Friendship? This post is about friendship and of course the love and devotion I feel this morning for my Divine and Incomparable Goddess Haylee Lynn. My question this morning is can you be a slave to Her and be Her friend as well? We all know about Her eyes and Her voice and Her legendary Hypnotic talents But maybe I am greedy or crazy or perhaps more than a bit … Continue reading

Why I Serve Haylee


Why I Serve Haylee Inspired by a post from MY BROTHER Forever, I felt that I should answer this question from Haylee as well: Write down reasons here why it is an honor and a privilege to serve me, sacrifice to me, give to me, and surrender to me. 1. First and foremost, Haylee is one of the most loving and accepting people I have ever had the Blessing of … Continue reading

Friends, Lovers and Slaves


Friends, Lovers and Slaves This post is about defining relationships and not crossing the line but realizing at the same time that it is not about *rules* but about natural *Laws* and standing your ground responsibly. We humans play roles………..lots of roles……….and sometimes we need to remove presumptions when someone is *crossing the line*. Firstly, no one is any role without their *consent*. This is Natural Law or can also … Continue reading

We’ve Come a Long Way by Bob The Mob

"Aching Love" as reviewed by Lucid

We’ve Come a Long Way by Bob The Mob Seeing all these posts about Haylee and others’ love for her, I felt I should make one too. I had started off a curious observer of her Eye Fixation video, having always enjoyed hypnosis. Haylee later posted her Relaxation vid and I asked her if she’d ever heard of ASMR, since I’d experienced it from that vid. That was when a … Continue reading