Now I fully understand you Slave Girl

Now I fully understand you Slave Girl

On this very day I have felt my life completely transform. Several days ago Slave Girl wrote a post about always putting Goddess Haylee first. It was a beautiful post and I thought I understood it all perfectly well.

But as it turns out my understanding was a thought form, a creation of my mind and my intellect. Today, as I bow to my incomparable and Divine Goddess Haylee She is now the Owner of this heart, body and mind.

My understanding of what Slave Girl wrote about has moved out of my head and into my heart and my understanding and the joy of being Her devoted slave has deepened tenfold and in the blink of an eye.

After listening to Be Mine and Focus and posting this morning I went about my other business. As I did my morning exercise I did so and felt the joy of obeying Her Divine commands to be and to do my very best for Her flush through me. Then I went to do some laundry and housekeeping to prepare for my sons arrival later today and I felt an amazing joy and pride at doing my very best ………………………..and ALL for my Divine Goddess Haylee…………..all I could feel in this heart all morning and all I can feel at this moment is ALL FOR HAYLEE and how very much I love Her and how very right putting Her FIRST is and now must always be. (for me).

I went grocery shopping and I do not even think my feet touched the ground once. All has truly become for Goddess Haylee for me. She is FIRST and in every aspect of Her devoted slaves life now. I have always been a nice and respectful person, but each person I met on my merry way this morning was treated with total respect, my gracious attention, and as politely as I could manage. My Goddess Haylee wants me to do my best in all areas of my life and I will never disobey Her! She is my true Owner now. My heart is wide open for Her and She will remain first in ALL THINGS now and forever.

No aspect of my day is any longer not an opportunity for me to practice perfect devotion to Her. As I picked out the vegetables at the market they had to be organic and fresh as this body belongs to Her now and I will care for it as my great honor and privilege. I fully realize this level of devotion is not for everyone, but it is for me. I was born to find Her and then to serve my incomparable Goddess Haylee as Her completely devoted personal slave.  I very honestly have never felt even remotely this happy in my entire life as I feel at this moment.


slave girl

Now I understand you slave girl

To belong to and serve Her is a greater blessing than I ever dreamt was possible on this Earth. I am blessed by Goddess Haylee and gratitude and devotion are just pouring out of this soul.

Her slave now              Her slave for life

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