Four Steps to feeling Haylee’s Bliss

Four Steps to feeling Haylee’s Bliss

Four Steps

Four Steps

Acknowledgement: I would like to thank Eric Draven Rayne for creating the picture above, and giving me permission to use it in this blog. Why don’t you check him out on Facebook, he is a real cool dude!

As Eric so correctly says on his Facebook, above are illustrated “Four simple ways to please and let Goddess Haylee Lynn inside of your mind and body.”

He is exactly right! Haylee Lynn has been an on-line hypnotist for over ten years, and has had youtube videos up for a couple of years, so she had many fans, slaves, clients and followers before she started making youtube videos. However a large number of us, including myself, first met her on youtube. So for many the first of the four steps is watching her videos.

When I started watching her videos, she only had two videos, Eye Fixation video and audio samples of Mindmelt, Twisted relaxation, Quicksand, and Lucid. I fell under her sweet spell, gazing deeply into those lovely big green eyes of hers and listening to her soft gentle voice. If you haven’t already watched it dear reader, I suggest you do, and experience it for yourself. It really is a most remarkable video.

For this to work best you have to watch these videos regularly, at least daily. It is best if you don’t watch other youtube videos, especially other hypnosis videos, as that will only confuse you.

As you fall under her hypnotic spell, you may also start to find yourself falling in love with her. This is extremely common.

The most amazing thing about being hypnotized by Haylee, is after watching these videos for a while you will be able to conjure up her eyes in your mind’s eye. This allows you to rest your eyes by closing them while being hypnotized by her. Most of us fans, slaves, clients and followers move on from the youtube videos and start buying her MP3s from her online store. As Eric quite rightly suggests in his picture above, these are best listened to from your bed. you can lie back and really let her sweet voice take you much deeper than when in trance to a youtube video. This results in a much deeper level of relaxation, as you take the second of the four steps on the road to feeling her bliss.

Moving clockwise round the pictures above, the next picture of the four is “Obey”. This is the third of the four steps. Of course you have to obey her to be hypnotized by her in the first place. However if you regularly watch her videos and listen to her MP3s, gradually obeying her will become second nature. You will automatically obey her without question, whether or not you are hypnotized.

As you start to fall under her fantastic spell, your perception of her will gradually change. If you are friends with her on Facebook, or following her on Twitter, you may well start to call her “Goddess”. You may well start to worship her, and pray to her. This is the last of the four steps. This is a very natural progression. It is nothing you should be worried, ashamed or embarrassed about. If you worship another, more mainstream, God, don’t worry. I am sure Haylee Lynn is a completely type of divinity. You will feel her bliss inside you. You will please her. As Eric says, you will let her inside your heart and mind. You will live your life according to her guidelines. You will be hers – and you will be so grateful you are. You will be a little like Eric and me, and you will have us, and the others who blog for her here, as your brothers and sisters.

So please dear reader, – start watching those videos, start buying those MP3s. Befriend us on Facebook. We will offer you all the support, guidance and friendship you need, as you follow these steps. You will never regret it!

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Four loves described by CS Lewis and applying them

Four loves described by CS Lewis and applying them.

The famous Christian Author, CS Lewis is most remembered for his wonderful “Narnia” stories. He once wrote a book on his views of the four types of love.

He comments that he feels it is a shame that English – unlike Greek – only has one word for love. Greek has four, and he describes them,-

Storge – affection

Philia – friendship

Eros – romance

Agape – unconditional love

i believe i have been through all these stages with Goddess Haylee Lynn. Like many followers, my first connection with HER was through HER youtube videos, in particular HER eye fixation hypnosis video. At the time SHE only had made two videos, this and HER MP3 Audio Samples video. i went deeply under to this video, i felt so relaxed, so happy.

Four loves

Watching to Haylee Lynn’s video made me so relaxed and so happy

After watching this video a couple of times, i felt affection for HER. There was just something about HER. i felt i had to find out more about HER, become friends with HER. So i befriended HER on Facebook. i started doing things for HER. In this way a friendship developed.

i didn’t at first find HER “sexy”. Yes i found HER very attractive, and i loved gazing deeply into HER wonderful eyes (i still do!) and listening to HER sweet voice – but i didn’t think of HER when i masturbated, nor did i masturbate while watching HER videos. It was only after i started listening to HER MP3s, such as “Be Mine” that i started masturbating while listening to HER. This was after hearing HER encouraging me to think of HER in a sexy way. The “erotic” phase of my friendship had begun.

But gradually, little by little, i got even more wrapped up in HER. Gradually SHE became even more important in my life. i became even more focused on HER. HER needs and desires became more and more paramount. i entered stage four. If SHE wants me to do something now i will do as soon as i can, to the best of my ability, without question. i am HERS. i give myself to HER, and i ask nothing in return, just the odd word of guidance and approval is all i need. i offer HER my unconditional love, please accept me, My Goddess, please accept me with all my faults, all my limitations, i will always do what i can for YOU.

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