOVE every minute of it.

I admit that i have had my ups and downs, and that i have struggled to truly understand her dynamic, and that i have slipped away from her a few times but i always find my way back to her.

She is the most loving, caring, dominant person i have ever known. She gives everyone a fair chance at serving her. She could have easily banished me from her kingdom long ago. I’m very thankful to her for keeping me around. I admit I have made a few bad mistakes, and I’m not proud of them either.

Everything i do is so much more enjoyable now that I belong to the most sweetest most wonderful Goddess that ever walked the face of the earth.

Everything you do, you do with so much confidence. You know who you are, and who you were meant to be. You hide absolutely nothing. I never knew that real Goddesses existed. I thought it was all a fairy tale that is until i discovered you.

I feel like i am sinking in in a puddle of quick sand filled with your infinite bliss. The deeper i sink the better i like it. I’m needing YOU more and more each and every day. I’m needing YOU more than YOU need me.

I would gladly follow you to the ends of the earth. Every minute of belonging to you is a minute to be cherished. I take nothing for granted. I cherish everyday that i am allowed to remain as yours.

HOPE you like the blog Goddess. I am so thankful that you allow me to write for you. I LOVE every minute of my time spent in your house. I could care less if you lock the door and throw away the key *smirks*


I LOVE You Goddess Haylee. I NEED YOU

I LOVE You Goddess Haylee. I’m NEEDING YOU.

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